More Etymologies of Nations, States and Regions

  1. Why is Korea called Chosun? What does Korea mean?
  2. Why is Vietnam called Annam? What does Vietnam mean?
  3. What does Kyushu mean?
  4. Why do Albanians call their country Shqipëria? What is the relationship of this name to their flag?
  5. What does Colorado mean?
  6. What does Florida mean?
  7. What does Nevada mean?
  8. What does Georgia mean?
  9. What does Maryland mean?
  10. What does Virginia mean?
  11. Why are North and South Carolina called Carolina?
  12. What does New York mean?
  13. What does New Hampshire mean?
  14. What does New Jersey mean?
  15. What does Pennsylvania mean?
  16. What does Zimbabwe mean?
  17. What does Morocco mean?
  18. What does Sudan mean?
  19. What does Transylvania mean?
  20. What does the Netherlands mean?
  21. What does Holland mean?
  22. What does Australia mean?
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17 thoughts on “More Etymologies of Nations, States and Regions”

  1. Australia means unknown southern land. Vietnam has something to do with south as nam means south in several Asian languages including Korean. Nevada means snow. Colorado means red. New York was named after the Duke of York. New Jersey might be named after the English island of Jersey. Georgia was named after King George. Virginia was named after the Virgin Queen Elizabeth.
    Florida means flowers. Carolina was named after King Charles of England.

    1. All of these are correct! Vietnam means “far south or deep south.” Viet means far or deep, and nam means south. The actual Chinese word is somewhat different and this is a Vietnamese version of the original Chinese word.

  2. Nevada = snow storm
    Florida = flowery
    Colorado = red
    Transylvania = beyond the forest
    Formosa = beautiful (Portuguese)
    Holland was the largest province of the Netherlands. Now it is 2 provinces, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. It is assumed, but not proven, that the Hol in Holland is simply the Dutch adjective hol = hollow.

    1. Here is how my Spanish dictionary defines nevada:
      1 – acción o resultado de nevar
      2 – nieve caída de una solo vez y sin interrupción sobre la tierra
      nevado, a
      1 – que está cubierto de nieve
      2 – que es blanco como la nieve

  3. Chosun is 朝鲜。 This is a Chinese word. Korea come from the ancient Chinese word 高苟丽, modern Chineseis 高丽. Korean now call their country Dae Han Min guk, 大韩民国, the name has historical roots in Chinese nationalism.
    The first name Vietnam is Cochin 交趾. The name Vietnam 越南 was given by Chinese emperor.
    Nam means South. Viet is the name of a race. The meaning is South of Viet land.
    The “Viet” race according to Chinese history populate from Fujian to Vietnam. And Vietnamese always thing Fujian, Guandong Chinese are Sinicized Viet race.

  4. I am from Fujian. The ancient name is 闽越 Minyue, ancient 浙江is 越 yue, ancient Guandong is 南越 nanyue. Vietnam 越南 means south of Yue people.
    In reality, Viet consider themselves descendant of ancient Yue people。Viet = Yue.
    The Chinese allow Vietnamese and Korean to go independence. If Vietnam or Korea are in China, their language will be so sinicized that eventually it will be reduced to yet another Sinic lect.
    My venacular Min language has a lot of funny words not used by mandarin.
    The east asian people have great affinity to Chinese culture and they hate to admit that.

      1. The French word for black is noir. Niger is Latin for black, at least the masculine singular nominative.

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