Is There Such a Thing as Very High IQ Behavior?

Rowlii writes:

Thanks for your answer. Is there a “High IQ” behaviour?

Sort of, but not really. My mother and and all of my siblings have very high IQ’s (140+), and we are all quite different. However, three of us are quite shy and are probably introverts. The other one is more introverted than he lets on.
It is hard for me to answer this question because I have not known the IQ’s of most of the people I have known in my life. I know the IQ’s of my family members, but I never learned the IQ’s of many of my friends or even the vast majority of my girlfriends. This is not to mention the more casual acquaintances I have run into. So I have only really known maybe ~13 people in my whole life who had very high IQ’s. Obviously I have run into a lot more high IQ people than that, but in the course of life, you usually never learn the IQ’s of most of the people you meet and hang out with.
Of those 13 people, they were sometimes a bit different from each other. I wish I could say that there was something stringing them together, but I cannot.
It also depends on what you mean by high IQ. Very high IQ is usually defined as 140+ (top 1%). High IQ might be defined as 130+ (top 3.5%) or maybe even lower. It depends on where you set the bar.
Some of us are a lot more extroverted than others. I am shocked at how extroverted many very high IQ women are. Very high IQ men tend not to be so extroverted, but some of them are quite capable extroverts. Many seem quite normal, even shockingly normal. One of the sanest men I have ever met had an IQ of 160. He is also the highest IQ person that I have ever known. On the other hand, there also seems to be a tendency towards mental illness, in particular depression and manic depression. Somehow there is a connection between very high IQ and mood disorders.
I do not know any very high IQ people who have Aspergers. This is largely a myth. We are a lot better at socializing than you might think. I don’t know any very high IQ people who are social retards. I know some who are assholes, but social retards, no. Social skills and figuring your way around human interaction is an intellectual skill, and it can be learned. Most of the very high IQ people I have known seem to have learned that skill quite well.
There are a lot of questions along these lines on Quora under the IQ topic, and a lot of very high IQ people are answering those questions. The questions are along the lines of “What is it like to have an IQ of 140/150?”, etc. Then a lot of very high IQ people answer the questions. People who are interested in the topic may want to head over there are read what those people say. There are of very smart, interesting, wise and eloquent people writing over there, and you can learn quite a few things from the handy to the esoteric.
One of the answers that you see over and over is that very high IQ people say they see patterns everywhere. Many say that they are always observing all the time and looking for underlying patterns in everything they see and everywhere they go. They’re always trying to put it all together, see the big picture, or view the world in a holistic way.
To answer a question in a holistic way is to see things in a larger pattern of the whole question, so to speak, taking into account everything. It’s another way of saying seeing the whole picture. We try not see the trees and miss the forest, if you catch my drift. Sure, we look at individual trees and groups of trees and even try to figure out what they mean or relationships between them, but at the end of the day, we still want to put all of those individual trees together into some sort of a forest.
I would say that very high IQ people are a lot smarter than you think they are. You might think that they are out to lunch, but most of them are very much on the ball. I had a girlfriend with an IQ of 140, and she immediately got all of my jokes and funny little comments. It was like instantly, bam! Also I did not have to explain many things to her. She just got most things BOOM like that as fast as you could blink your eyes.
I got to know a woman with a 156 IQ recently, and she was fast as lightning. She understood everything you said and was also very curious. If she didn’t understand anything you were saying, she would ask you to explain it. Then I would explain it to her and even if it was something that she did not know much about, and when I explained it to her, she caught on very fast.
There was none of this, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” One thing that amazed me about her was how I could be talking about a subject that she obviously knew little about, and she would ask me to explain the concept. And she would pick up this previously unknown concept very quickly, faster than almost anyone I have met. When I was talking with her it was just BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM like that.
I like to play games with speech and toss in esoteric comments, analogies, references to movies, books, songs, famous people and events, sayings, famous lines and riddles. A lot of these might be odd little puns of worldplay. If you have ever read James Joyce, I am doing something like that, just playing games with language and also with knowledge. A lot of the time people don’t have the faintest idea what I am doing, so I try not to do this too much, but when I am on the ball, I can do this like crazy.
Most people think I am insane or very weird but some smart people can catch all the little jokes and references. I am not crazy at all. I am talking like that on purpose.
Sometimes I speak on multiple levels. I might say something easily understandable to anyone, but if you listen closely I am also throwing in things on a higher level so the message really has two levels, a simple lower level with the basic meaning and a higher level where I am often playing games.
I will throw in some line out of a book, a reference to an actor or a band or this or that in there. Most people don’t get the weird little word games, but it doesn’t matter because there is a basic message on the lower level in there that can be easily read and comprehended and the word games don’t mean anything anyway as I am just playing games with language and knowledge. It all depends on which levels you want to read the speech on.
Some very high IQ people are very fast. I have been told that I am fast too. Some people say that sometimes I have these funny little micro-movements around my face, mostly around my eyes but sometimes in my mouth too. One  person called them micro-emotions or micro-reactions. They say it doesn’t really look nervous but instead it almost looks there’s a fast computer in back of my face and all those little movements are the thing processing data.
A lot of the time I answer a question almost as soon as it has been asked. Sometimes I even start to answer it or I start nodding my head halfway through the sentence because I already know what the person is going to say in the rest of the sentence. Sometimes I finish people’s sentences for them.
Nothing much gets past me. I hear everything you say, and I am probably watching everything you do. I’m usually not confused. Life is not very confusing. This can work well for social skills because if you get that supercomputer working socially, you can respond to all of the little subtle changes in the conversation as it slowly changes as you are engaging in it.
Conversations are changing all the time, and you are supposed to be reacting to most everything the other person is saying or doing. They make a little movement, and you try to interpret and make some movement back. You respond emotionally to their remarks and even to their little micro-emotional changes. In a good, on the ball conservation there might be maybe 10 or more reactions and counter-reactions in a minute.
I am not sure if this is really a good thing because instead of seeing me as some with-it super smart social genius or saying,”Wow look at that guy, he seems like he has a Cray computer in back of his face – he’s so fast,” instead most people seem to think that I am weird. I am not sure why that is. Sometimes I think they are on a different wavelength than I am. I think they just don’t get it. They don’t get me.
A lot of very high IQ people will tell you that they feel that they are misunderstood. People misjudge them, misunderstand what they are saying, and either don’t understand them or read their comments in a completely different way than how they were intended. They read funny and sometimes false motives into our speech and behaviors that we did not intend to put out. This is because they are not understanding what we are trying to convey with our speech and behaviors. Once again, I think most people are just on some other wavelength than people like me and that’s why they seem to misunderstand us so much.
Very high IQ people will often say that they are good at making decisions and that they tend to make intelligent decisions because they weigh all of the possible answers to the question very carefully. On the other hand, I know some very high IQ people who live their lives idiotically and make the stupidest decisions. But that’s not because they are stupid, that’s more because of personality issues, in particularly massive psychological defenses that get in the way of rational behavior.
Just because you have a very high IQ is not guarantee against being crazy or building crazy, disordered and excessive defense systems that lead to characterological problems. Most of the poor life decisions I see very high IQ people making are not due to doing dumb things but instead there is some mental disorder going on there that is messing up their behavior.  Very high IQ people can definitely have characterological problems where their defensive structures have gotten so bizarre and excessive that they start to cause a lot of crazy and irrational behaviors.
I am not sure about people from 130-139 (high IQ or near genius), but I think they function better than a lot of us very high IQ types. With us very high IQ types, our IQ’s are so high that they are starting to get in the way of our lives, and they might even be making us strange or mentally disordered. The high IQ type is very, very smart, but an IQ in the 130’s is not going to have that correlation with mental illness and weirdness that you start seeing in some people above 140.
I have seen people in the 130’s who were very smart, and they were also superb social actors, very extroverted, etc. I spent a lot of time with two men. One had an IQ of 139, and another had a 135 IQ. It would be quite hard to say that I was smarter than either of them, and they were both whip-fast sharp, especially the 139 IQ guy, who is a relative. He is just BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. He has also been an alcoholic for decades which has wrecked his life, but he is still whip-fast smart despite the decades of booze.
Once you get into the high IQ range (130-150), I don’t see a lot of differences between me and someone with an IQ of say 129-139. They seem like they are about as smart as I am. Past a certain point, I do not think the scores mean all that much. You end up with really smart people and there’s probably not a lot of observable difference between really smart people even if one is smarter than the other. You’re probably not going to be able to see how the higher IQ person is smarter because the differences all seem to wash out at high IQ levels.
Frankly I do not think that most of you want to be as smart as I am. Yes, there is huge upside, but there is also a massive downside at least for me. The downside is probably avoidable, but you still might get it. Sometimes I think it is better not to be this smart. I am so smart that it almost gets in the way of life, and most of you might not want to live like that.

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42 thoughts on “Is There Such a Thing as Very High IQ Behavior?”

  1. Very nice post thanks again.
    It’s nice to tell us your point of view.
    I have to admit that i am very curious of what a clever guy can think about many subjects…
    For instance, as a French guy i am questionning my self about the future of Europe. More precisely, i try to imagine what will be the effects of a significant increase in the number of Muslims in the coming years.
    Will Europe become Eurabia (in the same way that the united states will become a Latino country)?
    Islam is -it soluble in world culture (made of human rights and coca cola) ?
    if it bothers you to answer this question I understand. A big thank you for your blog.
    All the best.

    1. depends on what countries you’re talking about. eastern and southern europe won’t likely change but more northern ones would (germany, norway, U.K, etc.)
      As far as france goes I’m unsure if it will fair well, for I’ve heard that it currently holds the largest Islamic immigrant minority in Europe.
      Did you have any experiences with Muslim immigrants?

        1. What was her family’s background?
          If immigration controlled for that like with other groups then yeah, thing may not be as bad but the problem lies in sub-sections that sadly “carry” third world issues into first world societies. If they are treated as any other offender by the nation’s standards than that is fine, in many countries they are defended by refugee status and any actions to counteract them would be considered discrimination.
          Sharia law, while eugenic in a sense, also allows incest and polygamy. The former is particularly harmful to a population creating higher violence, lower IQ, and collectivism.
          However, say the portion of Muslims you talk about assimilate (that does occur) then there’s not much to worry about.

  2. A math reasoning course (logic) would be a good proving ground for high IQ. You have to be pretty sharp to be able to get what’s going on very fast. Note, it’s not about solving equations that much, but rather reasoning things from math definitions.

  3. I’m don’t have a super high IQ (122 and 126 on different tests) but I usually get bored with most mainstream forms of entertainment. I could get interested in video games that required mental acuity but I never watched much TV or movies. I tried to read teen magazines during my preteen years, so I could connect better with the world, but I found the majority of articles to be boring.

    1. Sounds interesting to investigate. With a IQ of +120 that would definitely put you on the map of differing from the norm. My guess is that you have a stronger spatial than verbal, the later being typically more being more invested in reading/social while the former are known to be more invested in video games.
      What video games in particular were your favorites? I found this article that connects video games to MBTI.

    2. Wow, you’re dumb for a Jew! 😀
      Just messin’ with ya…
      I’ve never taken an official IQ test. I’ve just taken a few online and score just a bit below you. And I too can’t get interested much in mainstream entertainment. I did play a lot of video games as a teen, but they were mostly war strategy games and adventure role-playing where there were lots of puzzles and mysteries to be solved within an interesting storyline. I’ve never been able to hold any sustained interest in sports. I rarely go to movies or even know what’s playing at any given time since I’m not plugged into mainstream media and advertising. Most my free time at home is spent on the internet reading news/opinion articles, on facebook, debating people in forums or reading blogs like this. Btw, I do like movies, I just don’t see very many of them. I guess if I had a girlfriend I’d go to more movies, but I’m single. That’s pretty much the only time I go to the movies, is when I have a date. TV doesn’t interest me at all. I haven’t sat down and watched TV in years now. I don’t even turn it on. I only use it(and even then rarely) to watch something on netflix. I hear there are some great TV shows though like Game of Thrones and most my friends tell me that I really missed out not watching Breaking Bad. A smart friend of mine was a huge fan of Lost. He kept telling me to watch it. I watched a few episodes and was hooked. I then would binge on 6 episodes a day on netflix until I fished it. Absolutely loved it.
      I don’t really read books. 99% of my reading is articles online, even wikipedia articles, I read a lot of them if it’s a topic I’m interested in at the moment. So I actually read a LOT, just not books.I want to start reading books though at some point, starting with classics.
      I absolutely love music and it’s probably my biggest passion as far as the arts go. My taste is extremely varied and eclectic. Mostly non-mainstream, but sometimes there are mainstream songs I like.
      I’m hardly the smartest guy out there, and I often wish I were smarter. I’d just consider myself moderately bright. I hate having to read something complicated 2 or 3 times because I just didn’t “get it” the first time. It makes me feel dumb and incompetent when i can’t get something the first time, or if someone at work explains something and I feel confused. Sometimes I listen to radio discussions on public radio and marvel at how articulate and sharp the correspondents are. In my head I try to think of answers I’d give to the same questions being asked, and I think I’d be a bumbling mess and not sound half as intelligent as these people. I wish I could boost my IQ another 10 points with nootropics. I have a very hard time with numbers. Even adding simple numbers in my head I feel like a moron. I just don’t do numbers well.
      I’ve always been a shy introvert and mostly sucked with women. I tried to learn game but had very limited success with it. My temperament has just not cut me out to be a PUA. I do best with women who have gotten to know me over time. Where I actually grew on them as they spent more time around me. I don’t do good in situations where I have to build rapid attraction. And since I’m only average looking, I’m generally not noticed by women at all. Or rarely anyway.
      As for friends, I suspect most my friends are probably at least average intelligence to somewhat above. I don’t care how intellectual someone is per se, but I have a hard time wanting to be around people who I don’t think are intellectually curious. A lot of sharp people aren’t intellectually curious. They may be good at work or what they do, but they don’t seem all that interested in discussing grand ideas. This is especially true with women.

      1. My temperament has just not cut me out to be a PUA.
        That’s a very good point, Tulio. As I wrote in a recent comment on my own blog, one of my main objections to PUA and other “self-help” industries is that they don’t take into account human difference.
        As Dota and I have discussed on many occasions, people by and large don’t really change. Sure, you can always find someone who’s disciplined and determined enough to change. But then again, maybe that person is naturally inclined to be disciplined and determined; likewise, some people are simply wired to be more focused and assiduous than others.
        Absent extreme experiences/external stimuli, people undergo radical transformations. I think people can modify certain behaviors and temper undesirable quirks, but they can’t remake themselves.
        That’s why I shook my head when I saw the PUA/manosphere reaction to Elliot Rodger’s rampage killing. If only he learned game!! I’m sorry, but if a man is a lifelong loner with Asperger’s, then no amount of game or “self-improvement” is going to make him good with women. To insist otherwise is to buy into that most foolish of American myths – the belief in the bootstrap. So much of PUA is really just the typical neoliberal entrepreneurial mindset mixed in with evolutionary psychology.
        Even though I’m not too familiar with his work, one of the greatest philosophers of the last century, John Rawls, argued that luck is a huge factor in life. When most Americans think of luck, they think of someone winning the lottery or benefiting from nepotism.
        But at least for me (channelling Rawls), luck is your personality traits, your temperament, etc.
        In conclusion, I think everyone would be happier if we just accepted that people are not the same, and that most people can’t be rich, be a successful PUA, etc. In many ways, I think the American obsession with “equality” is actually harmful; after all, if everyone is created equal, then “losers” are pathetic failures who have nobody to blame but themselves.

        1. Guys who are nerdy can get women, but may only be larger women. In our society, that’s considered a mark of being a loser. However, a lot of larger women are just as good or better than the thin ones.

        2. Mark Zuckerberg chose to remain with his plain/ugly girlfriend even though he could have gotten a harem of hot models.

        3. Very great good comment, BAG. So good I really can’t even add much more to it. I’ve had many of those same thoughts and have largely come to the same conclusions.
          Your point on luck is interesting. I was reading a comment by an Uber driver last year talking about how he meets people from so many different walks of life in the course of a day driving people around. A wealthy business man getting a ride to a lunch meeting in the financial district one minute, and maybe some destitute immigrant janitor who can’t afford a car and has to rely on Uber to get to work.
          He made some points about luck that made me really stop and think. We like to think our lives are entirely the result of choices we’ve made. But you really can’t discount the importance of just dumb luck in altering the trajectory of your life. Some people do just get their lucky break. Some people met the right people at the right time that opened doors for them. Some had major setbacks that were outside of their control. This isn’t the say that hard work and determination is not important, of course it is. But many people work hard and are not wildly successful.
          I think as we continue to unravel the genome, we’re going to be surprised by just how much of our behavior and outcomes in life are a result of genes. Think about it, knowing the right people to open doors to opportunity often means being highly sociable and intelligent. But extroversion and intelligence are highly heritable.

        4. Some people do just get their lucky break. Some people met the right people at the right time that opened doors for them. Some had major setbacks that were outside of their control.
          Also, some people have passions for certain useful disciplines. For example, there are many successful techies in the Bay Area. One could credit them for their hard work and smarts; but one could just as easily say that they were lucky in that they cultivated a passion for tech while young – and tech skills just now happen to be in high demand.
          If we lived in a society that placed a high premium on writing and the humanities, techies would be complaining about a bad job market.
          Some people are also naturally better at STEM subjects than others; expecting people not so proficient at STEM to suddenly train themselves to become computer engineers is an exercise in cruelty.
          This isn’t the say that hard work and determination is not important, of course it is. But many people work hard and are not wildly successful.
          Absolutely. I think a more realistic message is that one should always work hard and do their best – but know that nothing is guaranteed.
          I think as we continue to unravel the genome, we’re going to be surprised by just how much of our behavior and outcomes in life are a result of genes. Think about it, knowing the right people to open doors to opportunity often means being highly sociable and intelligent. But extroversion and intelligence are highly heritable.
          Exactly. In his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie pointed out that steel tycoon and robber baron Andrew Carnegie (no relation) didn’t actually know all that much about the production of steel. But he knew people, which is why he succeeded.
          More than anything else, anal striving yuppie parents (to use George Carlin’s words) who want their kids to succeed should teach them good social skills early on, and focus on academic excellence later. Ultimately, the former will get you farther in life than the latter.

        5. There actually is a high demand for writers, especially since East Indians have been thrown out of the industry due to the fact search engnes won’t tolerate bad spelling and grammar.

        6. Social skills are useless, especially if you are
          an unattractive or disabled female. Even if your parents move in elite circles, who presumably could get you employment.
          It’s better to get your feet wet in the professional world while still in High School than join a bunch of pointless extracurricular activities.

        7. One thing Gay State Girl could try is blogging or running a forum. It’s hard work and may require a lot of startup, but if all of your time and money is donated to it, it probably will succeed. Of course, in a such a job, disability doesn’t matter usually.

        8. Yes! Your personality is like a lottery ticket. Some people are born with the right traits and it can lead to a fruitful life. Some are born with a losing personality. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser, but you’re already born with a strike. It’s already predetermined.
          You can change your attitude but not your personality. Your personality is what it is.

        9. When it comes to attracting women, it basically comes down to looks and personality. If you’re extroverted, narcissistic, sociopathic, have warrior gene, you have right of passage to women’s hearts. Most women are too dumb to see it, since they’re emotional, and don’t realise the devil coming in after they’ve been spinned on their heads by a hellish tornado.
          Extroversion, sociopathy, narcissism are winning personality traits in terms of attracting women. But they’re really bad traits, particularly psychopathy.

        10. Bad people have the winning and losing personalities.(Attracting Women)
          Serial killers largely have the winning personality.
          Mass/Spree killers largely have the losing personality.

        11. “Extroversion, sociopathy, narcissism are winning personality traits in terms of attracting women. But they’re really bad traits, particularly psychopathy.”
          I think that’s more of a anglosphere-centric point of view. Outside of the anglosphere, I don’t think this is nearly as prevalent.

        12. Hey BAG, off topic, but how does it feel being a Bernie Sanders supporter while still being right-leaning in many ways? How do you reconcile the two? I suppose I’m in the same camp. I have a difficult time dealing with these two worlds. There seems to only be 3 major positions in USA politics, right-wing, left-wing and some shade of libertarian. Libertarians being right-wing on matters of economics and either left-wing or apathetic on the cultural issues. However, one strain of thought missing is left-leaning on economics but right-leaning on the cultural issues.
          I believe in a more economically equitable society. I think it’s one of the most important issues of our times if not THE most important issue. Inequality is out of control, and it’s by design starting in the Reagan era. I’m not in favor of communism or redistributing income. I believe in wage growth for the lower and middle classes. I believe in higher taxes on the wealthy and on capital gains. I believe in more regulation of the market, support for unions, single-payer healthcare. I also believe in climate change.
          On the other hand, I think the cultural left is destructive. SJWs, feminism, mass immigration from the 3rd world, redefinition of marriage and elevation of transvestites like “Caitlyn” Jenner as heroic. Although I’m not a follower of Roosh anymore as his forum and sites have been taken over by hard-line alt-right, Trump supporters, he wrote an article I totally agree with called “Cultural Collapse”. You should look it up, I think you’d fine it an interesting read. Maybe his best blog post of all time. I look around me and see so many young women in their physical prime who have no interest in procreation and think it’s a drag to get married and have a family because it detracts from “having fun” and their career. It makes me fucking sick that this is a culturally normal attitude now. Sometimes I totally get why the Arabs keep this stuff under control and arrange marriages. The more I ponder it, the more I think that arranged marriages in a family where men are breadwinners and women are domestic is probably the best option for avoiding the inevitable demographic implosion by too much freedom.
          But anyway, there really is no political term in the mainstream for people of my persuasion that I can identify with. I’m all for Sanders when I hear him speak on economics, then when I see all the green haired SJWs rallying behind him, it makes me not even want to associated with his movement. But on the other hand, I hate Trump even more than SJWs. I find him a thoroughly despicable person in every way imaginable.

        13. However, one strain of thought missing is left-leaning on economics but right-leaning on the cultural issues…But anyway, there really is no political term in the mainstream for people of my persuasion that I can identify with.

          You sound like you are Alternative Left. You could even form your own wing or tendency.
          Left on economics, right (or more typically, moderate) on social issues is the very definition of the Alt Left right there.

      2. No I’m moderately attractive (probably a 6 without makeup) but don’t wear makeup-can’t apply it due to my disability, and I appear very young. People always think assume I’m at least 10 years younger and that hurts in the professional world to look like a kid.

      3. That’s interesting. My main problem with the altright (aside from their tolerance of hardcore racists within their ranks) is their pronatalism and child worship.
        Sanders’s economic reforms might take decades to implement and involve growing pains and devastating unforeseen consequences.
        I’ve read Pat Buchanan and others The Paleocon/nationalist economic approach is more far pragmatic in the short term, though I detest Pat Buchanan on a social level.

  4. Why is it that low IQ people like pro wrestling? It seems to attract them like flies. The high IQ find it incredibly boring, and TV in general.

        1. I have nothing against UFC itself, it’s more the type of crowd that it attracts that I don’t like, boxing I do like, but WWE is just pathetic.

        2. I like nude or scantily clad women boxing. That draws my attention !! And wrestling or any other sport for that matter, even golf.
          Women’s volleyball and track is also enjoyable for obvious reasons.

      1. I actually like UFC, as well boxing. There’s quite a bit of strategy to it, like a chess match. I’ve trained in fighting myself for 5 years back in the mid 2000s, so maybe that gives me a bit of appreciation into what it takes to be a good fighter. It’s much more than just 2 brutes beating each other to a pulp.

  5. The performer Prince, whos been in the news lately as he died, was a genius, but he was part white. So do you think being part white made a difference?

    1. How do you know he was a genius? Did he ever release his IQ score? I’ve heard him in interviews. He seems moderately smart but I’d never seen him speak in a way that made me think he was brilliant. He seemed to believe in wacked-out conspiracy theories and he was a Jehovah Witness. Being part of a religion like that makes me think maybe he wasn’t so smart. He was a musical prodigy for sure and a hard-worker, but I don’t know if he was a genius in the IQ sense of the word.
      Being part white? Lol. Miles Davis was as black as the ace of spades, was being part white responsible for his musical ability as well?

      1. Well hard work for sure made Prince great, but isn’t a prodigy the same as genius?
        Note I never assumed some kind of racist thinking about being part white, but a lot of WNs might bring that up as reason.

        1. I guess being a musical prodigy is a type of genius. I tend to believe in the multiple intelligences theory. I’m sure some high IQ theoretical physicists would suck ass at music. And Prince might bomb physics. Both may be brilliant when they stick to what they do best.

        2. Would being part white help? Maybe, but really as far as Music goes I think it would be a Hybrid effect rather than purely being due to whiteness.
          Blacks and appreciation in music was something noted constantly by ethnographers in Africa.
          While not all where praised as being skilled, some like Bantu people in Central Africa, Igbo, and Zulu were held in great regard.
          However I think among the best would be amongst the Muslims ones.
          Think a handicap though could be being specialized toward one instrument or style, but then again as far as I know it was singing that was particular focus of Sub Saharans.
          Jm8 would undoubtedly know more.

  6. “On the other hand, I know some very high IQ people who live their lives idiotically and make the stupidest decisions. But that’s not because they are stupid, that’s more because of personality issues, in particularly massive psychological defenses that get in the way of rational behavior.”
    Yeah, that’s right. I think I can see it on myself. On the other hand, I don’t think it has to do something with mental illnes in my case. Just a psychological defence.

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