Mexicans and South Americans and the Influence of Spain

I had an Argentine girlfriend for a while. While she was disappointed that I was not a machista, she really liked the fact that I was an intellectual. She said I was “un hombre de letres,” or “a man of letters.” It is a really cool phrase to describe a writer, but it is seldom used anymore. It seemed that Argentine women liked intellectuals. I also knew a Peruvian woman and she was really jazzed that I was an intellectual too. She really respected an intellectual man, but then she was also a university student.
Whereas Mexicans seem to delight in ignorance and contempt of education, on the other hand, South Americans seem to really respect an intellectual man. I am guessing it is due to more Spanish influence down in Latin America.
I have always felt that South America had much more influence of Spain in their culture. A respect for intellectual men would be a byproduct of Spanish influence since intellectual men are highly respected in Spain.
I knew a woman from Colombia, and she and her associates had strong influence from Spain. She was a member of the upper class, and she spent about half her time in Spain! She had a very Castillian accent, but it was also very sexy and sounded sort of French or Catalan. But a lot of Colombian women have crazy sexy accents. I think it is a rather sensual culture.
She and her family and friends were extremely polite almost to the point of being a parody of politeness. Colombians seem like the nicest, most hyper-polite people on Earth. What I don’t get is how the nicest people on Earth spend so much of their time slaughtering each other.
They were all very much into intellectual culture and arty circles. Her brother was a well known artist, and she was his agent. She hated the FARC and other Colombian guerrillas, but she also implied that there were guerrilla sympathizers in the art circles in which she ran.
I also met a Peruvian upper class woman who also told me that she spent a lot of her time in Spain. It’s almost as if Spain is a 2nd home to a lot of these upper class South Americans.
On the contrary, I do not think the influence of Spain is great in Mexican culture today, but perhaps I am wrong. They seem to have washed a lot of that away in preference for some sort of genuine homegrown Mexican culture.

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10 thoughts on “Mexicans and South Americans and the Influence of Spain”

  1. It’s pretty ridiculous how the Alt-Right portrays Latin American as a much of uncivilized Indians roaming around a jungle.
    Most don’t even realize it’s a predominately Christian region!

  2. Well, South Americans that live in United States usually are from middle-class or upper-class, or, if they are from lower classes (working-class and underclass), usually are university students, so they were well educated and are quite intellectuals.
    But lower classes in South America don’t differ much from Mexican/Central American ones.
    In fact, Costa Rica and Panama are more white than Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador. Bolivia maybe is the most Amerindian country in the Americas.
    Here there is a big difference between higher and lower social classes, especially in poor places. In Argentina and Uruguay probably this difference is a bit smaller than in the rest of Latin America, but still exist.
    Many people from lower classes seen to intellectuals like weak, useless or snobs, and make fun on them, especially if are those intellectuals that like demonstrate their intelligence.
    And, now that I think, you also have a big difference between higher and lower social classes. And rednecks and ghetto men also can be very masculine, almost like Latin American ones.

    1. Notice how rednecks, ghetto blacks, and macho Latinos all hate each other, mainly because they are so much alike. Only the sissy liberals want tolerance.

  3. its all about geography. You are closer to Mexico so you get more of the stink. Come to Europe and most of the Mexicans you meet will be taller, more formal and far more educated than you or I. Not to mention about a third of them are blond.

  4. Well, of course ghetto men and rednecks are masculine. But we can say rednecks may or may not be into drugs, so hanging around them won’t drag you into a fiery pit of fire. Ghetto men though are into all things bad.

  5. Funny thing is that many Spaniards north of Andalucia consider Andalucians vagos, pobres and analfabetos. Nope Mexicans have just inherited that from their Andalucian ancestors. That mentality can also be found in South America. Unfortunately many(but thank god not too many) Latin Americans have this hard on for everything Castilian. Fortunately Castilian imperialism is in its final death throes and with it those little castilian wannabees.

    1. A Moor is someone from Morocco, back then Southerners in Spain were called Moriscos, Mudejares or Morenos by those “Christian” northerners. By the Arabs and real Moors they were called Mozarabs. You can even read how Arabs and Moors complained of Andalusians as being “excessively” fond of wine and “partying”, my things don’t change do they?
      No, Andalusians are basically just in between Europe and the Middle East. You really know nothing of Andalucia.

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