PUA/Game: When It Comes To Women, Alphas Throw Out All the Rules

Understand that Alphas and guys with great Game pretty much break all the rules when it comes women. You need to throw out all the rules when it comes to these guys because they can get a woman, even a hot woman, in almost any circumstance.

Need money to get women? Sure, most of us do. Alphas? Not at all.  A lot of these guys are bums, criminals, drug dealers or gigolos who don’t even work. And that’s when they are not incarcerated! Many of them live off women their whole lives, and it is not common for Alphas to be in and out of jails and prisons. Even into their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, many Alphas are poor or low income, live in shoddy apartments and drive beat-up old cars and either don’t work or work at some lousy low paying job. Of course none of that keeps them from getting women, even hot women.

You need a job to get women? Don’t think so. Alphas don’t. See above.

You need a car to get women? Or as the saying goes, “Must have a job and a car?” Not really. Alphas can surely get women even if they don’t have a car. Anyway, that won’t last long because soon they will be hooked up with a generous woman who gives them the use of her car.

Can’t get a Muslim woman in a Muslim country or from a Muslim culture? Sure, most of can’t. But I would bet good money that an Alpha could. I would guess that North African countries like Morocco, Egypt, etc. would be easier than the rest. People seem to be more secular in much of North Africa than in the rest of the Arab World for some reason. Anyway, North Africans are not even really Arabs. They are better seen as Berbers or Arabized Berbers. There is also a lot of influence from Black culture, and Black culture anywhere generally seems to be more permissive about sex than non-Black cultures.

You need some status to get a woman? Sure it would help for most of us to get some. But Alphas don’t really need it. In fact, Alphas obtain status rather miraculously simply by being Alphas and for no other reason. In other words, an Alpha gets status by opening the door and walking in to the crowded room. As he steps into the room, the people in the room all look up to him to see who he is, and he obtains status immediately simply due to his commanding and yes, superior and all-encompassing vibes. In other words, Alphahood creates its on status, if you can understand that.

you need to dress up nice to get a woman? Most of us would be helped by such a suggestion, but I am dubious whether Alphas need to dress up all that much. A good Alpha could probably do great even with a rather shoddy wardrobe.

Remember what it takes to get women:

1. Money

2. Status

3. Power

4. Fame

5. Game

6. Sexiness

7. Looks

If you don’t have the first four, you better have the next two or three! Really all you need are 5 and 6 or better yet, 5-7. two. Game without Looks can be done, but I don’t think it is all that easy. Anyway a lot of men who are not formally goodlooking at all and are in fact rather ugly by classical terms still do great with women only because they are sexy. Recall that men to not have to be beautiful. Ruggedly handsome brings up all sorts of phenotypes, some of which are even classically ugly. But these men are always very masculine and better yet, they are sexy as all Hell.

If you have Game and Sexiness or Game, Sexiness and Looks, you can forget about the first four. However, Looks alone without Sexiness/Game is probably worth jack. And all Sexy men have good Game. And if you have good Game, you are invariably Sexy, and you are also likely to have Looks, but not necessarily.

Masculine? Not necessarily. I have known quite a few Alphas who were rather feminine. Not effeminate, but feminine, and there is quite a difference. Quite a few were androgynes, often with a strong Feminine aspect going but often at the same time a strong or even extremely strong Masculine aspect.

Having a lot of Feminine aspect is no big deal for a man as long as you have a good Masculine aspect to balance it out. In fact, I often think that Pure Androgynes such as this (Strong Masculine + Strong Feminine) are like honey to bees for women. They simply cannot resist them.

Also the Feminine aspect allows these men to understand women very well, better than most most men. In addition, the Feminine aspect allows these men to feel very comfortable around women. I have met a number of Alpha Pure Androgynes who told me that they preferred to associate with female over males. Many told me that they didn’t even like males – they only liked females.

With a number of them, many of their friends were women. However, these female friends were always fixing these Alphas up with all of their friends. And quite a few of these guys were not able to sustain platonic friendships with women because they told me that sooner or later, the woman would usually try to seduce them. Apparently some men are just irresistible to women, and any women who gets closer to them, even as a close friendship, can’t resist getting sexual with them.

This seems to be true of some of the Alphas that I have known. Sure some Alphas like to have female friends, but it seems that over time, they are not able to sustain them because the relationship invariably turns sexual. It appears that women simply cannot sustain nonsexual friendships with Alphas. It’s like handing out free candy to a kind in a candy store. They can only resist the presence of the Alpha in close proximity to them for a certain period of time before they have to either cut it off or it tuns sexual. Something has to give.The tension and frustration can no longer be sustained.

Fighting off the allure of an Alpha who ma woman is close to may be near impossible. It’s probably like resisting the gravitational pull of a small planet. And indeed, Alphas do resemble micro-planets. They seem to have a gravitational field around them that sucks any woman close to them into its orbit whether she wants to be turned in to an encircling moon of his or not. It’s not like she has any choice in the matter.

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10 thoughts on “PUA/Game: When It Comes To Women, Alphas Throw Out All the Rules”

  1. I have known 4 womanizers in my life.
    All for where tall and had the square jaw and where very balzy.
    But i guess there is ways around this.

    I am the short crazy guy without a job barely a social life
    and I have women standing naked in front of me or telling me they want to cheat on their boyfriend, And i will not put a finger on them
    Maybe i am a potential womanizer who is just way to nice/inhibited.
    What do you think robert?

      1. F king -A right! Two shots of whiskey, a loud band, a bar stool, my mouth and I’m taking you home with me. Robert nails it.

        I ain’t got nothing but I get any woman I try for.

        If you’re standing in front of her like that and saying no I have to wonder what the f k?

  2. Robert, what you make of this video depciting ugly street sexual harassment in Jew York City.

    Is this for real or do you think this whole thing is staged. Dayum. That thing IS a problem – I never saw anything like that in any major European city.

    New York is supposed to be an epitome of cool. Why would New York guys behave so damn aggressively, crossing all boundaries of decency? I take it most of them are black males. But, I have met my fair share of black dudes who are very decent around women.

    None of it makes sense.


  3. As far as marrying goes, a lot of guys are getting girls cause of family connections, especially in Christian circles. Some of the guys getting girls via family connections are pretty dorky, and they’re getting hot looking women.

    If you a player though, yeah of course, the girls would be going after the characteristics you say. However, some unattractive guys can get women by being funny, or by being very social. For instance, Chris Farley from the show “Saturday Night Live” could make girls laugh.

  4. Why are you talking about personality? The only thing that makes a man attractive is his face, which ideally needs to be in the top 10%.
    Anything else is prostitution- not love.

  5. A lot of guys don’t work out. If they would work out, and it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference, just a little everyday, then women would notice them. As with the guys who refuse to better their education on YouTube, we see more laziness, and more scapegoating.

  6. The young and dumb handsome bum. I’ve seen a # of young men, often carrying a guitar, who are total Chads. They give off a Californian/surfer vibe. Northern European beauty with long flowing hair. They have little money and usually seem stoned or a bit slow. Though far from an Ocean, these surfer dude types can surf in as much pussy as they could ever want.

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