How Accessible Are Muslim Women?

Women from the Muslim part of the world can be quite pretty, but you won’t be able to touch them if you are from outside their culture.

I don’t know. I think an Alpha could get a Muslim woman. Or someone with fantastic Game. Which may be a redundancy, since someone with fantastic Game either is an Alpha or he might as well be one.

Please understand that Alphas and guys with great Game pretty much break all the rules when it comes women. You need to throw out all the rules when it comes to these guys because they can get a woman, even a hot woman, in almost any circumstances.

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0 thoughts on “How Accessible Are Muslim Women?”

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  2. I had a Saudi woman flirt with me, sometimes rather heavily, off and on online for about 2 years. This was about 8 or 9 years ago. I don’t think she seriously would’ve ever met with me….she said she was married and dedicated to her life and religion there…but she wanted some fun through an electronic affair on the side. Camera fun! She was really pretty uninhibited with me- but a sudden cut off in communication occurred, her account was deleted, and I never heard from her again. I never had an electronic affair with another woman, before or after and I count myself fortunate to have had one with a Muslim woman.

  3. For some reason, I’m able to attract Muslim girls without even trying. It may have something to do with my gross revulsion for Islam and everything it stands for – hijab, head scarves, Halal slaughter, beards, self-flagellation (in case of Shias) and the fact that Quran mentions that Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, was a pedophile highway robbery and human trafficker.

    Muslim girls are able to sense my disgust for their culture, and the fact that I really don’t want to have anything to do with them. It does however have the opposite intended effect and in my experience, creates in them a very strong attraction towards me. Plus Muslim girls in my experience are super horny. They constantly think of sex and give almost zero head games. This makes them very easy lays and all you have to really do is ASK and she’ll be fucking you in no time.

    I have fucked my share of fair Muslim girls. While the sex was always good, I felt like shit afterward. They’re simply too emotionally needy for my taste. Almost all Muslim girls I’ve ever known are first rate GOLD DIGGERS. Their love for material things is uncomparable.

    Ive had one girl from Iran. She wanted marriage after hardly knowing me for 1 night and asked me to convert to Islam that’s when I backed off. I’ve had girls from Oman and UAE make passes at me, trying to flirt.

    But maximum number of Islamic girls I had must be during my 1 month stay in Uzbekistan. They’re a strange sort of Muslims over there – they drink vodka, speak Russian and get naked without any hesitation. I would go back to Uzbekistan in a heartbeat even though it was the only time in my life I came close to being kidnapped, possibly by the Uzbek version of Taliban.

    1. it has nothing to do with your distaste and disgust for their religion. You’re just hot, hot men pull in the horny women.

      Muslim women are much easier to bed than most women. They even have a name for them, scarfy gangers. They are the repressed the most and therefore the most rebellious, sort of like women with daddy issues.

      You just have to be ultra private to avoid having them seriously harmed.

      1. You’re just hot, hot men pull in the horny women.

        I don’t consider myself hot. Maybe slightly north of 5 on a scale of 10. But I could have seen more pussy than many guys who rate 8 or 9/10 in my neck of the woods. I don’t contest the fact that guys who look 8 or 8 out of 10, for example, a Tom Cruise, can score pussy without even trying. They’re simply too hot for their own good. But average-looking guys can o hope thave the exact same advantages – CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY.

        Appearance wide, I do have a few things working in my favor though: straight jazzy hair, a sexy accent, no abdominal fat/beer belly. I HATE working out in gyms. But just to show off others, I did work out in gyms for around 2 years intermittently – but last time I lifted a dumbbell was like 3 years ago. I’ve been told that even though I used to work out in the gym rather half-heartedly, the results are still evident as I have a large upper frame followed by slim mid-riff, whatever. I take my sports seriously though, have defeated professional players in tennis, racquetball etc. I enjoy swimming, hiking etc. and have completed a marathon successfully.

        Women at first sight always find me interesting to talk to. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I read a lot, really love to travel, I’m a backpacker that has been around 16 countries so far. I’m able to hit common ground within minutes and usually, she’s left yearning for more.

  4. Every year some muslim women in western Europe get killed by their family because they had a relationship with a non-muslim. I don´t know the exact numbers, but as far as I remember alone in Germany it might be up to a dozen per year. And of course for every killing there are much more beatings. So dozens, maybe hundreds or more women get beaten up exactly because of the crime (in addition to the muslim women who get beaten up because their cooking was not good or something like that).
    Of course some muslim women give it a try, but most just react to the potential violence and do avoid contact to non-muslim males. For the majority of muslim women the partner market is nothing were their own choices play an important role.

    1. If you are private about it (that means dont brag to your closest mate about it no matter how good the sex is) I can guarantee you the best sex of your life. They are so repressed they just need an outlet. Keep it quiet and you’ll have the most voracious harem of women on your hands. Most women of their culture use sex to hook you in, little do they realize a way to a mans commitment is through his emotions.

  5. I have had a Malay Muslim girl expressing interest in me in Singapore. But its against my principles to fuck any girl without marrying.

    In reality it is not too difficult to get Muslim girl so long that you are able to socialize with them without heavy scrutiny from their community. Muslim girls know that Muslims men do not study, and Muslim girls are over represented in higher learning institution compared to their men. Not unlike the blacks.

    Muslim girls have 2 choice, Either to marry their own men and spend a life time with someone vulgar or go for a non Muslim Chinese man who is more refined, as well as capable of subtle feelings.

    In fact, white man marry Chinese men in white man land for this as well.

    Nevertheless, it is still not very common for Chinese men to marry Muslim girls.

  6. As someone who was raised Muslim in the US, but became an atheist pretty much when I entered high school (thank you access to science and science fiction), I’d say it’s quite possible. There are pitfalls in some cases though. For example, IF you hit on a girl and her relatives are nearby there’s potential for trouble. Reminds me of a wedding I was asked to attend and I took a few of my non-Muslim buddies with me for kicks. We got some drinks at the bar next door since they weren’t serving alcohol (lame as usual!) and then met some girls, but one of my friends drifted over to the wedding and got to talking to a girl I vaguely knew. He dropped my name and she said she knew my sister or something and they got to talking. Her cousin or something sees this and gets all in his face. I get wind of it and me and my friend go to tell him to step off (I’m seriously not gangsta at all here, but come on man no need to get violent). He has a few buddies and we’re outnumbered, but can’t back off now. Anyway, heated words exchanged and everyone backed off. I got a verbal barbs from ’em like “why’d you bring these strangers and why are you siding with them?” Yeah I should side with some clown I don’t know over my friends who like to have a good time. Anyway, these are some of the potential hazards.

    However, if you meet one away from her family and take it slow you got a good shot. I’ve hooked up with a few and I’m not married. I’ve lived with several girlfriends and my family suspects something is off about me, but hey can’t tell ’em I eat pork when I feel like, drink, believe religion is madeup fairytales and so on.

    All in all, I believe modernity and technology are slowly creeping into these regressive societies that cling to religion out of fear. Anyway, worst thing is parents or other relatives who think they own their offspring. Screw that and get a life I say. Ciao.

  7. The conversational advice is correct; but guess what it is a universal with women that they want to marry wealth, so in fact a lot of what you say applies to negroless negroesses.

    So in fact we have the same pattern with negroess who prefer the negro but if money is available they will opt for someone else, but hood living as with Arab women in traditional illiterate culture makes it tough forvthese women.

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