999, “Homicide”

I believe that this song came out in 1980. It was a big hit at the time. I must say that is a catchy tune they have there. It really sticks in your head something good. This was another of the very early great punk rock songs.



I believe in homicide.
I rest my case!
Don’t cast aside!

You’d better believe it!
That’s the truth of it!
Take it or leave it.
Resign to it!


No one cares!
When someone lies!
They’d rather say!
It’s irrelevant!

You’d better believe it!
That’s the truth of it!
Take it or leave it.
Resign to it!


You try to tell me it’s his fault because he’s down.
And letting loose this homicide all over town!
What’s your number? I’ll take it down.
What’s your address? I’ll write it down.
I’ll be in touch. So don’t leave town!
In a big!


I believe in homicide.
I rest my case!
Don’t cast aside!

You’d better believe it!
That’s the truth of it!
Take it or leave it.
Resign to it.

Homi, homi, homi, homi, homi, homi, homi, homi
Homi, homi, homi, homi, homi, homi, homi, homi

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32 thoughts on “999, “Homicide””

    1. Hey Hucipher. Do you think when Blacks an d Whites start liking the same music that will bring us closer together? I mean when Blacks start enjoying “White music” and Whites start enjoying “Black music.”

      1. I don’t think so. Blacks need to ditch the attitude and become more gracious guests. “May I Have” needs to replace “Gimme Or We’ll Riot”!

        Look at mushawasha’s defense of Blacks taking over white countries, then imagine that same argument applied to America. Then stop imagining, Black Lies Matter already DOES want to take over, linking Climate Change and other national issues to “racism” by threads of “logic” that only make sense if you’re high:

      2. I actually think it would be a step into the right direction. You have alot of Whites like Hip-Hip but if that was universal added with more Blacks liking hard & punk rock it would foster more cultural exchange respect & understanding. I know it keeps me & my White co workers from fighting over the office & car radio lol

        1. OK, but when you have Blacks constantly complaining about “oppressed by racist system”, and rioting to blow off steam instead of porn or videogames, how does music stop that exactly?

          Especially since the racism is either not there or at least MASSIVELY overblown now!

          Given today’s political currency of victimhood and the enforcement of thoughtcrime that is Political Correctness, how much of this “discrimination”, wasn’t actually discrimination, but a generation of Black people taught to feel offended at every sideways glance and awkward pause in a conversation?

          You hear about job fairs where 5,000 people apply for 20 open position. If 13% of the population is black, than statistically 650 applicants should have been black. If they company hires 2 black people (13% of 20 is 2.6 – and you can’t have 0.6 of a person) do the remaining 648 rejected black people get to claim discrimination? Would they say they were discriminated against if asked about it for this poll?

          There in lies the rub. How do you separate the actual discrimination of from perception of discrimination when no actual discrimination may have happened?
          And yet, Affirmative Action — REAL discrimination in the opposite direction — is held as perfectly fine!

          If any other group claimed racism at every turn, how would they be treated?
          I sped and got pulled over–Racism
          I attacked a cop and got shot–Racism
          I didn’t get the job or school I wanted–Racism
          I stubbed my toe–Racism

          If they weren’t Black, wouldn’t they be called the world’s biggest crybullies?

        2. Oh wow, not you again. You’re one of thee most caustic people I’ve met on the net & you’re talking about cyber bullies?

          And one is only gracious to a gracious host. You want Blacks to stop complaining about racism, how about stop being racist? Only a sadist suggest a person who’s being poked prodded & stabbed to stop complaining about it. Also Blacks have been here since the 1600’s – we are not your bloody “guest”. Blacks are the only ethnic group besides Anglo-Americans that have fought for this country in every war this country has had.

          Any contributions we haven’t contributed to America is not for lack of trying to contribute, it’s due to the systemic oppression that has ranged from full-on slavery to apartheid called Black Codes and Jim Crow laws to today’s cleverly interwoven systemic racism & discrimination. I suggest Blacks drop the attitude the same way the Goths dropped their attitude on the Romans. I’m sure Rome saw themselves as gracious host & that the Goths should have been grateful guests as well & we saw what that delusional world view brought Rome.

        3. https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/why-race-is-important/
          Read up on Robert’s own blog that Blacks are pathogenic at a rate many times that of whites.

          Why should we treat something like that as equals, until they learn to behave.

          Black Codes, Jim Crow, Segregation, and any other thing you bring up are attempts to PHYSICALLY protect ourselves from the Other without KILLING the Other!
          You’re right, Blacks are to civilization what Goths were to Rome, and should we not treat them accordingly?

          1. Your ancestors were the Goths. ..if they never conquered Rome the North Western European civilization your so proud of would never have risen

        4. Who said anything about CYBER bullies? I said CRY-bullies. Blacks CRY when they get treated as their actions earn, but then use CRYING about “racism” as a way to BULLY their hosts.

          To put it in a way you’ll understand:
          1.) Keep Misbehaving
          2.) Cry When You Get Punished
          3.) Profit?

          Blacks WERE our slaves, but that’s been gone for a century and a half, WE KILLED 600,000 OF OUR OWN PEOPLE TO SET YOU INGRATES FREE! Now act like you deserve it. Or act in a way that makes us regret letting you off your leash, and whine about “racism”!

          1. Whites instituted Black Codes and Jim Crow apartheid laws immediately after slavery & have given Blacks nothing in the form of assistance after slavery. Blacks are the bi-product of the environment Whites have created. You place people into an dysfunctional environment you get dysfunctional people & believe me if you’d hadn’t have let us off the leash it would have been a Haiti vs France down South & we know how that turned out for Napoleon

          1. I may disagree with Robert on subject matter but i do understand he is looking for answers. I understand why he would feel the way he does in that post but of course i have a different understanding of this dynamic. You on the other hand believe you know & have the answers but your take on it all will only lead to this modern Rome’s fall. They probably had a guy like you saying the same ish’ about the Gothic tribes that originally only asked to be treated fairly as Roman citizens. Perhaps now you understand why i alluded to the “barbarians at Rome’s gate”

        5. What? We’ve given away $23 TRILLION just since 1964! Also, what dollar value do you place on taking your ancestors away from their owners, or the 600,000 dead in the Civil War?

          We DID implement those laws right after letting you off the leash–because threats just like the one you’re making now.

          If there is a “dysfunctional environment”, BLACKS made it so, not whites. You know, Detroit, Haiti, even South Africa, USED to be nice places to live.
          What happened to them?

          If you insist on acting like Orcs, don’t complain when a cop acts like Aragorn/Legolas!

          Also, the Western European Civilization is the direct result of the RENAISSANCE! Rediscovering ancient Roman knowledge, making ourselves better with it, and kicking the savages that had held US as slaves for 700 years out of our way.

          Besides, YOU benefit from that civilization, so why would you want to destroy it? Have you ever BEEN to Haiti or South Africa? Do you consider that The Goal? If so, rather than ruin America, why not go there, where your savage ilk has already “won”? Because your QOL is too good here, right? So why are you bitching?

          1. Your reenaissance was sparked by those savages because your ancestors plunged Europe into the dark ages. There’s a maniacal European hand behind all the dysfunction in 3rd world nations. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” is a good read on the subject of how America & other European nations intentionally stagnate 3rd world nations in order to rape their resources. You can claim the right of conquest but dont sit up here & blame the conquered for their condition. American & European conglomerates have & are weaving destruction & discord from the middle east to South America

          2. By the way what 23 million & to who? Isreal? America has given only 420 Billion to all of Africa (over 100 countries) since the 1960’s that equates to roughly 7 million a year per country. Compare that too 233.7 Billion given to Isreal since 1955. Thats roughly 4 Billion a year to Isreal a country the size of New Jersey (if that). See when you “really” want to prop a country & help it prosper you give it 4 billion a year. When you want to look like the good guy while rapping a whole continent you disperse a pittance that keeps the puppets you or your corporate conglomerates have set up feed but does nothing to help develop infrastructure & build a country up. Thats maniacal. ..hell thats Machiavellian on the level of Moriarty. Brilliant but indeed wicked.

        6. You yourself bragged that the Vandals dropped the Roman Empire, remember? So those savages “caused the Renaissance”, yes, but that’s something like an open sucking wound “causes” an immune response.

          Imagine how much better the world would’ve been if Rome hadn’t ended.
          We’d be 700 years further along. Now granted, measuring progress in years is inaccurate, but it’s the best we’ve got.
          Instead, after the Vandals “dropped Rome” as you put it, we were slaves to the savages for 700 years!
          YOU bitch about your ANCESTORS being slaves for 150 years, what kind of response do you think being slaves for 700 years SHOULD have wrought?

          Historically, it brought a realization that the only way to not BE CONQUERED BY savages was to CONQUER savages. And that’s what we did! The current ISIS thing is caused by the Civilized World lifting its foot off the neck of the monster trying to kill us…It’s Learned Its Lesson, right? GUESS NOT!

          1. Europeans living in Moorish Spain had it better than any European north of the Pyrenees. They weren’t slaves for 700 yrs – that’s just some bullshite Stormfront-type distorted history. Spain shone & was a beacon of culture, philosophy & education when the rest of Europe thought bathing was a sin. The knowledge Islamic Spain brought to Europe sparked the Renaissance, not the brutes who reconquered Spain. The compass, advanced sail techniques, gunpowder – none of this was created by Europeans, so don’t speak as if Europeans developed all this tech & stormed down on Moorish Spain.

            The Moorish dynasties got slovenly & weakened with inner conflict as all Empires have & will. ISIS is a result of your foot pressure, not the lack of it. Osama – CIA-trained, Saddam – CIA-backed, the Mujahideen – CIA-backed…all chickens coming home to roost in the form of ISIS. Another example of Europeans creating or facilitating a dysfunctional environment & reaping the dysfunctional results.

        7. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” merely says that when savages try to cheat us, they get punished…Especially when selling us resources from countries that used to be ours that they took over by force!

          That’s not “maniacal”, that’s common-sense. If I steal something from you of any real value, would you BUY it back from me, or sic the cops on me?

          Savages can claim right of conquest, but they should not expect “conquering” something of ours to be consequence free, right?

          1. Thats thee most lop sided confirmation biased regurgitation of what the “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” actually is speaking too

        8. The Goths DID NOT ask to be fairly treated as Roman citizens. They rebelled in fact, when it was demanded of them to OBEY THE LAWS!
          What kind of “citizen” doesn’t have to obey the laws? If savages were given THAT, then GREATER latitude would have to be given to their own people. If Black thugs are allowed to fight cops without getting shot for it, what could they possibly grant whites to counterbalance that?

          The Goths came in under the pretense of “Only Here To Work”™.
          Sound familiar? America’s brought in not one, but TWO lesser cultures “Only Here To Work”, and they don’t want to follow rules when they’re not physically bound to!

          1. Wow, you even destroy European history but then again, I guess you’d have to to maintain your stubborn & biased worldview. The Goths were fleeing the Huns & offered to serve in Rome’s army in trade for protection & resettlement. They requested this protection & assistance from the Emperor but instead suffered two centuries of oppression. They were denied entry into Rome & starving, were forced to sell their woman & children for dog meat.


            Any laws were oppressive & the corruption of Roman authorities is well documented: “Lupicinus and Maximus diverted the grain wagons from the Goths, stole quantities of food to sell for their own profit, and then allowed the wagons to continue on to the camp. They also rounded up as many dogs as they could, and the Goths sold their children as slaves in exchange for dog meat; “The going rate was said to be one child for each dog.” 


            This is what caused the assault on Rome. No one rebels just for the sake of rebellion. Its crazy you’d distort your own history to hold on to your view of modern day racism.

        9. We DID develop infrastructure. You savages destroyed it with your bombing campaigns when you overthrew the countries, remember?

          And yes, we want to help Israel. God Knows Why, they’ve been a fairweather “ally” at best, but so have France, Germany, and even the UK at times. Maybe it has something to do with being the only NON-terrorist country surrounded by terrorist countries?

          As to why we don’t help the countries in Africa, THEY USED TO BE OUR COUNTRIES! WHY WOULD WE HELP THE OVERTHROWERS?!
          There’s some kind of expectation that whites should always help, fund, feed, and support…their enemies, conquerors, and ultimately murderers. Why is that? No other group gets censure if they don’t help their enemies!

          Think of it this way: if you and 20 of your best-armed butt-buddies forced me out of MY house, stole my car and wrapped it around the nearest utility pole, then started threatening to GIVE my stuff to my worst enemy–but then told me you were starving, do you think I’m just going to GIVE you food or GIVE you food in exchange for at least a serious discount on something you stole from me, if not getting it back in exchange for the food? Bonus points if your posse’s population went up by a factor of 10 since you took over my house. That makes you extra motivated to negotiate, doesn’t it?
          It’s not MY fault you stole my house, not MY fault you stole&totaled my car. I have no REASON to fix them.

          Cultural respect and understanding my ass. You can’t even understand the idea of property. That’s the basis of white culture!

        10. 1st, your NW Europeans did away with all those baths when they plunged Europe into the dark ages. Europe didn’t see public baths or regular bathing until those “savages” built grand palaces & bathhouses in Southern Europe. 2nd, I didn’t say Islam gave Europe the compass, I simply named outside tech Europeans eventually got their mitts on, not mentioning from whom. You incorrectly jumped to that conclusion (or you’re just tossing around strawman arguments).

          Those baths & aqueducts were improved upon as the basic math Europeans had at the time thus those useful things like Algebra & precursors to Calculus. Even so-called Gothic architecture is rooted in Islamic building techniques http://www.muslimheritage.com/article/christopher-wren-and-muslim-origin-gothic-architecture

          3rd, the Taliban rose to power because America used the Muhajideen fight Russia, then abandoned them without helping them build infrastructure & the infrastructure built by European powers in Africa only benefited the colonists it was not nation-building on any level.

          Lastly, I’m giving no one any preferential treatment or using a double standard in regards to Islamic terrorists. I’m simply pointing out the fact that Europeans have facilitated the chaos on this globe in order to, as you say, “Make sure the savages never get to power” but here’s the rub….it didn’t work in Rome or any of the previous world empires, so why do you think it will continue to work for America?

          With all the nutters ape-shyt crazy to elect an total idiot like Trump in rebellion against an Harvard-educated Black man who’s not even running in this election, you spell your own demise. No one’s on the bottom forever. Your own Northwestern caves to conquest history is witness to this.

          1. I’m about through responding to herr epgah my good friend but I’m forced to respond in kind if bothering to respond at all when i have 20 line plus dropped on me

        11. OK, this new info changes the figure of Goths entirely–but in doing so, also removes Goths as a good metaphor for Blacks.

          Even if you want to say there are SOME Good Blacks, most Blacks are feral animals, attacking their betters in PACKS! I could show you 50 Black thugs attacking a black schoolchild, or a pack of Blacks attacking an old man, or a pack of Blacks attacking a homeless veteran, or a pack of Blacks attacking a schoolteacher.

          But what would be MOST instructive is that the feral Blacks attack their ACTUAL ALLIES, like Susan Dlott. a FEDERAL JUDGE who fell for the bullshit that Blacks are “unfairly” targeted by law-enforcement and tried to “outlaw” Racial Profiling. However when her OWN house was broken into, she got on that phone and told 911 that she was being attacked by BLACK thugs!
          Wait, isn’t that the thing she was fighting AGAINST?
          Note the datestamp. That was LAST WEEK!

          Some two-faced “Civil Rights Leaders” said, “We nearly LOST a great ally”. No they didn’t “nearly lose” one, they nearly KILLED a high-ranking ally! Time will tell if she LEARNS from this experience, or if she continues to defend the animals that nearly killed her and her husband.

          Now my question: Why do BLACKS defend these feral animals? Whites are neutral or even HAPPY when a WHITE thug gets killed, why do Blacks RIOT when Black thugs get killed? It makes the Blacks look like a unified bloc of scum. If there ARE Good Blacks and Bad Blacks, shouldn’t the Good Blacks rejoice when we prune the bad ones from their genepool, and more importantly, eliminate those as potential breeders for a Next Generation of thugs?

          Whites have a long history of killing the bad of a population and leaving the good. From the savages who crossed the Bering Strait and wiped out the protohumans that used to be here, then serially betrayed us, to the Japanese, who haven’t attacked us since WWII BECAUSE WE EXCISED THE VIOLENT, IF NOT THE BAD, FROM THEIR GENEPOOL!
          Or if you don’t believe in Genetic Evil, then what? We made a big enough Example, that the rest left us alone? Now why do Blacks KEEP attacking us, but riot when we hit back?

        12. https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/designated-shitting-streets/#comment-247288
          2000 years ago Romans had working sewage systems. today Indians don’t even know how to bury their shit.
          I think that about says it all to the Levels of civilization, don’t you think?

          White people are expected to accommodate minorities and surrender majority status to a degree not expected of other groups. Why is that?


          72% of Palestinians believe that it’s OK to ram Israeli cars and stab Israeli citizens…But when they fight back, it’s an abomination, right?
          I wonder if they pretend to be “unarmed” and therefore “harmless” when shot by Israel’s police, like the domestic terrorists of America?

  1. I’ll remember to start playing it next time I encounter a policeman. Heh heh.

    Seriously, could playing a song like that get you arrested in any jurisdictions? That’s loud and suggestive.

  2. I first heard this song about 5 years ago.YouTube is a wonder.This song came out around the time I was born.But I just love the music,particularly from 1979-1984.

    A cool story.I was playing this song from my iPod in my brother’s car last summer.We were driving back home from the city of Yonkers.As we drove,we came across old residence of notorious serial killer.I told my brother;”Look over there.That’s where the Son of Sam use to live.”

    Music playing.Homiciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

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