Will European-Style Muslim Problems Come to the US?

EPGAH writes:

“In these riots, we saw Muslims who don’t practice the Islamic religion in their daily lives standing up for their culture and religion in a very aggressive way. Copenhagen was smoking for an entire week due to several hundred of fires, and the police and firemen trying to calm the situation down were also attacked.

“A big part of the rioters ended up in the prison where I worked, and I therefore I had the chance to talk with them. Almost all of them were Muslims, and they all claimed that what they have done — starting fires, attacking the police etc. — was justified since Danish society, through its pressure on integration and through reprinting the Mohammed cartoons, has proven itself to be racist and against Islam and Muslim culture. ”

This is from your own article in 2010!

How do we avoid Moslems “standing up for their culture” in America like they did in Denmark, and continue to do in France, Sweden, Germany, even the UK?

Denmark is ~5% Muslim right now. That’s a bad percentage. In Europe, once they start getting up around 5%, they start causing a lot more problems.

I don’t know. Do you see thousands of Muslims running amok in the US setting fire to whole neighborhoods where flames burn for a week due to the continuous arson?

Let’s worry about problems like that if and when they ever happen. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. US Muslims are not going to tear up the neighborhood like these Euro Muslims are. These Muslims in the US just don’t have any numbers.

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0 thoughts on “Will European-Style Muslim Problems Come to the US?”

  1. I think somalis and others may cause some tensions in some liberal states like in Minnesota though. It is funny how somalis follow scandinavians where.ever they go, that is why a lot somalis in minnesota lol.

  2. Even for “just not having any numbers”, look at the stoning of Christians in Dearborn, Michigan. Look at the San Bernadino shooting.

    The Moslem cult are a minority IN THE NATION AS A WHOLE! BUT they are still majority in certain unfortunate infected areas. Those are the areas where we will have problems like this.

    Including the much-joked-about New Jersey, where they temporarily got the law to allow wife-beating!

    I know it’s fun to play with numbers, but thousands of terrorists WILL be a problem in whatever area they choose to infest. Do you really want to sacrifice any part of America to that? Why not Detroit?
    Those areas will eventually be off-limits to POLICE!

  3. Do you honestly believe in a “Magic Dirt” theory, that they will somehow behave in America, when they don’t behave in any OTHER country that is gullible enough to let them in?

  4. You know the economy’s still bad, but terrorists have successfully become a bigger concern than the economy for the first time in a DECADE!
    Hilariously, this poll was not done by Breitbart…It was done by CBS! Some of the interviews were done in Spanish, which also underlines how deeply invaded America is, that that’s listed as a feature instead of a bug!

    Are they ALL “Islamophobes”, or is it the Perfect Storm of Moslem terrorists attacking with little or no consequences, the bad economy, AND Government trying to protect terrorists from us, instead of protecting us from terrorists?

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