US Muslims Are Not Bad in and of Themselves

I do not believe that US Muslims are a problem in and of themselves. Sure, some are a problem, but the overwhelming majority seem to be ok. Muslims are like Blacks. Sure some Blacks are criminals and give the group a bad name, but Blacks are not a problem in and of themselves because so many Blacks are living perfectly decently like you, me or anyone else. Saying all US Muslims are evil is like saying all US Blacks are evil – it’s as bunch of stupid racist bull.

We have Yemeni, Pakistani and Palestinian Muslims in this town. These Muslims in my town are causing exactly zero problems. They are not even very radical. I would say that I am far more of an America-hater than any Muslim in my town.

I know each of these Muslims pretty well, but I know the Yemenis better than the others. In fact, a number of them are friends of mine. These Yemenis are not causing any problems at all.

A few of them are out and out patriotards. One graduated from Georgetown University and is in with US government types. At first he wanted to work for the FBI as an Arabic interpreter. He flies back to DC for political conferences sponsored by the State Department.

He is a very strong supporter of US foreign policy. In fact, when he opens his mouth, he sounds like a mixture of Hillary Clinton, Ashton Carter and John Kerry. He buys into all the Deep State propaganda of the corporate media 100%. The guy’s a lost cause. He’s not an America-hater at all. In fact, he’s and out and out neocon patriotard!

I don’t think they hate non-Muslims one bit. I have never heard them say anything against non-Muslims, not one word. They don’t even like to talk bad about Jews. In fact, they worry about me because they think I am an antisemite, and they think antisemitism is uncool. The older man told me that Yemeni Muslims and Yemeni Jews get along in the US quite well, as they put aside whatever differences they might have had in the homeland. He said many Yemeni Muslims work together with Yemeni Jews in New York running stores.

If they hate anyone, it’s Shiites and Iranians, but the old man doesn’t mind the Shia, and he doesn’t care about Iran either. He hates the Saudis worse than anyone else in the region. This opinion is apparently common, as many Yemeni nationalists despite the Saudis since Saudi Arabia has intervened in Yemen over and over and treats Yemen like a colony. The older guy in fact is supporting the Shia Houthis in their war against the Saudi, UAE, Egyptian, Sudanese, Jordanian, US and UK aggressors and invaders.

He told me that the Zaidi Shia of Yemen are just about Sunnis theologically. They only differ in one or two minor ways. In fact the “Shia” Zaidis are themselves diverse as not all of them even identify as Shia! Some “Shia” Zaidis say that they are actually Sunnis, and others say that they are both Sunni and Shia at the same time. They characterize themselves in these odd ways because Zaidism is so close to Sunnism doctrinally.

I have a very hard time understanding why these Muslims in my town are some sort of enemy within. Sure there are radicalized US Muslims, but I’ve never met one myself.

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15 thoughts on “US Muslims Are Not Bad in and of Themselves”

  1. I don’t think all Muslims are bad, like ep-gah thinks. Nonetheless, I can’t really trust them as a group. The violence they do is a lot worse than blacks. Blacks threaten people in their inner city neighborhood, but moslems are into “weapons of mass destruction” etc..

    We just can’t take the chance. Nothing personal against certain moslems, but they need to be shipped home, much as many nations force out people with AIDS. If we have to, we should even pay the transportation fee, even if it’s first class.

    1. Nonetheless, this situation wil be exploited by Trump for evil, so my advice to like minded people, is to leave the USA.

      1. Now THIS is what I expected of you.
        Protecting ourselves is NOT EVIL! Especially after San Bernadino.
        And what if the next time a Moslem brings a beeping briefcase into school, it ends with an explosion instead of a lawsuit?

        Remember, there were witnesses who said they saw the San Bernadino Moslems “acting suspicious”, but they DIDN’T blow the whistle because of Clock Bomb Boy!

        The populace is so afraid of being “Islamophobic”, they stop thinking Self-Preservation! Which I think is the whole point of incidents like Clock Bomb Boy.

  2. How do you know what they TELL you is really how they feel, and not just “Taqiyyah”?

    Even Jason Y is saying “We just can’t take the chance” — and he’s the one who White Knights (pun intended) for our foreign foes!

    1. Both groups Muslims and the people who want to persecute them cannot be trusted, and it’s not a good idea to side with either one of them. Of course, I can understand the right wing resentment of Muslims. Nonetheless, it’s grounded in so much hypocrisy and other fallacy that it’s ridiculous.

      For instance, while it’s true Muslims and other groups are invading white nations and living off our dime, it’s also true the super-rich are getting “golden parachutes” and whatnot. So it seems to me that the “immigration thing” is a deflection by which the rich focus people’s attention away from them.

      So it’s true that many non-whites (and some poor whites), in general, are living off the taxpayers dime, but it also true the rich are getting unfair breaks and pampering.

      1. Remember the crash of 2008? What did that have to do with Muslim terrorists, black welfare queens, Mexican immigrants, poor white trash, etc.. ?? Nothing of course. It all had to do with the rich playing Monopoly with the people’s money, only to have taxpayers bail them out.

        Hey, at least I’d like to think my tax money was helping the less fortunate, rather than some rich cocksucker. Right? 😆

        Finally, who are the a_holes outsourcing all our jobs what not? Oh yes, the rich of course, the same poor people (sarcasm) that needed bailing out in 2008.

        1. quote by ep-gah

          Are you serious? The crash of 2008 was the bill finally coming due for Clinton’s INSISTENCE — and more importantly, enshrining into law — that “Everyone Deserves A Home”

          Banks had to make loans to habitual welshers, and when those welshers welshed, coming as a total surprise only to Clinton&Co., the rest of us had to pay for their irresponsibility!

          You know, discrimination isn’t always a bad thing? NOT making loans to people who habitually welsh on their loans is discrimination, but it’s kind of a survival thing.

          When you say “Less Fortunate”, do you REALLY believe everything comes down to LUCK? Personal effort or lack thereof has ZILCH-O-RAMA to do with whether you’re solvent or not?
          Seriously, how do you explain that?

          Robert Lindsay has already shot down the “We foolishly gave loans to the poor non-white people thing.” It’s just a distraction from the fact the rich purposely repealed laws which kept them from playing Las Vegas with people’s cash.

        2. Clinton insisted that whites open thier hearts to blacks and browns? Not according to what Robert wrote in his post. Seems like blacks and browns were just more fools to rip off, more suckers, as far as these capitalist theives were concerned. Of course, with all the protection laws against uncontrolled capitalism taken down, it was a playground for every capitalist creep imaginable.

        3. Only Texas had a law that said you could only borrow X% of your NET worth. At that point, they were trying to get the law taken out as “racist”, now they wish the whole COUNTRY had had “something like that”.

          Why are we going through this again? Read my comments on that thread. The concepts still stand.

        4. Now please answer my earlier question: Are you saying that it’s LITERALLY ALL ABOUT LUCK?
          If so, shouldn’t all the “privilege” bullshit movements disband and go home, ’cause they’re clearly just unlucky, it had nothing to do with hardworking ancestors passing down their wealth or lazy demanding ancestors who taught their spawn to be MORE lazy and MORE demanding?

          Strategy, hard work, living within your means, none of this is relevant, it’s all LUCK, and some idiots keep rolling a series of 1s and resent those who keep rolling Natural 20s, right?

  3. If you tally up the number of Americans killed by Muslim extremists in the last decade next to the number of Americans killed by fellow non-Muslim Americans, I’m sure we’re talking some tiny fraction of a percent.

  4. These types of discussions should be about religion as a whole and government etc. In other words the need for secularism. The US has a lot of religious nuts and they aren’t all Muslim (some are obviously and I’m related to at least half a dozen) and yeah like Robert I’ve known many who are quite conservative and love all things Republican (and will adopt a nationalist bent replete with loving the flag and watching Faux News). Their views are radical to me in the same way that Donald Trump/Ted Cruz’s are. Clearly, they’ve realized that all they have to do to get some support is to demonize a group based on the acts of a few people (and I’m no fan of religion mind you), but you gotta be a moron to think these kinds of generalizations solve anything. Funny thing is many Muslims are hardcore Republicans and some remain so despite the anti-Muslim rhetoric and foreign militarism. In fact, our entire interventionist policy has been a fiasco and remains as such now and is a big part of the problem. We need to stay out out of the region and they’ll resolve things eventually through war and eventually diplomacy. We get involved they recruit more radicals and it all continues. The countries there need to have democracy, elect religions nuts if they want to in the short-term so that they can see how much they suck and then move towards a secular modern society. Iran is very slowly doing this now as you can see from polls regarding the general public there. Tunisia’s slowly doing this while Egypt has been set back and really should have lived through the Muslim Brotherhood. Only when these govts refuse to leave power is when maybe international sanctions should be used, but otherwise leave ’em alone and they’ll leave us alone.

    Back to the US, I don’t know why this advanced country has so many people who jump to conclusions and lash out. That’s what fanatics do regardless of where or who they are. All the religions need to stay in their outdated place, out of politics and public policy. This message coupled with a more neutral US policy (including not assisting our little buddy on the eastern Med that refuses to accept the Arab League Peace Proposal which gives them peace in the region if they revert to the ’67 borders) would help tremendously. Unfortunately, policy makers prefer to appear as if they are doing something against radicals rather than taking the smart approach. C’est la vie.

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