Where Did the Jomonese People Come from?

This East Timorese man looks more Aboriginal, or better yet, Papuan.


A pseudo-Caucasoid or Ryukuyan type in East Timor.



An Ainuid! What is this hairy Ainu man doing in East Timor?

Maricon Power writes:

Robert Lindsay, I do agree on many of your point. The only thing I don’t agree is that Jomons (ancestors of Ainu ) were descendants of the Jomonese Thailand in 16,000 YPB. You’re right that they descended from Southeast Asia but most likely that location is in southern Southeast Asia, maybe Timor.

”According to Hanihara, modern Japanese lineages began with Jomon people who moved into the Japanese archipelago during Paleolithic times from their homeland in southeast Asia.”

This map goes along with Maricon Power’s comment above. That pseudo-Caucasoid is, believe it or not a Ryukuyan Ainuid type.


Another pseudo-Caucasoid Ainuid type from East Timor. He’s even wearing a White man’s cowboy hat!


Yet another pseudo-Caucasoid. That man simply looks like a White man, period. Amazing.
Asien Ost Timor Timor-Leste Maubisse Bergregion Minderheiten
An Ainu man in East Timor! Get a load of that getup, including the most amazing feather hast I have ever seen.

Hello, a study was done using many different Asian skulls. When plotted on a graph with all of the other skulls, Jomonese 13,000 was a perfect match for Thailand 16,000 (Proto-Thai). “Proto-Jomonese” types were probably widespread through SE Asia at the time. The types in Easts Timor and in Thailand are probably the same people.

Everyone who thinks that Australoids are all ugly needs to reconsider that view now. Look at this fellow. He’s an Australoid, sure. And he’s also quite exotic looking. But he’s incredibly handsome, at least to my eyes. Anyone agree?


Another Ainuid-looking fellow. Actually he looks more Aboriginal to me, but Ainu types also look Aboriginal.


There he is! An Ainu in East Timor. Does that garb resemble traditional Ainu clothing? I wonder.
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18 thoughts on “Where Did the Jomonese People Come from?”

    1. Are you Timorese?

      Modern East Timorese are all mixture of Veddoids , Melanesian, Mongoloids. The Indonesian Asian invasion killed and raped 180,000 Timorese and 500,000 Papuans. So many tribes have been extinct or mixed.

      Melanesian, Australian aborigine, Veddoid all have pseudo-caucasian like head shape which is called “dolichocephalic” a type that Negroid and Mongoloid lack ( with exception of Paleo-Mongoloid)

  1. I’ve never heard of their being any connection between East Timor and the Jomon. The most common theory I’ve seen is that the Jomon came from Siberia and their phenotype is a product of the time before their was a split between Asian and Caucasian.

      1. Japanese scientist seems to claim Jomons migrated from Southeast Asia but I don’t think they are entirely sure, maybe from Thailand or southern east Asia like the map suggested.

        BUT HONESTLY……….. Ryukyuan and modern Ainu are no longer Jomon. Okinawan are Yayoi with small Jomon admix, Ainu are Yayoi with some Jomon mix

        Like for example most Okinawan look super Asian looking. I do not see the slightest Jomon traits in these Okinawan. They look almost like Southern Chinese to me.


        And even the vast majority of Ainu today look nothing like Jomon either with exception of a few hundreds pure Ainu and maybe a thousand more with mixed traits. The vast majority look almost pure Asian.


  2. Robert lindsay, can this confirm that the oldest inhabitants of Southeast Asia was none other than Veddoids rather than Melanesian/Australian aborigines types or even the Negrito?

    According to this source. Veddoid australoid had been in East Timor 30,000+ years before any other.

    ” The island of Timor was populated as part of the human migrations that have shaped Australasia more generally. It is believed that survivors from three waves of migration still live in the country. The first is described by anthropologists as people of the Veddo-Australoid type, who arrived from the north and west at least 42,000 years ago despite the fact many have mixed with Mongoloid and Melanesians Papuans. There are many mtDNA haplogroups in Southeast Asia that dates back to the paleolithic era. I personally believed mtDNA M is liked paleolithic DNA, it’s very high in proto-Jomon, South Indian aboriginal, Sri Lanka Veddas and significant in Southeast Asians Mongoloid.

    Around 3000 BC, a second migration brought Melanesians. The earlier Veddo-Australoid peoples withdrew at this time to the mountainous interior. Finally, proto-Malays arrived from south China and north Indochina. Hakka traders are among those descended from this final group.[3]

    Some Timorese look indistinguishable from aboriginal South Indians and Veddas others even look like lighter skinned version of Veddas.


  3. I believed they also existed in West Timor because West Timor and East Timor was ONE TIMOR. But west Timor later fell under Indonedian rule in 1949 and East Timor was under Indonesian occupation/rule from 1975 to 1999 but not is a independed country.

    You can find veddoids, melanesians in west timor too




  4. I truely believe depigmeneted non-Caucasoids like South Indian, Polynesians, Veddoids , Australoids can look Caucasian

    Albino south Indian dalits


    Albino Australian aborigines


    Albino Papuan


    Even Albino Sub-Saharan blacks with straight blonde hair, white milky skin can appear very pseudo-nordic caucasian


  5. Hey robert lindsay . Can we now officially say that Ainu are light skinned South Asian veddoids from southeast Asia?

    ” Anthropologist Joseph Powell of the University of New Mexico wrote “…we follow Brace and Hunt (1990) and Turner (1990) in viewing the Ainu as a southeast Asian population derived from early Jomon peoples of Japan, who have their closest biological affinity with south Asians rather than western Eurasia peoples”.[46] ”

    Notice that it says Southeast Asians with biological affintity with South Asians ” wouldn’t that mean we can be 100% sure now?

    Keep in mind veddoids were in East Timor since 42,000 years ago, the Melanesians only migrated in 3000 BC, around 6000 years ago.
    You can even find light skinned veddoids in some East Timor tribes


    Sri Lanka Veddoids vs Ainu


    1. Yes! That is it all right! I read it in the library 22 years ago and it appears that I remembered it perfectly. Nice that we now have a link. I used to read that anthropological journal all the time. I think it is called Anthropological Sciences.

  6. Oh yea mister once again , the Indian veddoids with caucasoid features have possibility caucasoid or indo Aryan DNA. For valid argument we have a DNA test to them wheter they have Aryan dna or not.

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