“Problems” and “Solutions”

Discuss Severaid’s quote and my examples given below, agreeing, disagreeing or expanding on the notion.

The chief cause of problems is solutions

– Eric Sevareid

I think this guy is onto something.


War on Terror – Solution was all out war on “terrorism” – really just disobedient Muslim states and some international guerrilla/terrorist groups.

The “solution” did not solve the problem at all, and in fact it made it much worse and introduced quite a few new problems.

The “solution” to the “Muslim terrorism problem” did nothing to alleviate the problem, and the problem only expanded massively, in the process destroying much of the secular Muslim world and replacing it with ultra-radical, armed and ultraviolent fundamentalists. Several new failed states were created out of functioning but authoritarian secular regimes.

A wild Sunni-Shia war took off with no end in sight. A new Saudi-Iran conflict expanded to include all of the Sunni world against Iran and some Shia groups.

The policy was incoherent – in places (Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Libya) secular nationalists were overthrown and replaced with radical fundamentalist regimes (Iraq, Palestine) or failed states teeming with armed fundamentalist actors (Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Mali). In other places, fundamentalist regimes were overthrown and secular nationalists were put in (Egypt).

We alternately attacked and supported radical groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. An awful Russia-Turkey conflict took off on the Middle east with the US and NATO siding with Al Qaeda and ISIS supporting Turks. The US attacked and armed fundamentalists to attack Shia Iranian, Hezbollah and Houthi armies waging all out war on Al Qaeda and ISIS. In Yemen we actively attacked the Shia who were fighting Al Qaeda while supporting Al Qaeda and fundamentalist Sunnis with intel and weaponry.

Some Kurds were called terrorists and support was given to those attacking them. Other Kurds were supported in their fight against ISIS. In actuality, all of these Kurd represented the same entity. There really is no difference between the PKK, the YPG and the rulers of the Kurdish region. Meanwhile, Kurds fighting for independence were supported in Iran and Syria and attacked in Turkey though they were all the same entity.

Billions of US dollars and thousands of US lives were wasted for essentially no reason with no results or actually a worsened situation. Russia, one of the most effective actors in the war against Al Qaeda and ISIS, was declared an enemy and attacks on them by our allies were cheered on.

A horrible refugee crisis was created in Europe.

Muslim populations in the West were substantially radicalized.

Instead of ending Islamic terrorism, Islamic terrorist, conventional and guerrilla attacks absolutely exploded in the Middle East and to a lesser extent in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. It also exploded in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Thailand, the Philippines and of course Syria and Iraq. There was considerable fighting and terrorism in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco and Jordan. The Palestinians ended up much better armed than before and the conflict exploded into all out war on a few occasions.

Terrorism and guerrilla war exploded in Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Somalia and Kenya with some new attacks in Niger, Mauritania, Chad and Uganda. Somalia took a turn for the worse as a huge Al Qaeda force set up shop there and the country turned into the worst failed state ever with nothing even resembling a state left and the nation furthermore split off into three separate de facto nations.

The “solution” failed completely and simply ended up creating a whole new set of problems that were vastly worse than the original problem for the which the solution was directed.

Technology: Technology itself could be regarded as a lousy fix to many problems.

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10 thoughts on ““Problems” and “Solutions””

  1. So what are you saying? We need a unified policy of killing the Moslem Cult, rather than supporting it while we’re fighting it? And of course, getting rid of the “Good Terrorist”/”Bad Terrorist” delusion?

    What about the War On Poverty? We have more poor people NOW than when it started, although the definition of “poverty” has expanded upwards to include people with flatscreen TVs and cellphones…And those who contribute nothing to society but more of themselves, but STILL get subsidies for it!

    I don’t get your beef about technology. Unless you’re talking about medical technology prolonging peoples’ suffering, because letting them die is considered worse? Or maybe the population explosion in Third World countries it causes when we keep Lord Darwin at bay without cultural changes to NOT breed more than they can afford, thus creating new dependent but ungrateful population?

    1. Not in the way it has been fought so far. Otherwise all the Moslem Terrorists would’ve been reduced to Reservations, like a certain OTHER group of savages that kept attacking us, “surrendering”, then attacking again, OR just wiped out, if whites less merciful than Americans stepped in. (Like, say, if we had accepted help from Russia, instead of trying to do it ourselves?)

      Why WERE we so concerned about “Collateral Damage”, instead of just showing them how much pain and panic we could inflict if they fucked with us? Suicide bombers from Japan also hated us, and two nukes later, all aggression from their quarter is gone, they’re our best-BEHAVED neighbors!

    1. Who is “they”? Moslems don’t have anything on the head of the Civilized World, other than their “refugees” turning out to be terrorists.
      (Which comes as a real surprise to I HOPE nobody?)

      MOST of our oil comes from Mexico and Canada, after the Government stopped allowing us to drill oil in our own country.

      I LIKE the Thorium Pebbles idea, but do you REALLY want to put a nuclear reactor — which is what Thorium-based tech is, make no mistake — in civilian hands?

    2. Also, the Civilized World has been accused of killing savages and just taking what we wanted before, why didn’t we in this case?
      We haven’t TAKEN a damn thing from the terrorists, we paid handsomely, and sometimes not even gotten what we paid for.

      Who is getting the oil from Africa?
      America paid $20 BILLION for Brazil to start an offshore drilling project. Who is benefiting from that? America is not even getting a VIG of that oil!

      That, and of course, wiping out the Moslem Cult would make the world a LOT more peaceful. Look up who committed the San Bernadino shootings. Or the shootings in Paris. Or London/Madrid subway bombings.
      Why are we allowing such a dangerous enemy to survive, ESPECIALLY if killing them would make energy cheap and plentiful again, and we could return to an 80s “Let The Good Times Roll” economy?

  2. Tradition is repetition.

    Safe sensation, that we have control. Conscience is know that the control exist and specially, self control… well, the most literal of the controls is the self control, if self is the most fundamental ”thing” that beings could have.

    1. I don’t know where you’re going with this. The fundamental problem with any civilization is that we need to control those who can’t — or WON’T — control themselves. However, any form of Government eventually turns against those it is setup to protect, rather than fighting and ultimately winning against those it was setup to fight. And the worst thing is, in the Civilized World, it uses peoples’ Good Intentions to get the (more) power to do so!

  3. You might like the work of Nicolas Gomez Davila. (Don Colacho) You may not agree with everything he says (I know I don’t) but he is a very interesting thinker.

    At this blog you can read many of his translated Aphorisms.
    (If commentors aren’t allowed to link to other sites, my apologies)


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