On Black Male Violence

EPGAH writes:

Robert Lindsay once called Black violence “Masculinity for people who’ve never had male role models.”

Damn, did I actually write that? I can’t believe I even wrote that. Damn that’s a brilliant concept.

Is there anything to it? What say you all?

I mean, it’s so obvious that this is just men doing when men always do – trying to be tough and hard via aggression, violence, brutality, intimidation, menace, etc.

In other words, by terrorizing people, mostly other men. Which is something we men do you know. Terrorize each other. Not just for the sheer fun of it, though it can be a kick. More for safety, status climbing, competition, pride, honor and especially that thing that everyone insists doesn’t exist anymore called masculinity, which is one of the most important concepts in any males life, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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13 thoughts on “On Black Male Violence”

  1. You DID write it as a reply in one of your posts, that that’s how Men who grow up in a “fatherless household” are taught to be “masculine”.

    Or put another way, Black Violence is what “masculinity” looks like to stupid people.

    They don’t have any REAL Men to teach them when to be That, and when to be good citizens. I can’t find the original post, otherwise, I would’ve linked right to it. Not sure if it was its own post, or part of one of your discussions with BEAST GANON.

    It’s the difference between fighting BACK, and attacking everyone, then whining “racism” and throwing riots on the rare occasion when the Civilized World hits back.

    I don’t think either of us will find the original post, because WordPress doesn’t allow searching for exact phrasing.

    1. In middle school, kids often believe really stupid advice on being masculine. Fatherless black children, since they lack strong morally upright role models, believe the lies about being a man.

      1. So now you admit that?
        And why are there so many more “Fatherless black children” than whites?
        Is it culture or race?

  2. You also implied a long time ago that Blacks are “Not Even Hobbesian”. Therefore, ANY semblance of civilization we have in white countries is because of putting the Fear Of God (Or at least retribution heavy enough to count as “divine”) into nonwhite savages, right?


    However, what happens when they challenge civilization and the punishment is lacking? Great countries turn to Rape Capitals of the World, right? From Haiti to South Africa?

    1. PS, that “Fear Of God”, could be called TERROR, so you might even say that the MORE we “terrorize” savages with the POTENTIAL for punishment, the less they terrorize us with REAL deaths!

      We apparently no longer terrorize Blacks and Moslems sufficiently to make them behave?

  3. Could it be mainly cause of the American culture? The culture values all the things tough black guys want: money, power, chicks etc.. Black guys just want the typical hyper-masculine things you see in a men’s magazine like Maxim.

    Also, Africa, influenced by the west, is the same way. They want the money and the power.

    So is this culture or race?

    1. EVERYONE wants money, power, chicks, but there’s LEGAL ways of getting it and ILLEGAL ways of getting it.

      If you rape, pillage, and steal, vs. BUILD and EARN, you will be punished.

      With your oversimplification, it MUST be race, because whites aren’t inspired to rape, murder, and overthrow small countries by MAXIM or any other magazine!

    2. We’ve been trying to overwrite their culture with ours for centuries, but they insist on remaining That way!

      If it was “influenced by the West”, shouldn’t they have realized after ~400 years our ways get better results and tossed their failed ways in the trash?

    3. Also, you can’t say it was AMERICAN culture, because South Africa was founded 1652, WAY before America became a world player.

      Now, you can say they overthrew the country because of America — as in because America stopped supporting South Africa against Commie terrorists — but that’s really a LACK of influence, not influence itself, right?

    4. Your logic is kinda Family Guy, “I read a magazine about this once!”
      “Are you sure it was a magazine? Are you sure it wasn’t NOTHING?!”

  4. Yeah I remember….in school, if you acted white then they called u nerd and faggot. Assumed u were homo. IF u got good grades and did not engage in aggressive fights then u were weak. Asians were not thought of much. Most blacks are lied to at very early ages with very skewd concepts due to the race riots of teh 70s. The prior generation has not forgiven white America for the lynchings and MLK. It has zilch to do with slavery. The hatred was so extreme, if u acted white or passive it was frowned on. Like for instance, my wife is Japanese. She is really passive and does not argue to much. Best woman I ever had. I learned to shut the hell up from her. Now everybody assumes Im smart or something. But man, in black nieghborhood….you will find out why there are soooooo many fatherless children. The men suck, and the women do too. Its not an isolated problem. However it can’t contiune like this. People are getting tired of that crap. Notice the huge rise in black men marrying other people right? The girls have gotten use to dissapointment, and the guys are looking for greener pastures.I know many of my brothers that just think studing is the thing to do. THey have kids but only do child support. Having kids of my own I get angry every time they tell me this. And to boot, most of them only talk about the past when things were better. Thats a big sign of no future. Pssstttt

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