Prevalence of Sex Acts Among Gay Men

These figures are extremely controversial, and in fact, the man who accumulated them is one of the most vilified men in the West. However, all of his conclusions are from legitimate peer reviewed medical journals and books. The people who jump up and down and yell so much about these findings are encouraged to go out and come up with some figures of their own.

These figures appear to be good at least for this particular time period. One argument might be that gay men’s sex practices have changed over the past 30 years, and therefore, these figures are no longer viable. That is an interesting hypothesis, but it remains to be seen if it is true or not. Those who claim that these studies are outdated are encouraged to go out and find some more updated studies so we can compare them to these older results. My gut feeling is that gay men’s behavior has not changed very much.

I am not sure why I am putting this stuff out there, but it’s nice to know such things. It’s also a good counterpoint to the “Gays are just like straights except for the PIV (penis in vagina ) sex.” Obviously that is not true at all.

You can do whatever you want to with this figures – I have no particular agenda here except to disagree with the SJW’s who insist that homosexual sex is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is clearly not the case.

                Ever  Last yr. Last mo. Last 6 mos.

Sex acts

Oral-penile      99.5  92      67
Anal-penile      93    94      97
Oral-anal        87    63      79       60
Public/orgy sex  82 
Fisting/toys     39
S/M B/D          37
Urine sex        26
Minor sex        23.5
Enemas           11
Shit eating       6   

Based on six different surveys conducted from 1977 to 1991 in the US, Denmark, London, Sydney. The surveys were done a while back – the median year for the surveys was 1984.

It is true that these figures come from the reviled Paul Cameron. Cameron is very much a homophobe all right. The PC crowd and the SJW’s have trashed his figures to Kingdom Come. However, all of Cameron’s figures come from peer reviewed studied studies in medical journals and books (see below). The SPLC in particular has trashed all of his findings, and the American Psychological Association has disassociated itself from Cameron and thrown him out of the organization. All of this apparently because he is coming up with the wrong conclusions.

As usual with these types, it is put up or shut up. While they have completely trashed Cameron’s findings, they have never shown how or why they are wrong, and worse, they have never shown any newer findings that indicates how Cameron is wrong.

Until further studies indicate that Cameron is wrong, his figures must stand.


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0 thoughts on “Prevalence of Sex Acts Among Gay Men”

  1. What are these figures? Percentages? Number of times? I like some kinky heterosexual sex myself, but this is some crazy shit. How is enema even a sex act?

    1. Most of the younger gay men I know have had way more sexual partners than you average hetero guy. I think the nature of the beast is the more sex and sexual partners you have, the more you are likely to experiment.

      Gay women are generally a different story and in my experience they have the same number if even fewer sexual partners than their hetero counterparts.

      1. It depends on the way you define “gay women”.
        The problem is definitional. Most women who have sex with other women are really bisexual, meaning that they are capable of sex with men as well as women. And they tend to only call themselves “lesbians” when they are in a committed relationship with a woman or are hoping for one. Therefore “lesbians” are BY DEFINITION monogamous. And this leaves out the more promiscuous type open to experimentation who will typically define herself “bisexual” – or even “straight” since she often has a committed man who provides her with protection/affection/money and doesn’t mind that she also has a woman on the side or five, because who objects if his girlfriend/wife has sex with another woman?
        Really, it’s am interesting phenomenon, where the same bi woman who is relatively cautious and non-slutty with men, with women she has guilt-free adventures, because you see you aren’t a slut if you do it with oher women – they don’t count or something.
        And that’s why there’s more promiscuous woman-on-woman sex going on than people imagine.

  2. It’s a damn shame that the left has aligned itself so inextricably with the LGBT agenda. I wish there was a left party that was left on economic and foreign policy matters but would stay away from all this gay shit and feminism. Unfortunately the right I think is right on traditional families and sex/gender norms but are bat shit crazy on economics and the military industrial complex.

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