More Lies about Cuba: The Cuban Dissidents Have Mass Support

Santo Culto writes:

The idea that the dissidents are hated by the people who remained in Cuba, and that you Lindsay, can believe it, shows that many of these ”high Iq’s” seem to have serious problems of perception. Most dissidents have relatives who remained in Cuba. It’s almost like saying that the dissidents were hated in the former East Germany. Are not you ashamed to say such nonsense *

Even though many of Cuban dissidents were hated by (most, many, a lot of) ”Cubans” still would not be proof that Cuba is a good place.

Well, I’ll keep waiting for your answer as the government of Dilma Roussef, the ”presidenta”.

Lindsay, in which social class that fits you **

What you have done for the welfare of beings (human or otherwise) who are in need of help from others ** (if the answer is: ”I am rich” or ”I’m from upper middle class’ )

Speaking of the dissidents in Florida, most Cubans call them “gusanos.” Gusano means worm.  So most Cubans call the Miami exiles dissidents “worms.” They are said to all be working for the CIA to overthrow the system and hand the island back over the US to it can colonize, rape and ruin it again. Most of the big-name dissidents no longer have family in Cuba, and most of the people in Florida with relatives on the island are not hardcore dissidents.

In Cuba, almost everyone complains about the system. But the dissidents in Cuba have almost no support. Cuba had a popular revolution, and most of the people who hated it took off early on. The rest either liked the system or were born and grew up in it, and that’s all they know.

Anyone who studies Cuba at length knows that the dissidents in Cuba have almost no support and the ones in Florida are hated with a passion. Nobody likes them, and nobody wants them. The ones on the island are seen as spies and traitors who work for the US Interest Section, and that is exactly what most of them do.

Sure, a lot of people are not happy with quite a few aspects of the system, and there is quite a bit to complain about. But things have gotten dramatically better in Cuba in the past few years, and there is a lot less to complain about.

Yes people complain a lot and a lot of people want changes in the system. At the same time, almost everyone hates the dissident groups on the island who are seen as traitors who want to turn Cuba over to the hated Americans. And  probably the majority of Cubans are absolutely terrified of free market laissez-faire neoliberal capitalism and want nothing to do with it. They would rather keep the current system and make it work better.

The government probably has majority support now, and all Cubans on the island love Fidel Castro, who is seen as a national hero.

Some Cubans who have important jobs such as physicians are not allowed to leave the island because the state spent so much money educating them. You can’t take all that money from the state to get educated and then just take off for the West. At the very least you should be made to pay back th cost of your education.

There has been an “Orderly Departure Program” in Cuba that enables people to leave the island for many years. But you have to wait in line for six months to get out, and the 20,000 visas for going to the US are filled almost immediately.

Almost all Cubans who want to leave want to go to the US. Nowadays they are almost all economic refugees, and few are fleeing persecution. It is interesting that Cubans only want to go to the US, and almost none of them want to go to any of the “capitalist paradises” in Latin America. A lot also want to go to Spain, but once they get to Spain, life is usually not every good for whatever reason, and most of the Cuban exiles in Spain would just as soon go home.

Those morons who get on flimsy boats to go the US are not doing so because they were not allowed to leave. They are doing so because the 20,000 Visas for the US filled up very quickly, and they still want to go to the US anyway. As there is no legal way to go to the US that year, they have to hop on a raft. Our insane policy says that every Cuban who lands on US shores has to be taken in immediately even though they are obviously illegal immigrants. So they know they will get in if they make it to the shore, there are no more legal slots to get into the US, and they don’t want to go to any of the capitalist paradises in Latin America. That’s why you have all of these morons on rafts.

People say that no one wants to go to Cuba. This is not true. I understand that in recent years, many illegal immigrants from Jamaica and Haiti and have landed in eastern Cuba after sailing on rafts. Cuba took them all in even though they were illegals. 100% of the people who fled the capitalist paradises of Haiti and Jamaica for Cuba say that Cuba is a much better place to live.

Furthermore, name one Latin American country other than Argentina and Costa Rica that has a significant illegal immigrant problem. There are none. There are no capitalist paradises in Latin America that are so groovy that floods of immigrants want to go live in them for an improved life. So maybe few want to move to Cuba, but nobody wants to move to any other country in Latin America for a better life either.

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21 thoughts on “More Lies about Cuba: The Cuban Dissidents Have Mass Support”

  1. If they hate America and our interests so much, why do they want to come here? That redefines hypocrisy, doesn’t it?
    They wouldn’t need to come here if we could fix up the country again, right?

    Or is this a different kind of “Economic Refugee”? Doesn’t that term mock REAL refugees, people fleeing death and destruction?

      1. They must hate America if they’re coming here at the height of our unemployment crisis, and seeking “Economic Opportunity” FOR THEMSELVES, not us, right?

        Or do they think more people competing over fewer jobs is somehow a benefit to us?

        Do they at LEAST learn our language before coming here? That’s the VERY MINIMUM sign of respect for your new hosts, right?

  2. Then again, I am of the belief that most the “refugees” invading the Civilized World are of the economic type — BUT still unwilling to admit their ways are an Epic Fail.

    If they weren’t an Epic Fail, why would they need to invade the Civilized World to steal a Better Life?

  3. “Our insane policy says that every Cuban who lands on US shores has to be taken in immediately even though they are obviously illegal immigrants.”

    We don’t really kick any other illegals out, but why DO we have that insane policy?

      1. Fleeing Cuba is great, but why come HERE? Are there no other countries that take in the rejects of other countries? Or do other countries not have as much freebies for invaders?

        1. LOL, that’s the joke of it. Supposedly they are fleeing Communism for wonderful capitalism, but the thing is, they only want to come to the US (and maybe Spain)! They don’t want to go to any of the wonderful capitalist countries in Latin America for some reason, probably because they are not that much better than Cuba. A lot of the ones who went to Spain are miserable and would just as soon go home.

        2. You do realize that heavily implies, if not outright MEANS there is something culturally less corrupt about America vs. Latin America, if we can make Capitalism work, but all those Latin American countries can’t?
          And that’s an additional reason to filter them out, as their continued invasion can’t help but gradually corrupt our culture with theirs — assuming that bringing in a more corrupt public to replace our corruption-resistant one isn’t part of the Plan?

  4. Dear Robert

    The US currently has a policy of pie seco y pie mojado = dry foot and wet foot for Cubans. Those Cubans who arrive in the US illegally by sea can be deported, but those who arrive by land are allowed to stay. That’s why a lot of Cubans were going to Ecuador, a country which until a few days ago allowed Cubans to visit without a visa. From Ecuador they cross several countries to arrive in Texas, where they will be allowed to stay.

    It is obviously a policy that encourages Cubans to immigrate illegally into the US, as long as they don’t do it by sea. Right now, there are several thousand Cubans stranded in Costa Rica because Nicaragua no longer allows them to cross the border. Why Nicaragua did that, I don’t know. The Cuban Foreign Ministry issued a declaration on the 17th of November in which, quite accurately, it blamed the American policy of pie seco y pie mojado for the situation. It can be read in Granma.

    The US also has a program which encourages the many Cuban doctors working abroad to defect to the US, clearly a policy design to facilitate a medical braindrain from Cuba.

    Regards. James

    1. That’s great, let’s take in the doctors, but not the common riffraff and especially criminals that come with them.

      Didn’t Robert have an article a LONG time ago, about how the problems we have with “immigration” are actually the problems with the filter failing or being bypassed en masse?

      As to Ecuador’s/Nicaragua’s crackdown, please remember that just because a country likes to dump its shit on America, DOES NOT MEAN they want other countries’ shit visited onto THEM! They don’t really have the resources to do a granular filter, so the best “filter” for them is “KEEP THEM ALL OUT!”

        1. Then James Schlipper must’ve gotten it wrong. But I know from my own eyewitness that Mexico’s Southern Border is better defended than most Tower Defense games!

          It’s ALMOST like they don’t want to take on other countries’ poor, violent, and worthless, while preaching their “right” to dump theirs on America! Even better, they won’t get called “racist” because the invaders have equivalent skin-tones!

          Or do you have a better explanation?

  5. Bitcoin, which in the First World is famous for being a 21st Century “Tulip Fever”, is a more stable currency than the Cuban peso solely because and as a “testament” to, the incompetence of Latin American tin-pot socialism, not the “Magic Internet”.

    The fact that it is being adopted in droves is testament to the itching desperation of the average Cuban, Venezuelan, Colombian, Brazilian, et al. Should citizens of these countries use Bitcoin? Yes, but the irony is, the Internet is permeating them BECAUSE of the Governments they’re trying to circumvent, including computer subsidies in Venezuela, (to try to rebuild an infrastructure devastated by the riots of those who felt entitled because of Government giveaways of their betters’ property, to simply take it themselves and cut out the middlemen…Say, don’t we have our own entitled losers looting and rioting?), and in Cuba BECAUSE of the Cuban Government pushing for better access to Wi-Fi, not some secret cabal like the movie Cyber Wars or Lawnmower Man 2 of high tech anarchists spreading tech against the State.
    Let’s chuckle a bit about the irony of a repressive State providing a relief valve for its citizens AND a PR coup about “modernization” at the same time.
    Then let’s get on with life.

    The Internet has toppled ZERO evil regimes, from Cuba to China, and proven TOTALLY regulatable from Internet dissidents “disappearing” in China, WITH OPEN HELP FROM MICROSOFT AND GOOGLE, to America. (Do a quick search for MegaUpload, SOPA, and PIPA, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

  6. Quote by ep-gah

    You do realize that heavily implies, if not outright MEANS there is something culturally less corrupt about America vs. Latin America, if we can make Capitalism work, but all those Latin American countries can’t?
    And that’s an additional reason to filter them out, as their continued invasion can’t help but gradually corrupt our culture with theirs — assuming that bringing in a more corrupt public to replace our corruption-resistant one isn’t part of the Plan?

    That’s because capitalism of the US produces bread crumbs to throw to the poor, while the Latin American capitalism does not. Latin American capitalism can’t because, due to imperalism, it cannot produce a middle class.

    Note also that Africans went in droves to get into aprthied South Africa, despite all the Aparthied there.

    1. Your bit about South Africa proves my point exactly:
      They invade a country whose culture makes it work, usually under the “Poor Us, Steal A Better Life” flag, then once they become the majority, they enforce THEIR culture, which cannot even KEEP what they stole working!

    2. It’s not due to “Imperialism” they can’t make it work or “cannot produce a middle class” as your excuse.

      It’s because Imperialism ISN’T THERE that their inferior culture is in control, which wants to keep all the money without giving any crumbs. YOUR words!
      Although rather than die with dignity, they’ll invade the country of the culture that actually works–until they take that over too.

      As I said in the other thread, they’d rather be a criminal in a better country than ANYTHING in a worse one, because the better culture offers a better life for everyone.

      I can’t tell if it’s intentional or just their nature, like Staph or something, but at a certain percentage of a lesser culture, they takeover and ruin the area they infect. So far, they can’t NOT takeover! And once they DO takeover, they can’t keep what they steal working!
      Yes, we COULD keep it working, but when the savages are in control, they oppress their betters, rob/rape/murder/etc. Who wants to help someone like THAT?!

    3. Latin America is more complicated I’d say. Imperialism hasn’t been the issue so much as foreign interventions (i.e. us) coupled with neoliberal international institutions pushing reforms that don’t make much sense if you’re trying to become a developed country. Indeed though, the US brand of imperialism hasn’t been greeted well because it’s made many countries beholden to external entities. Argentina has had this problem and hell might as well draw an analogy with Greece in Europe, which was doing fine until they put their fate into the hands of bankers in Germany and France. It’s the overwhelming role of finance that sometimes produces very little but takes everything in an almost scorched earth manner that is the problem.

      With that said, I don’t think there needs to be conflict with Latin America and the US on these issues. Nothing wrong with them experimenting and plotting their own course, which might lead them towards higher living standards.

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