Definition of Bragging about Your Intelligence

“Bragging about your intelligence” – Revealing that you are smart or intelligent at any time to anyone is considered “bragging.” Never tell any other human being that you are smart! You don’t want to be a braggart!

“Bragging about your IQ score” – Revealing your IQ score to anyone at any time for any reason is bragging! That’s horrible! Don’t brag! Never tell anyone your IQ scored ever at any time. Keep it a secret until your death! You don’t want to be a braggart!

Honestly, Americans’ obsession with shaming anyone who admits to being smart is simply another aspect of their deeply ingrained anti-intellectualism, something that has been noted about this country for a very long time going all the way back to De Tocqueville.

After all, you allowed to discuss any other achievements you have made in life. You can talk about your success with women or how attractive others say you are. You can talk about how much money you make or how rich you are. In fact, the more you do this, the more dates you will get! It works like magic.

You can probably talk about how well you did in school because for some reason, this is ok, while IQ scores are evil!

You can discuss your physical prowess or how good you are at sports. In fact, you will get more dates if you do that too.

You can talk about how good of a job you have. You’ll get more dates if you do that too

You can talk about your achievements in life such as authoring books, putting out albums, winning contests or awards. You might get more dates if you do that too.

Obviously there is a time and a place for everything, and it is important to be very careful about how you toot your own horn or discuss your personal attributes and achievements. There is a right and wrong way to do these things.

I do not go around all the time talking about my intelligence or my IQ score in real life. In fact, I do not discuss it much at all.

But it does tend to come up because whenever I meet a new person, it’s not long before I hear,

“Jesus Christ how in the Hell do you know all this stuff!?”

“God-damn you’re smart!”

“How come you’re so fucking smart anyway?!”

“You’re the smartest person I’ve ever met.”

“You’re the smartest person I know.”

“You are like a walking encyclopedia.”

I realize this sounds like bragging, but I am simply telling you what my life has been like and what it is like to be me. It’s not like I plant thoughts in their brains telling them to compliment me in amazement. They do it on their own via sheer willpower. So of course when you get comments like that, you can discuss the facts of your brain, including that fancy IQ score of yours.

There is also a right and a wrong way of discussing your achievements, whether how many women you slept with or that skyscraper high IQ you have. There is a way to say it that sounds like shameful and disgusting bragging, and there is a way to talk about your achievements that generally does not offend people.

One thing you can try is “false modesty.” This is where, when discussing any achievements of talents you may have, you talk about these things in a low, shy voice, almost as if you are embarassed to have such fine attributes. Make sure to look down at the ground when you say this as if you are ashamed.

You can also discuss them in a very matter of fact way, in the same tone in which you would say, “I am going to get a glass of water to drink,” or “It sure is cloudy outside, isn’t it?”

Only talk about your achievements and attributes with those who already like you. Most of the people who get upset and accuse you of bragging for talking your talents and achievements already don’t like you or indeed they may even hate you. If someone already hates you, the last thing on Earth they want to hear about is your attributes.

So you only say such things to you friends. In general, your friends tend to like you already, and people who already like you are usually quite happy to hear about your talents and achievements as long as you are not obnoxious about it. In fact, your friends will often be proud of you for having talents and making some achievements in life.

I rarely get in trouble in real life for discussing my talents and achievements, and of course I don’t talk about this stuff all the time. Instead I only talk about it sometimes, and I am extremely cautious and even paranoid when I do that.

The only place I have ever gotten in trouble over it is on the Internet, where it’s apparently “bragging” to ever discuss your talents or achievements at all.

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0 thoughts on “Definition of Bragging about Your Intelligence”

  1. Wow its like your psychic lol. You know I’m a bit of a debater (I was recently refered to as a “querulant” ) Actually I hate doing it but I have kinda gone there I guess and “bragg” about my intellect but in my defense this was in my defense. I just recently found myself in a debate with certain people who attacked my IQ and intellect. I posses no degree’s so bragging about an MA or PHD is out so I really have to back up what I say with the research of people carrying those letters. Any time I allude to my intellect I feel funny because I know its a bit snobbish and I felt like this even in though this person insulted my intelligence first. The funny thing after this “troll”(because this guy just jumped in out of the blue insulting me) calls me a moron and an idiot with a low iQ he spins on his heels and calls me arrogant and a know it all after I pick apart his strawman absurdum arguments. Funny thing I was tempted to post my IQ score but i was like naw. Seeing the level some people I debate with go to I can see the guy lying just to top me lol

  2. Do you get it, Ben? The post is sarcastic. It’s not serious. It’s a joke. The notion that you cannot ever discuss your intelligence or IQ with anyone ever at any time or in any place because doing so is “bragging” is idiotic and insane, yet that is society’s rule!

    Of course you can discuss your intelligence or your IQ! You just have to be a bit careful about who you say it to, when, where, and how, etc.

    The insanity of the Internet is that if you ever discuss your intelligence or IQ anywhere in any context to anyone on the Net, you are automatically “bragging.” That’s preposterous. Of course you can discuss your talents and achievements on the Net. You just have to be careful how you do it. There’s a right and a wrong way to do it. According to Net Nutcases, there is no right and wrong way to talk about such things on the Net. If you do it at all, you are “bragging.” Insane!

  3. I think the rule here is the same as with everything else: show, don’t tell. You can be smart (as seen in your approach to problem solving, or even your interests) but trumpeting your IQ score or pretentiously looking for opportunities to bring Schopenhauer into a conversation is not going to win friends or well-wishers. If you can’t back it up with real achievements, you will not win even grudging admiration. I think the same would be true with regard to other fields of accomplishment… People would get tired of a grown man bragging about his high school football exploits pretty quickly. That’s even a trope in such pop culture artifacts as Married With Children and Napoleon Dynamite.

    1. I agree. Despite the belief of black students trying to bring down those among them who do well in school, that’s really for the ones that are thuggish and indolent.

      Ones that are just indolent or may not do as well from my experience do encourage the achievement of the other and even compliment them, but I usually humble when that happens so I don’t act like a bragger and put them down. Some thuggish ones may even be smart themselves but express it in dumb ways so it’s hard to tell unless you see how they act.

      1. A lot of the hate for “smart black students” is probably due to jealousy. The same stuff affects any race, but is worse in some circles than others. Nobody likes show-offs, teacher’s pets, brown-noses, etc.. Of course, the sad thing is probably a lot of students get heat, even when they tend to mind thier own business, or not make a big show.

        1. Of course, in a lot of circles, they just hate “outsiders” in general. If your not in the group, you get the middle finger, often a lot of times literally “The middle finger” 😆

          People don’t like smart students, other races of people, people who dress weird, sometimes though it’s cruel, the disabled, homosexuals etc..

        2. For instance, the other day, this young kid at the community college noticed I was looking at a poster in the hallway, So he swooved by, gave me the middle finger and said “kill yourself”. Disappeared in an instance in the crowd.

          What did I do. I’m just an older guy looking at a poster, minding my own business.

      2. Especially in South Korea, as an example among many, it was the case. If they didn’t like you, you were an outsider. After that they start tearing apart at every negative aspect of you, your weight, disability, race, nationality, sexual orientation etc..

        However, as I said in the story about the USA community college, back home is also the same. Most schools, workplaces whatnot are social clubs for “insiders”, outsiders should just put a rope around thier neck.

        So yeah, any school is going to be hellish for the outsider, hence leading to peer pressure to leave or become an “insider”.

  4. I never worried about my IQ, but I did score 140 when during a rediagnosis for Asperger’s that I took in order to get ADA accommodations for college. I don’t know how that was calculated, but 140 is the minimum requirement to join Mensa (which doesn’t interest me).

    I never share my IQ score unless somebody actually asks me, which does happen on occasion.

      1. Yes I was diagnoses, and the doctor who administered the diagnostic test told me it was 140 whatever that means. When last I looked Mensa has different minimums for different IQ tests, one of which was 140. I’m not taking some damn test just to join a “look at me I’m really smart club.” I heard the formal definition of “genius” is someone with 145, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.

        1. Forest Gump is a great film but you wouldn’t exactly call it realistic, would you?

          It might be better to be happy than smart but its even better to be happy AND smart.

  5. I did get an older lady ask me ‘what planet are you from?’ at a pub quiz.
    That’s the only time ive had a public comment about my recall/ intelligence, and i’m glad about that.

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