Cuba’s Major Innovations

Santo Culto writes:

But the USSR could live without the West for most of its years. There are no excuses for creativity and wisdom.

Cuba for example has great territory, good natural resources, not to mention they could manage population growth. There are so many things they could do. The only explanation for not doing is that the Communists are too stupid to think of it. It is very psychopathic to think about the well-being ‘of the people’ and scare away the most creative people (specially the problem-solvers) when they take power in a nation.

Zbigniew Brzezinski is right in saying that communism eliminated the creative classes via exile or extermination from the former Soviet Union.

The USSR’s innovations in weaponry were legendary.

I know someone who owned Soviet products, and he told me that they were very well made. He still had an excellent radio that lasted 40 years. They often produced good products that lasted a very long time.

  • Cuba has made tremendous innovations in agronomy and biotechnology.
  • Cuba has more agronomists per capita than any other nation. They have also made some dramatic innovations or organic farming lately.
  • Cuba is now a world leader in biotech.
  • Cuba made dramatic innovations in the mining and manufacture of nickel.
  • Cuba also made major innovations in the planting, harvest, and manufacture of sugar cane.
  • Cuba has the best educated population in Latin America.
  • Cuban medicine is some of the best in Latin America. In fact it is so good that very rightwing rich people from all over the continent have been flying there for years to have sensitive operations done that they did not trust their own native doctors to do.

Few Cubans were exiled. Some writers and maybe artists and musicians were.

Cuban art, cinema, and literature are now very good. Cuba has always had some of the most fantastic musicians on the continent.

Few dissidents have been killed, and none have been killed since 1970. Even now dissidents are mostly left alone. Last time I checked there were 250 dissident groups on the island. Most are very small.

At the moment, some of the most prominent dissidents are openly funded from abroad and go to the US to give anti-government speeches. They run their own blogs that publish every day and have a large following, mostly off the island.

The most famous one is a young woman with her own blog who gets written up a lot in the media. She is a drama queen. Recently she was carrying on and on about how horrible the system was because it was impossible to get Blu-Ray disks on the island. This is the sort of thing that she bitches about. She gets arrested from time to time, and they typically put her in jail for one or two days and then release her. What a monstrous dictatorship they have in Cuba!

The dissidents are very unpopular in the island and have almost no support. Most people want change but support the present government, especially after recent reforms.

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32 thoughts on “Cuba’s Major Innovations”

  1. Yes, as you might expect, my hopes to see Lindsay change your mind are becoming very smaller.

    I’ll be honest, I am no expert on Cuba (by the way, most experts do not seem to be ”experts” in a world where specialization is synonymous with conformity), have never been to this country. But I never needed to go, just as I never had to go to Haiti to know if it’s good or not.

    Many people would like to live

    In the USA,
    in Europe,
    If the language was not a barrier in Japan
    in Australia.

    I do not think it’s forbidden to enter and live in Cuba, as it is heavily restricted leave her.

    Few people wishing to live in Cuba. Even China is starting to attract people.

    I wonder again.

    If Lindsay hates the US too much (and he’s right for many reasons), then why on Earth he will not live in Cuba if is so much better ***

    Me and you, the reader, do not need anything else to put these beings of the Left on the wall.

    I would rather leave the my country to live in another. But for the sake of topophilia, mainly caused by my attachment to routine, my strangeness to significant changes and financial conditions, I cannot do.

    Lindsay must be the kind that accuses Western countries to manufacture weapons of all kinds, including en masse destruction. But for him of course, do the same in the Soviet Union, is nothing more than ”creativity”. Kalashnikov is creative. The Leftoid speech change abruptly and is so incoherent, so illogical, that for healthy minds is impossible not to notice that something very wrong is going on.

    Now I will ask a questions to Lindsay and we’ll see what will be your answer:

    What do you think the government in Brazil Dilma ***and the Workers Party**

    1. I don’t like the Cuban system too much and have no interest in living there, but I will defend them anyway. I defend a lot of countries that I would never live in. It’s their system and they can do it any way they want to, and I respect them for choosing this system that they chose. Apparently it works for them. I am more of a social democrat than a Communist. But most socialists do not want to attack Cuba too much due to “no enemies to the Left” and also because most of the propaganda against Cuba is nothing but lies.

      I would definitely go live in Venezuela though. I would be quite happy to live there.

      1. Why DON’T Liberals attack “to the Left”? Or at least admit when the Liberal ways aren’t working and say, “Guys, this isn’t working, let’s go back to the ways that WORKED, even if they were by a filthy C-C-C…a NOT-LIBERAL!”?

        1. Liberals attack to their Left all the time. Hell, liberals love fascists way more than they like socialists. There’s nothing a liberal hates more than a socialist except maybe a Communist.

    2. You cannot use stock anti-Communist propaganda like, “If you like it so much, why don’t you go live there?” It’s not allowed. Actually I have a special rule about just this one line in the Comments Rules. You also cannot say, “America, love it or leave it” or anything along those lines.

      Do it again and I will ban you.

      1. ok, rsrsrsrsrs

        “If you like it so much, why don’t you go live there?” It’s not allowed

        Why not*

        It’s a completely valid question.

        I’ll tell you. I never live in Cuba. You’re talking about propaganda, but I have the impression of you who are making Cuba propaganda.

    3. Of course, most people want to live in the US, but that doesn’t validate capitalism. You could also say most Africans wanted to immigrate to Aparthied South Africa, even with all the anti-Black oppression going on.

      1. They DID! That’s WHY the savages outnumbered the Whites! Being a Second Class Citizen in a First World country is better than being a Citizen AT ALL in a Third World country, right?

  2. The idea that the dissidents are hated by the people who remain in Cuba and that you, Lindsay, can believe it, shows that many of these high IQ’s seem to have serious problems of perception. Most dissidents have relatives who remain in Cuba. It’s almost like saying that the dissidents were hated in the former East Germany. Are not you ashamed to say such nonsense *

    Even though many of Cuban dissidents were hated by (most, many, a lot of) Cubans still would not be proof that Cuba is a good place.

    Well, I’ll keep waiting for your answer as the government of Dilma Rousseff, the Presidenta.

    Lindsay, in which social class that fits you **

    What you have done for the welfare of beings (human or otherwise) who are in need of help from others **(if the answer is: I am rich or I’m from upper middle class)

    1. Generally, the supporters of right wing regimes are rich, except in places like South Africa or the US where a large portion of middle class White people are bought off by the rich.

      Of course, note that Aparthied South Africa and the western nations had a middle class. The Third World on the other hand has a huge gap between rich and poor, and the poor are the majority.

      1. Doesn’t that actually mean that countries need to limit immigration/population? You mentioned Apartheid South Africa had a Middle Class. Does it still have it under savage control?

        1. Whoever said I was in favor of mass immigration? I’d rather peopel improve thier own nation, within thier own nation. However, free trade policies of the first world often wreck the third world, promiting immigration.

          Think about it, why would poor Lations risk thier life thru deserts and on the back of trains if things were even mildly OK back home?

  3. I lived in Cuba for a while among the general population due to a love affair. Unfortunately, believe me or not, the life in the eastern part of the Island is as hard for most people as in Haiti, which I also know.

    In theory, there are many social services like schooling and medicine, but the resources devoted to their functioning are so nightmarishly low as to make them pertain to the realm of imagination or theater rather than of any reality. For instance, hospitals are like barracks or worse. The doctors are good in principle, but they have nothing to give to their patients unless they buy it.

    Same thing for education: university is free or very cheap in principle, but fewer people can access it than in other Latin American countries. The facilities are just too crowded or in virtual existence only. Ordinary work revenue is just nonexistent for most Cubans. They are entitled to a rationing booklet that allows only for about one week’s dreary survival per month. The rest of the resources have to come in a more informal fashion, mostly through tourism.

    Despite my sojourn in those conditions, I did not detest the experience at all; quite the contrary, I developed a taste for Marxism to a certain degree, like one living in a country managed by another exotic religion worthy of study. The only ones I resent again are the Western Marxists that throng to cultural festivals in Havana and never mix with real local people before returning home telling everybody of the marvels of that anti-imperialistic regime.

    1. Why were French masters in Saint-Dominique so much harder on their black slaves compared to French slave owners in New Orleans? Were they more business minded in SD, while New Orleans was more concerned with culture?

      Robert’s mentioned the Mulatto Balls, and mulattoes, mostly women, formed an elite group in New Orleans. Then they pump more cash crops out of Saint-Dominique than anywhere. Why such a stark contrast of rulership?

  4. Is Cuba so bad? Is Haiti so good?

    from National Geographic (newest issue)

    French masters in Saint-Domingue treated their slaves so brutally that they died in the thousands. To replace their dead slaves, the French brought in more

    Hmm. This is sure different from what you hear from white nationalists. You would only hear about African savages destroying their sugar goldmine, nothing about the abuse.

    What about the role of race and IQ vs environmental factors like colonialism in the third world?

    Another quote from the latest issue of National Geographic:

    Heavily subsdized US rice flooded the Haitian markets, much of it from Arkansas, Clinton’s home state, haitian farmers couldn’t compete with the cheap and donated imports. Many farmers, after chopping down the last of their trees to sell for charcoal, gave up and flooded the cities, crowding into slums

    Also, the same deal is going on with farmers in the Hispanic third world, hence their desperation to emigrate to the US.

    Again, as you see, colonialism isn’t helping out Latin America. Cuba put a stop to it. The only people benefiting from US colonialism are the upper classes who are brainwashed into thinking thier wealth comes from their race (The whiiter the person, the higher the IQ etc..).

    1. Actually the slavery in the US was a thousand times better than in Haiti, yet White Nationalists still like to bring up Haiti and how it was such a paradise (of course, only for the small group of White owners and their sellouts from the population) only to be burned down by the Haitian revolutionaries.

      1. You forget the massacres of the Whites. And of course, you try to conflate “colonialism” with “trade”. Colonialism is when the Whites run the country. In Haiti’s case, take back France’s country by force.

        If you do any research on Haiti beyond National Geographic, please note that AMERICA ALONE tried to rebuild Haiti not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES! The savages just couldn’t maintain it!

        1. The Haitian slave-owners were incredibly abusive to the workers. How can you white-wash this and act like the slaves were to blame? Yeah, the blacks were savages. Really? Yeah, I’d be angry too if I were a slave.

        2. These White Nationalists are acting like slavery in many places was some kind of “right wing” social program, saying “Oh, slavery greatly improved their existence. They should grateful beyond imagination.”

        3. You can’t really compare the Haitian thing of 1795 to the US attempts at rebuilding the nation. Those were two clearly separate things. Obviously, the Haitian revolution was due to mass abuse of the workers, making even the Antebellum South look like a paradise.

          On the other hand, the second thing may have had some blame to be put on Haitians themselves. However, we also must remember a lot of nations kept Haiti isolated to punish them, much as they do Cuba now.

          Finally not all Black governments have failed. Haiti is a special case, with the blame more on religion (Voodoo) and other backward beliefs than on race.

        4. It would be interesting to see just how “bad” the Haitian workers were and why.

          Of course, always note they weren’t bringing in “convicted criminals from Africa”. These were innocent men, women, and even children, an enslaved race.

          Of course, due to White Nationalist thinking of the time, they believed the whole race deserved to be enslaved (or colonized), and that enslavement was doing them a massive favor.

      2. One minute a little girl is eating sugar fresh from the cane on her father’s plantation. She looks up with innocent doe eyes, “I think Kunta should eat at the table with me and daddy.”

        *hacking with machetes is heard in the distance*

        Yes, innocent Whites were massacred. The truly innocent can’t even defend themselves.

  5. Of course, Cuba is a terrible nation. It’s because it was blockaded. That’s how the New World Order system works. You bow to down to the US or your forced to pay. However, a lot of the extremely poor have nothing to lose, cause they didn’t have anything under the NWO system anyways.

    Of course, North Korea is a different matter, but that’s cause they’re weird. It has to do with the culture.

    1. But North Korea was also heavily bombed by the US, and the US military is on it’s doorstep always ready to invade. This is true despite the fact North Korea is a racist regime that heavily persecutes the disabled, imprisons whole families and generations up to the 3rd, among other weird things.

      1. It’s sort of our fault. But a lot of blame can be put on the fact they’re a backward rural people, kind of like other mountain people. Also, like mountain people, very resentful of outside criticism, as you see with North Korea’s refusal to back down to the west.

  6. OK, let’s look at a showcase of white nationalism, Aparthied South Africa, or maybe we can bring up pre1960s Alabama.

    Anyhow, were those places were a paradise. Of course, they were for the white minority (a minority in South Africa, and a minority of sections of the US south, though not on the whole) who had major advantages due to race, including owning vast stretches of land, access to better everything.


    During its first decade in power, the Castro government introduced a wide range of progressive social reforms. Laws were introduced to provide equality for black Cubans and greater rights for women, while there were attempts to improve communications, medical facilities, health, housing, and education. In addition, there were touring cinemas, art exhibitions, concerts, and theatres. By the end of the 1960s, all Cuban children were receiving some education (compared with less than half before 1959), unemployment and corruption were reduced, and great improvements were made in hygiene and sanitation.[52]

    According to geographer and Cuban Comandante Antonio Núñez Jiménez, 75% of Cuba’s best arable land was owned by foreign individuals or foreign (mostly American) companies at the time of the revolution. One of the first policies of the newly formed Cuban government was eliminating illiteracy and implementing land reforms. Land reform efforts helped to raise living standards by subdividing larger holdings into cooperatives. Comandante Sori Marin, who was nominally in charge of land reform, objected and fled, but was eventually executed when he returned to Cuba with arms and explosives, intending to overthrow the Castro government.[53][54] Many other non-Marxist, anti-Batista rebel leaders were forced into exile, purged in executions, or eliminated in failed uprisings such as that of the Beaton brothers.[55]

    How can opponents white-wash Cuba after reading this?

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