The Lizard King on Information Theory

If you control the media, you control the mind.

– Jim Morrison

Information Theory (noun phrase).

The definition of Information Theory:

Information Theory: He who controls information controls the world.

– Robert Lindsay

Morrison was right and damn those Jews sure are smart. I mean, first thing they do is grab the media, right?

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12 thoughts on “The Lizard King on Information Theory”

  1. They simply acknowledged propaganda as the very lifeblood of the democratic-industrial State. The ideal Gesellschaft and its principle of “rational consent” is not thoroughgoing: for a stable polity, the populace must acquiesce.

    1. Jews are setting up a world of misinformation? 🙄 Whose to say the far right will do the same, especially now they’re sure to gain massive power? 30s era Germany was full of propoganda and the distortion of truth.

    1. I don’t think universites support terrorism. However, they are “politically correct” reservations, so to speak. In other words, people there are sheltered from the hate from the outside, inside is the “illusion of harmony”.

      Of course, as i was saying, this is all done in a scheme to drive up white resentment.

      1. Of course, there was terror on campuses recently, but most white nationalsts/woman haters are cheering for the murderers. 🙄

        So they cheer for say the Oregon shooter, but not some black guy in the hood.

    1. How about a world flooded with false and/or massively exxagerated truthful ideas about race and IQ, where the environmental factors are so minimized that people are judged like dogs, according to breed?

  2. A lot of the conspiracy stuff against Jews is itself the sub-category of another conspriacy. The idea is to drive up white resentment to unheard of levels (via years of a left wing agenda). This would propel Trump into power. Now, Trump, while not wearing a swastika or in any way coming out as a Nazi, will pretty much have an agenda the far right will agree with.

    it’s kind of like the Weimar Republic setting the stage for the man with the mustache, so to speak.

    1. Fewer Americans will be willing to disagee with say ep-gah or santo-culto, once terrorism grips the west, and Mexicans resort to violence (which they will once Trump gets tough). Also, Trump, consdering petrol costs will be low (1.75 petrol in my hometown now), and the economy will be good will seem to bring in a prosperous time.

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