Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about the NPI Conference, US Cities, Houellebecq, & the Paris Terror Attack

I normally do not link to interviews with Matt because he is a dyed in the wool conservative whose enemy is the “Left.” Well, that’s me. I am the Left. Alt Left maybe, but Left nevertheless. Nevertheless, most of these discussions here are great and steer away from Left-bashing other than the unfortunate nonsense about how the Left destroyed cities I guess by saying people had a right to survive and have some shelter over their heads. Which of course makes us evil, right?


Topics include:

Matt’s experience at the recent National Policy Institute’s Conference in Washington DC. How the theme of the conference Become Who We Are was about creating a new identity. How Left-Wing Activists Tried to Shut Down This Year’s NPI Conference” Matt’s take on Washington DC and how it would be a great city if it weren’t for its people. How transplants tend to fulfill the obnoxious stereotypes of cities (ex. DC, NY, LA, Portland). Obnoxious broke hipsters in Portland vs. obnoxious trust fund hipster in NYC. How NY hipster transplants benefited from the same police enforcement and gentrification which they agitate against. How New York’s gentrification has made the city sterile and killed it’s creative energy. The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing. How the further away we get from nature, the greater increase in social dysfunction we see. Matt’s trip to Las Vegas and how his friend Davis Aurini describes the city as an “honest whore.” Anti-natalism and how it’s an interesting philosophical question but attempts to apply reason to interfere with nature. How anti-natalism appeals to the most thoughtful and intelligent individuals, thus removing them from the gene pool. Michel Houellebecq The Father Of The Term “Sexual Marketplace”. Houellebecq’s Whatever which is about people who lost out on the sexual revolution. Houellebecq’s The recent terrorist attack in Paris and future scenarios in Europe

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