Robert Stark Interviews Bay Area Guy about the Radical Center


This should be a pretty nice interview. I am told that he sounds exactly like an Alternative Left type in this piece. Looks like I am starting to have some influence!

Topics include:

Bay Area Guy’s article The Radical Center
How Radical Centrism combines the best aspects of the right (ex. Pat Buchanan) and the left (ex. Ralph Nader) against the corrupt establishment
How the establishment combines the worst aspects of both the left and right
More on the election and why Bay Area Guy supports Bernie Sanders
How Radical Centrism could be co-opted by the establishment
Making Sense of White American Misery
How hyper individualism leads to high rates of suicide and mass shootings
Why “Diversity” is Simply Code for “Non-White”
How to Win by Refusing to Say Sorry
The Importance of Historical and Global Awareness: Bay Area Guy’s Brief Thoughts on 1984

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0 thoughts on “Robert Stark Interviews Bay Area Guy about the Radical Center”

  1. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to give this a listen later. I really am looking for a 3rd way. Something that combines nationalism, redpill awareness and left-of center anti-1%er economics.

      1. Is the alternative left embracing off those 3 principles? I know much about the alt-right but didn’t know there’s an alt-left.

        1. And the main reason I can’t join the manosphere/alt-right(which are synonymous) is because of their “let ’em eat cake” libertarianism. Plus many of these guys are racists and white nationalists when you scratch the surface. Matt Forney for example.

        2. Something that combines nationalism, redpill awareness and left-of center anti-1%er economics.

          There are some sort of Left White nationalists in the Alt Left, and it has build around racially aware leftwing Whites, but I would love to make it for non-Whites too, and I don’t want to center this whole thing around race. I would say that racial awareness or race realism though is non-negotiable and of is modern style White-bashing so typical of the modern Left. But I believe you are rather race realist yourself though you don’t like to talk about it much (Honestly, this is where I am too). I am not sure how you feel about modern White-bashing but I don’t you doing a lot of this “White people are evil” stuff.

          Frankly, I would prefer a big tent. Sure there will be some sort of Left Whit nationalists in there, and there’s not much I an do about that, but I don’t want those types to dominate the movement and at the end of the day, I would rather see guys like you in the4re then the pro-White types.

          Yes there is an Alt Left. I announced the formation of it and now some others are writing about it too. Of course the regular Leftists already hate it, but so what.

        3. And the main reason I can’t join the manosphere/alt-right (which are synonymous) is because of their “let ’em eat cake” Libertarianism.

          Hear hear. This is one of the main reasons why I cannot even stand to be on their pages reading their stuff.

          Plus many of these guys are racists and white nationalists when you scratch the surface. Matt Forney for example.

          This is also annoying, and for sure there are a LOT of them on the racist to White nationalist spectrum. Roissy writes more about race than he does ab out Game anymore.

          Matt is indeed a rather covert racist type. He is also quite righting and his enemy is “the Left.” A lot of those Alt Right types talk about how “the Left” is the enemy. Well yes we have a lot of fools on the Left nowadays, but I am still a leftwinger. When people say the enemy is the Left, I think, “Hey, now you are talking about me!”

          The only Left that the Alt Left hates is the Cultural Left/PC Brigade/SJW morons, and to some extent we don’t even like Identity Politics or Id Pol in general. But you seem like you feel the same way.

          We are sort of “the conservative Left” I guess.

        4. Yeah, I don’t have any problem with race realism or even someone being pro-white, as long as they don’t get too crazy with it. I realize there’s a difference between Steve Sailor and Stormfront, even if they may concur on some overarching principles. But there’s a variety of opinions in the pro-white tend just as there are in the pro-black tent.

          So I would say I’m open-minded toward pro-white types as long as they aren’t hostile and they stick to discussing facts and issues. I can agree with them on certain things like demographic displacement in Western countries by asylum seekers. To me the truth is the truth. The thing is though, I’m anti-racist. And not in the activist/Tim Wise sense of the term, but in the way I treat people. I don’t like any type of racial nationalism or putting one’s race as their most important identifying characteristic and manner with which you interact with people. I don’t care for extreme tribalism. I don’t have any visceral dislike of others because they are different from me, or have any problem befriending or living next door to others that are different. If you’re cool to me I’m cool to you and that’s pretty much my policy in treating other races. At the same time, I don’t fetishize diversity either. I have no problem with some countries wanting to be homogeneous and protect their heritage.

        5. Yes I do not think the Alt Left would have a problem with either HBD’ers or sane antis like you. I consider myself a nonracist actually. I don’t say antiracist because that movement has been taken over by nutcases.

          My views on race are not radically different from yours.

          Have you had friends, good friends, or girlfriends of different races?

        6. “Have you had friends, good friends, or girlfriends of different races?”

          Yes, yes and yes. So I’m an anti in that sense, not in the forceful SJW sense. Though I do tend to agree with SJWs on economic matters such as the Occupy Wall Street protests. Which complicates my alliances! I have a hard time fitting in anywhere.

          I think with these “alt” type whites, the litmus test is whether they would vote for a non-white president under any circumstance. If they cannot do this, then I think it’s safe if one would vote for a worse white candidate over a better non-white candidate, then one is a racist.

  2. I too have really come to detest Libertarians, for both economic and nationalistic reasons. Put simply, selfish assholes who worship hyperindividualism and Ayn Rand are a drag on society; it’s hardly a coincidence that people like Alan Greenspan and other architects of our society’s economic malaise are Ayn Rand acolytes. Not to mention that they have no notion of group loyalty.

    If I ever encountered a Libertarian who was dying – but could be saved – a part of me would be tempted to just let him die while telling him, “don’t worry, I’m sure the invisible hand of the free market will save you.”

    (then again, I’m not a Libertarian sociopath)

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