7 thoughts on “Money Is An Absolute Necessity to Get Women”

  1. Faker than fake. Just look at that face. The only thing that dude’s getting his dick wet with is the stuff he puts in his hair.

  2. Some people may believe that money is the answer to get a woman, but not all the time. Some woman don’t even care about money, as long as their spouse loves and spends time with them, then that’s all that matters. Of course, everybody is different.

  3. I’m a woman and this guy is a loser. He surely wouldn’t be able to pick me up. What’s disgusting is that he cannot even stop drugging or drinking for one week to get cleaned up. He doesn’t care about his life. Plus, I keep wondering….just how many VD’s does this guy have? Ugh!

  4. there as men in Westafrica who live of maybe 100 dollars per month. And yet western women buy a airplane ticket to fly thousands of kilometers to get to them. Then they marry them, and by that give them the possibility to get an american / european / etc. passport and access to the western health care and welfare system. Then they have many children with them.
    So this questions the no money = no women theory.
    At least in Germany I would say most women do not care about money at all. They have all the material wealth anyway

  5. What about eastern orthodox and zen priests who can still marry? (the former is before they enter the priesthood however) what type of women marry a priest?

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