0 thoughts on “This Is Feminism”

  1. Well, in some cases that would true. I mean, I wouldn’t sexually harasss a poor woman at IHOP. That would be rude and uncalled for. However, if a lady wants to show off her body, then why not?

  2. ALL WOMEN want to be the beautiful princess, and the ones that can’t be will not let the others be so! Hah!

  3. I guess the key is seperating reality from fantasy. It’s cool to drool over Hooters girls, but not random girls you see in your college class, or girls working at jobs, say an IHOP or Waffle House waitress etc..

    As far as Hooters goes though, I wish they would sometimes wear less clothes. LOL

  4. hah hah…I think they all of them should be holding those banners in front of ISIS and Al Qaida – in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

    I do agree with the idea that women are not decoration pieces but human beings with free agency and individual thoughts just like men. Unfortunately, it’s not practically realizable. Women can’t have their cake and eat it too. If they don’t want harassment (fair demand), they should automatically forfeit the privilege of SEEKING the attention of a man ignoring them. It should be considered sexual harassment even when the dude is not interested, busy at work or is already committed to another female, with the same applicable penalties – “creepy” females.

    The easiest way to get a girl off her rockers is to have a good time with another girl at close range. The jealousy women are capable of displaying is mind-blowing. They can’t even keep it subtle.

    1. Women are as horny as men. They want sex just as bad, so they should also have the same limits applied to sex as men are saddled with.

  5. Women definitely like to flirt with guys, even to the point of literally harassing people. Take a math tutoring session where they start mocking me, and then they flirt with the tutor. Of course, the flirting is very loud which against the rules. However, as in most bullying cases, it’s a question of special rights, the cool people have rights, the nerds are slaves.

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