7 thoughts on “Seeing the World through Feminist-Colored Glasses”

  1. I don’t think all fat women are feminists. Often they want sex as much as the skinny ones do. Also, sometimes they are hot looking also. Thickness is sometimes a turn-on.

    So if it’s true fat women are drawn to feminism, would skinny nerdy men be drawn to “woman hating”? I mean, there has to be a lot of frustration and humiliation from all that rejection and bullying over the years.

    1. Of course, you gotta look at culture too. Some non-white cultures like fat women, and see them sometimes more desriable than the skinny ones. Some of these guys like round asses, big tits etc..

      In such a culture, a fat woman wouldn’t be drawn to feminism, and even if she was, it wouldn’t be due to sexual rejection.

    1. But wouldn’t ugly men be drawn to “woman hating”? Seems to be the case. Especially some men are drawn, as with BE-AST G-ANNON, to long posts about utter hatred of women, which even surpass the racist rants on here.

  2. Row 4, Panel 8 is my favorite.

    Who drew these cartoons? Robert, was it you?

    Shoot all FAT women on sight – by order of the patriarchy
    Suck my dick, you whore
    Yah! Faster woman. You’ll be raising me for next twenty years and it’s going to be awful, you biiiitch.
    How to get away with rape
    RAPESTOP – Violence and sexism training camp

    1. “Shoot all FAT women on sight – by order of the patriarchy”

      I could agree with that statement. Nothing is more revolting than the sight of a fat woman with her tummy out. Disgusting FEMEN pigs should be kept locked in a cage near a distant landfill where large corporations dump their hazardous chemical waste.

      If you’re a woman who makes no effort to look feminine and attractive, you should be pelted with rocks. Normal human rights don’t apply in your case.

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