Reap What You Sow, Hollande

France created ISIS and supported Al |Qaeda, ISIS and all the rest from Day One.
France created ISIS and supported Al Qaeda, ISIS and all the rest from Day One. Nits make lice. France birthed the nits, now the lice have infested their heads. No sympathy.

Why would I feel sorry for the French?

France created ISIS.

France, along with the rest of the West, Turkey and the Gulf states have been funding Al Qaeda and like groups since 2007. Even after the Paris bombings, Hollande still insisted that Assad must go. Even after he bombed Raqqa, Hollande was still insistent on regime change. “This will get Assad to go to the negotiations table,” he said. What an idiot! How is bombing ISIS in Raqqa going to force Assad to negotiate?!

Burn in Hell Hollande! Hollande is the worst. He’s cancer.

Screw France. France created and then helped arm, fund and train Al Qaeda, ISIS and similar groups, and now the Frankenstein that France created turns around and attacks the French mad scientists who created him.

No sympathy. Why should I feel sympathy towards these people? They created ISIS, and then ISIS attacked them. I should feel bad for them why?

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6 thoughts on “Reap What You Sow, Hollande”

  1. The all-Zionist turn in our foreign policy is fairly recent. It harks back to Sarkozy in 2007, bringing France into NATO’s integrated military command. He waged a war to replace the Ivory Coast President by a puppet. Then killed his campaign sponsor Qaddafi and 50,000 of his people. Supported the uprisings in Syria. Finally, Hollande and Valls, the latter one being particularly Zionist (freemason, jewish spouse, philosemitism-driven), got closer to the Sunni fundamentalists, like a US puppet.
    “we”? we know it. But we can’t do much. We are in a quasi dictatorship. The regime is crumbling. France feels like a People’s democracy in the 1980s. Every media is a Pravda with journalists vilifying ‘deviants’. Politics are a one-party state (with two factions). The nomenklatura justifies its power with dogmas it doesn’t apply to itself, namely anti-racism (they’re sending their children to all-white schools and they’re tied to Israel), anti-sexism (they’re wealthy families and they’re masons), and anti-pollution (they’re the airports’ hyperclass and they’re calling for more immigrants). And of course, the Euro, the EU, the LGBT, which are codewords for finance worship, US worship, Antichrist worship.
    Last time in January, the movement of grief was channeled to crack down even more on free speech: ISIS propaganda relies heavily on the Internet, much like the Alt Right, and they know it. Again this time they use the shock wave to finalize our cultural genocide – they managed to get the Charlies and the United morons think the attacks were caused by an ‘apartheid’ that could only be corrected by a ‘repopulation plan’ where mayors are forced to accept housing schemes. It’s crazy.
    Perhaps the third attack will see people disconnecting with the governement? For as of now, the 129 corpses are a huge Hollande win.

  2. I might cheer if Isis blows up the government of an Western country, but they only attacked civilists, which i dont like.

  3. I think it would be wise to separate random individuals from the actions of their governments (there’s no way of telling who they voted for or what they expected from whoever they did, if nothing else); also, I do not think that anything can make murder (that it, unlawful killing) justifiable except perhaps in the most extreme of circumstnaces.

    That said, it is indeed fair to say that geopolitical chess is (as I have said numerous times before) a fool’s game. The pieces have jaws that may bite you.

  4. But the peoples who suffer and die from terrorist attacks have hardly any connections with politicians. If terrorists aim bad politicians I would not be against. But terrorists always aim common people. This leads us to a conclusion that terrorism is being inspired if not directly controlled by Western politicians.

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