How Societal Ignorance of Mental llness Contributes Greatly to Lack of Insight in Bipolar Disrder

There also often problems with insight in the manic phase of Bipolar Disorder or Manic-Depression, whereas people who are depressed typically realize that they are depressed. I am not sure why mania is associated with lack of insight, but it often is.

Of course there is typically no insight during psychotic mania, but there is often no insight whatsoever during even hypomania. The lack of insight during hypomania is usually because the person is feeling so good that they don’t could possibly be ill, but I assure you that they are. The hypomanic typically says, “I have never felt better in my life!” It is hard to convince someone they are ill when they’re on top of the world and feel like a million bucks.

Another serious problem is society.

I have told you that I don’t like people much because they are stupid and this i+s one more example of that. Ordinary people are preposterously ignorant of mental illness of all kinds. There is no reason to be this way, and people have simply chosen to become ignorant about this issue out of their own free will.

Our society also stigmatizes mental illness, so that makes it so in general you can never discuss the subject in polite company without violating social rules and seeing people try to shut you down. People are ignorant of mental illness because of stigma which means that they are not even supposed to talk, read or think about it. So people have refused to educate themselves in part due to stigma.

Understanding and recognizing the symptoms of common mental illnesses is not particularly difficult, and I feel that anyone with a 100 IQ ought to be able to learn such things.

Tragically, Bipolar Disorder is one of the most misunderstood illnesses of all, and the vast majority of people, when presented with a person who is floridly manic or even hypomanic will typically not understand what is going on at all. Florid manics are often accused of being bad people, criminals, psychopaths, evil or on drugs.

I must admit that if you do not know what you are looking for, it is hard to figure out what is wrong with a floridly manic person. Instead of being high as a kite and happy, floridly manic people are often irritable, angry, aggressive, menacing, threatening, violent, paranoid and miserable. They often start using drugs or drinking with the onset of the episode, which makes diagnosis even trickier.

People seem to be even worse at recognizing hypomania. Hypomanics are often witty, charming, extroverted, ecstatically happy and full of wild plans. They can’t stop talking, they are full of wild confidence and they’re always ready for a party.

I have seen many people observe wildly hypomanic people and come away saying that they are the coolest around because they can be so effusive, engaging and spellbinding. I often try to tell these that the person is actually mentally ill, but they refuse to listen to me and shut me down.

So the problem in mania is not only that the manic usually has no clue that they are ill, but also 9

It’s a perfect storm for epidemic lack of insight, and it really doesn’t have to be that way.

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0 thoughts on “How Societal Ignorance of Mental llness Contributes Greatly to Lack of Insight in Bipolar Disrder”

  1. I don’t understand what you are trying to say, the purpose of this text, sorry.

    The idea of mental illness is very controversial and not controversial in the same time. In certain perspective, it’s obviously real. In other perspective, is very relative, very tendentious. There are real mental ill people who are very wise and there are (i think, most of) neurotypical people who are very stupid/ unable to understand most part of reality and it’s resemble schizophrenia or other psychosis.

    Liberalism today is a very good example about it. Supposedly real mental ill people can’t see/understand reality, bipolar people succumb by their emotions, schizophrenics will see /hear/feel what virtually no exist and anti social people will be indiferent with suffering of others.


    we can see all this defects among neurotypical people, and seems, its very very very common.

    Conservtism is other example where we have people who believe in fairy tales aka biblic narratives and specially about anti social spectrum common attitudes/patterns because conservtism is more near to natural world than liberalism/social marxism, i mean, they are ”naturally” logic (but not rational).

    logic is everything that works, with or without harmony-shape (empathy, kindness…… phenomenological perfection). Rational is everything that works WITH harmony-shape.

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