Why US Liberal Democrats Are Absolutely USeless

Vietnam was the last time we marched in the streets to protest US foreign policy.

There were a few protests around the Iraq War, but they were very weak. I know because I was at a few of those marches. It was incredible how hostile many of the people driving by were. Their faces would turn to hard stone hate when they saw us. Many people flipped us off and threatened us. When I opposed the ramp-up to the invasion and the invasion itself, I was repeatedly threatened by other Americans for not supporting the war. My own father, hardline liberal Democrat and fanatical Zionist, supported the war to the hilt and even threatened me for not supporting it.

I know some liberal Democrats who say, “I opposed the war!” but they were sheepish and more or less silent during the entirety of the war and seemed embarassed to come out against it. For the entirety of the war, I almost never heard one single comment from them against the war. When I called the war “a Nazi-like war of aggression,” I got a lot of animated reaction from liberal Democrats. Even today, they are very reluctant to talk about that war, and when you bring it, they first say they opposed the war, and then they go on to give all sorts of reasons justifying it.

In other words, the antiwar and certainly the anti-imperialist and anti-interventionist movement in the US is dead in the water. When even most liberal Democrats are jingoistic flag-waving exceptionalists, you know the country is history.

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14 thoughts on “Why US Liberal Democrats Are Absolutely USeless”

  1. You gotta wonder though, was the American opposition to Vietnam because the war wrong, or because young men were afraid to die? Back in those days, unlike with the middle east wars, there was a draft.

    Of course though, there was a draft for the Korean War, and World War II, but no protests.

    1. We also gotta remember that most of the American people initially supported the Vietnam War, but support went down as we weren’t winning, and it seemed endless. However, even considering that, a lot of Americans supported it to the end. As Nixon said, they were the “silent majority” so to speak.

  2. Perhaps Americans are guilty for all the wealth and privlidge they have, at least in comparison to the third world, so they feel the way to give back is by supporting whatever the deep state wants.

    Also, a lot of people tie in masculinity into supporting the war effort. If you don’t support the war effort, then your masculinity is put into question.

        1. Fag can also mean dick, as Eminem pointed out. So your an ungrateful dick if you oppose any war the US is involved in.

        2. Yeah definitely faggot many times means dick, but maybe not fag. Your definitely a peice of shit faggot if you oppose US foreign policy.

        3. No offense though, I don’t really like a lot of the Europeans or Canadians who opposed Bush. A lot of them were insincere and just being trendy. Trendy faggots (dicks). 😆

          I mean seriously. It’s kind the of the same thing with radical athiests. It’s basically a bunch of smart-asses.

      1. Fags aren’t cool. They can’t change a tire or fart very loud. 🙄 The certainly can’t handle themselves in a fight.

  3. Yeah, Joe the plumber guys are a lot cooler than liberal smartasses or radical athiests, even though they support reactionary US foreign policy. I had my fill of the liberal bastards while overseas. To top it off these creeps also criticized my ESL teaching (to add icing to the cake), which they could since Koreans fucked the whole work environment. Yeah I sound like a whiner..:lol:

    1. Cocksucker is definitley an appopriate word for trendy Europeans and Canadians who opposed Bush, even if Bush was really a bad president, and the war was immoral. 🙄

  4. What about the Liberal Democrats who are pushing to let more of the Third World into America? Possibly to “give back” in a way to the Third World, as Jason posited, just not at THEIR OWN expense?

    1. Possible liberal whites may still be deluded and think immigration is a way to make up for “economic advantage and privlidge”.

      However, anyways, it doesn’t make a difference anyways, as Ep-gah’s people will make their way into government positions (in Europe and the USA) quite soon as the backlash boils over.

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