3 thoughts on “Let’s Import a Lot More of These People into Our Country!”

    Bismillah irakman irakhim

    Behold, limeys !! Yield to Allah and convert to the religion of the Holy Prophet !

    As a first world nuclear power, Anglostan is the natural Kaliphah ! Anglostan will monopolise Middle east arms trade !!

    Sultan Charles could’ve kept the whole lot of Lucia Santa Cruz, Sibylla Dorman, Cindy Buxton, Diana Spencers and Camilla Bowles !! And more for his royal harem !!

    Come feel the GREEN side of the FORCE !!

    InshAllah, under Islam, the (british) Empire Strikes Back !!


  2. The Anglo-Saxon empire needs them in some way, though not the Anglo-Saxon people, far from it. The Anglo-Saxon Empire is just longing for the days the Puritanical religions (Methodism and Evangelism especially) held sway over the general mentality in a quite totalitarian fashion, as the Born-Again Christians and other Televangelists would have liked to reinstate about the times of Reagan, but without great long-term success due to the doctrinal incoherence posed by their alliance with Zionism and therefore with Judaism. Jewish Political Zionism has decided on its own to be based on the current of Judaism that considers Jesus to have been a negative figure, a counter-Messiah, an anti-Christ so to speak, whereas the broader realm of Judaism, as represented by the Talmud, is attached to free discussion in the Greek sense of the word, together with the dubitation of all religious dogmas and premises by all tools of logic and analogy, as to the most legitimate path to divine enlightenment, which goes right against the radical Christian view which considers free thought as the very original sin and the blind acceptance of a teaching imposed by the Church as the only way to salvation.

    Since Biblical Christianity is no longer fit for imposing to the English-Speaking peoples the disciplines and the internalization of social guilt wanted by neoliberal interests, only one big simple religion is fit for that, Wahhabi-style Islam, which by the way, from the 18th century onwards, was fashioned in close interaction with Anglo-Saxon Calvinist thought and mores. Wahhabi-style Islam is what the Corporations would like to the future white thrash and also the white supremacists to identify with, hence the fact that so many Muslims are being imported in droves in the Western countries. In their countries of origin, they generally were of a very different kind of Islam, when they were religious practicers at all, and quite often they identified with a sensual kind of Islamic culture rather than with the religion proper, but as they immigrate into the West, they are welcomed, reformatted, processed and managed by Wahhabi-style institutions, with a double positive result for the corporate world as regards both the Western masses that are being imposed a puritanical religion by invaders, and for the Muslim countries themselves which depend upon family remittances and are thus converted into Wahhabism by their richer relatives.

    To tell you the truth, I am not that much attached to Anglo-Saxon monoculture, since I have myself been imposed it at an earlier date quite in the same way others are now being imposed Islam, and therefore have rather strived for a multiculturalism of a different kind, but nevertheless oppose with even more energy than to defend my own cultural preferences (knowing that they are controversial and utopian) the way anglo-saxon communities are now being bullied into the acceptance of many cultural phenomena purposely designed to go right against any notion of common sense and common decency as had traditionally been the hallmark of English culture relatively to other ones that had been up to then much more amenable to various totalitarian fashions (a point well developed upon by George Orwell).

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