Arabic, French and English Versions of ISIS’ Claim of Responsibility for the Paris Terror Attacks

The initial statement was released in French and Arabic:

Here is the Arabic version first:

Original Arabic version.
Original Arabic version.

The following is the French version:

French version.
French version.

It’s not perfect, but this is the best English translation I could come up with.

In the name of Allah the merciful, the very merciful Allah:

Allah the transcendent has said: And they thought their fortresses would truly shelter them against Allah, but Allah came to them from where they didn’t expect and put terror in their hearts. He demolished their houses by their own hands as well as those of the believers. Learn this lesson, ye who is blessed with foresight. Surat fifty nine second verse

In a holy attack made possible through Allah, a group of believers and soldiers of the Caliphate, from the Caliphate – blessed with power and triumph be it through Allah – targeted the capital of abominations and perversion, the one which bears the banner of the cross in Europe: Paris.

A group which tore asunder its earthly ties chased the foe, searching for death on the path of Allah for the sake of His faith, His prophets and His allies, and the willing humiliation His enemies. They have been true to Allah, and true we consider them. Allah has conquered by their hand, and instigated fears in the hearts of the Crusaders in their own land.

Eight brothers wearing explosive belts and bearing assault rifles attacked precisely chosen determined places in the heart of the French capital.

The targets were the Stade de France during a match between opposing Crusader countries, France and Germany, which was attended by the fool of France, François Hollande; the Bataclan, where hundreds of heathens were gathered for a most perverse party; and many in the 10th, 11th and 12th arondissements simultaneously. Paris has trembled under their feet, and the streets tightened in their wakes. The death toll is at least two hundred Crusaders with many more wounded, glory and praise be to Allah.

Allah made it easy for our brothers by allowing them martyrdom, so their explosive belts went off on the heathens when the ammunition ran out. May Allah accept them among the martyrs and allow us to join them.

France and those who tread its path must know that they remain the main targets of the Islamic State and that they will continue to smell the stench of death for having led the Crusade, insulted our Prophet (PBUH), and boasted about fighting Islam in France and striking the Muslims in the land of the Caliphate with their planes which were of no help in the reeking streets of Paris. This attack is only the beginning of the storm and a warning to those who heed the lesson to be learned.

Allah is the greatest. And power be to Allah and to his messenger as well as believers. But the hypocrites may never know. Surat 63 verse 8.

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0 thoughts on “Arabic, French and English Versions of ISIS’ Claim of Responsibility for the Paris Terror Attacks”

  1. Robert, are you any good at French?

    I can understand the language when spoken, although it has to be real SLOW..each word pronounced clearly and I will get it. However I can’t speak that well, I’d have a hard time forming a coherent sentence.

    I’m able to follow TV news and have watched quite a few French movies without subtitles 🙂

    And I’m able to read French very fast almost like a native learner. Today I spent a lot of time on French language news channels like problems at all. In fact, I ENJOY reading French. Great mental stimulation.

    The best part is I never had any formal training in the language…totally self taught. In fact, I don’t know a single person in my surroundings who has any clue of French. It’s a high IQ thing LOL

    Unfortunately I still cant add French to the list of languages I know… makes me angry at myself…so far and still not there.

  2. The good thing here is of course the references to Koranic verses. May al lah be praised.

    It is hard to get the islamophobes To study Islam. We have the verses but will the islamophobes study them. No. They disrespect Islam by not listening to the passages quoted and getting them interpreted according to the official accepted and authoritive rulings from towering figures in islam’s scholarly history like ibn Kathir.

    No they will get some idiot career politician and some journalist for the msm to tell us all we need to know.

    No scholarly interpretation or tafsir will see the light of day.

    In any case we know that al Lah is a leftist and loves big government as he controls the government of the universe, and is of course the darling of the leftists and Muslims, even though the latter see him more as a stern father.

    What does he say?

    There is a folly in the heart of men,
    but the multicultural left knows best,
    For al lah guided them against the islamophobes,
    He made war against the homophobes,
    And aided the femenists of the globe
    That spins in the orbit of the sun
    And these maiden warriors were seen as worthy of a reward.
    Their feminine divinity was given the invincible strength to
    Resist the patriarchy.
    For al lah has three daughters,
    That surely made the heart wrenching pleas to al lah
    Surely the intercession of these three daughters,
    Al Lat, al manat, and al uzzah
    Who are lofty cranes in the world that spins in the orbit of the sun,
    Are worthy indeed for women to call upon
    in prayer
    with all their hearts

    The Gramsci Koran

  3. Fucking backward ass savages. I reads like something from 2000 years ago. That’s the fucking problem with these people. They haven’t morally developed like the West has, they’re the same as they were back in Biblical times.

      1. Great coverage Robert, are there any reports that say how could they have infiltrated the city. Could it be like some of them came along with the Muslim doesnt seem like it was a counterattack for jihadi John given the way how meticulously the attack was orchestrated. Lots of planning must have gone through it. The only way I could figure is, they could have infiltrated amongst the refugees. Also alarming fact is how many such attacks are in store in the future. I feel this is just the beginning. They doomed themselves by letting these primitive hordes in huge numbers

        1. Glad you love the site. If you like, consider a donation to the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site going.

          I figure the4re must have been 200 people involved in this thing. There were probably drivers driving them to their locations, photographers recording the attacks, handlers controlling them, this thing was planned meticulously. Furthermore, they had inside information that Hollande was at that soccer game! How did they know that? There are probably 190 people still at large in France and IMHO they didn’t even catch all the shooters.

          I have no ideas how they got in or if they came in with the refugees.

          It’s not a counterattack for Jihadi John. They must have planned this thing for months.

  4. The French used by these “holy men” leaves a few things to be desired, although it is free from ambiguity.

  5. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but such a decent fringe minority of them are jihadists that it is for this reason that they can’t be allowed into non-Islamic countries.

    Letting Muslims into Western countries is like walking into a snake den, sure not all the snakes will bite you and nor will all Muslims engage in terrorism, but you just know calamity will strike eventually.

    Islam isn’t compatible with non-Islamic (especially Western culture), period.

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