Latest Updates on the Paris Terror Attacks

ISIS Twitter account Dabiq France celebrates the attacks as paybacks for France’s bombing of ISIS in Syria. Dabiq is the name of the slick monthly publication that ISIS publishes. ISIS supporters using this hashtag #باريس_تشتعل  to celebrate attacks.ISIS accounts are announcing that they will attack London and Rome next.

Better map showing all seven of the attack locations.
Better map showing all seven of the attack locations.

Seven locations attacked, not six or six:

  1. Two or three attackers hit Bataclan Theater with gunfire and bombs shouting, “This is for Syria!”, many hostages taken and killed, band and 100 others escaped, 87 killed, including 4 police officers.
  2. Two gunmen with AK-47 and grenades attacked two restaurants – Le Petit Cambodge, a Cambodian restaurant and Le Carrillon Bar- at the Rue Bichot and Rue Alibert intersection near the Charlie Hebdo offices, 11 killed and 20 wounded.
  3. Three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a MacDonald’s Restaurant across the street from the Stade de France Stadium and at two entrances of the stadium, Saint Denis, Five killed, five wounded.
  4. Outside Le Belle Epipue Cafe/Bar, Rue Charonne, 19 killed.
  5. La Cosa Nostra pizza restaurant, Rue De La Fontaine, five killed.
  6. Suicide bomber blew himself up on Voltaire Boulevard, 1 killed, the bomber.
  7. Calais, France (Possible revenge attack) – Refugee asylum seekers camp set on fire. Possibly a revenge attack by anti-Islam French nationalists.
  8. Rumors of attacks at the Les Halles Shopping Center, Beaumarchais Boulevard and the Pompidou Center are unfounded.

At least 128 dead, including 87 at the theater, 180 wounded.

French military has taken to the streets of Paris. Military troop carriers seen on the streets.

State of emergency in France is the first declared since the Algerian Civil War.

New York police mobilizing as a precautionary measure.

No word on whether Obama will cancel the Climate Summit in Paris scheduled for coming days.

Refugee camps in Calais are in flames. No word on why.

Why are refugee camps in Paris on fire?
Why are refugee camps in Paris on fire?

Video of Bataclan Theater appears to show bombs and gunshots amidst shouting.

Link to the Stadium attacks: Only hours before the Stade de France attacks, the German soccer team had been evacuated from their hotel due to a bomb threat.

The theater was near the Charlie Hebdo site, not the restaurant.

Excellent map of four of the shooting locations
Excellent map of four of the shooting locations. Les Halles Shopping Center was a false rumor.

Attacks started at 8:37 PM in Paris.

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0 thoughts on “Latest Updates on the Paris Terror Attacks”

  1. Damn…this can’t end well. The French are an extremely tolerant and non-prejudicial people. Not any more after this. There will be a backlash on immigrants, Muslim and asylum-seekers for a very long time to come. Serves them right. European cultures cannot coexist with primitive backward barbarian Islamic cultures…it’s like oil and water.

    Such a cowardly attack. Ever since Charlie Hebdo, these Al-Qaida types have made Paris a place to avoid.

    1. They’ll have to make a choice between being tolerant and continuing to survive.

      Ever since Hebdo attack, I’m surprised they haven’t battened down the hatches and started pruning the terrorists out!

  2. Wow…great reporting Robert. This is the first coherent report of how this unfolded…fuck all MSM! Notice the lack of blood or images of bodies just continuous loops of swat teams running around on CNN. Saw one picture of a pregnant women with the top of head missing laying in front of a café but that is it. Effete elite consensus assures this will keep happening until the people shout “no more”! Is Marie Le Pen a lock now?

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