Latest Updates on Details of Location, Attacks Type and Victim Count at all Paris Terrorist Attacks

The map below is the best map available at the moment, but it probably has some problems.

Better map showing all seven possible attack locations.
Better map showing all seven of the attack locations.

Much information on the attacks is confusing, conflicting, convoluted or simply not true. The following was the best I was able to sort out of the mess at the moment. We don’t even know for sure how many attack locations there were. Nevertheless, this list is probably one of the best and most complete descriptions of all of the attacks that you can find anywhere on the Net at the moment. Totals: 127 killed, over 200 wounded, many seriously.

  1. Four attackers attacked Bataclan Theater near the Charlie Hebdo offices with gunfire and bombs shouting, “This is for Syria!”, many hostages taken and killed, band and 100 others escaped, 87 killed including four police officers and all four attackers.
  2. Two gunmen with AK-47’s and grenades attacked a restaurant and a cafe/bar – Le Petit Cambodge, a Cambodian restaurant and Le Carrillon, a cafe/bar – at the Rue Bichot and Rue Alibert intersection, 11 killed and 20 wounded.
  3. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a MacDonald’s Restaurant across the street from the Stade de France Stadium and at two entrances of the stadium, Saint Denis. In addition, there was a bombing not involving a suicide attacker. Five killed, Five wounded.
  4. Drive-by shooting outside Le Belle Epipue, a Japanese restaurant at Rue de Charonne and Rue Faidherbe, 18 killed.
  5. Two gunmen with automatic weapons attacked the patio outside La Cosa Nostra pizza restaurant at Rue de la Fontaine, Five killed.
  6. Suicide bomber blew himself up on Boulevard Voltaire near the Bataclan Theater, one killed (the bomber).
  7. Calais, France (Possible revenge attack) – Refugee asylum seekers camp set on fire. Possibly a revenge attack by anti-Islam French nationalists.
  8. Rumors of attacks at the Les Halles Shopping Center and the Pompidou Center are unfounded.
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0 thoughts on “Latest Updates on Details of Location, Attacks Type and Victim Count at all Paris Terrorist Attacks”

  1. You are listing too many locations. According to the mainstream media, there were 3- Bataclan, Le Petit Camboge, and the Stadium. They’re not talking about any others.

    1. Wrong.l Three more are here:

      Cambodge attack involved more than just Cambodge

      The first attacks occurred on the Rue Bichat and Rue Alibert, near the Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Attackers shot at people outside Le Carillon, a café-bar, at approximately 21:20 CET.[16] They then crossed Rue Bichat and attacked Le Petit Cambodge (Little Cambodia), a restaurant, leaving between four and eleven people dead.

      Casa Nostra shooting

      1. Shots were fired at the terrace of La Casa Nostra, an Italian restaurant, in Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi south of Rue Bichat, by a man wielding a machine gun.[21] The Paris prosecutor reported that five people were killed here.[2] An eyewitness reported people were killed by a gunman firing “bursts of three or four shots.”

      Rue de Charonne shootings

      1. Two attackers fired for several minutes at the terrace of La Belle Équipe, a restaurant on the rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement of Paris before returning to their car and driving away.[8] at approximately 21:50 CET.[21] Police confirmed that 18 people were killed by gunmen who opened fire on the restaurant’s outdoor terraces.

      2. Another attacker detonated his explosive belt on the Boulevard Voltaire near the Bataclan theatre.

  2. Just saying what the news is claiming- only 3 scenes in general. They did say something about reports of other locations being “false” for some reason. You may well be right- I’m just telling you what the big news outlets are saying.

    The guy outside the Bataclan? That was one of the Bataclan attackers, who apparently tried to escape into the neighborhood, but blew himself up when confronted. So that isn’t being called a separate attack on the big news channels.

    1. Today, the same news channels are reporting the others. Why they were focusing on just the three, is for anyone to guess. Trying to be on the safe side, after the shopping center turned out to be false…?

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