Friday the Thirteenth in Paris


Superb article by Chris Floyd,  one of my favorite writers. He pins the blame for all of these jihadist monsters on the US.

I do not think that is 100% true, but the fact is that the US always whatever rightwingers are  around – be they fascists (Operation Gladio and many rightwing dictatorships the world over, mostly in Southeast Asia –  the Philippines and Indonesia, Latin America – Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, Africa – Kenya, South Africa, Rhodesia, Zaire, Kenya, Morocco or Europe – Turkey, Portugal, Spain and Greece) Nazis (Operation Condor, Ukraine).

All you have to do to get US support is be a rightwing government and this holds true under both Republican and Democratic Administrations. The radical fundamentalist and often sectarian Islamists absolutely hated secularism, socialism and Communism, so they were and are great tools for us to use when we attacked secular, nationalist, socialist or Communist governments anywhere on Earth.

We started this crap with the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran in 1953, where we used Islamists to help in the coup. In 1965, we used Islamists among others to help Indonesia kill 1 million Communists in a very short period of time. We really picked up the pace with Brezhinski’s brilliant idea under Carter to use radical Al Qaeda types to overthrow the Communist government in Afghanistan. The Afghan jihad virtually created the international jihad, and Al Qaeda and the rest of the global jihad types. There are allegations, not quite proven, that the US helped to arm, fund and train the Chechen radical Islamists against Russia. We used Islamists against Libya and now Syria. We are currently arming Islamists against Iran.

Bottom line is we helped to create this whole mess. Not through pure design, sure, but these global jihad monsters were the logical outcome of US policies which continue to this very day in Syria and Yemen where we are supporting radical Sunni Wahhabi Islamists sectarians including Al Qaeda against the populist Houthi rebellion and the majority of the Yemeni Army who has gone over to them. We recently backed radical Sunni Islamists in Lebanon to attack Hezbollah.

Global jihad is our baby. It’s our Frankenstein. We made it, and now we have to deal with the consequences.

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22 thoughts on “Friday the Thirteenth in Paris”

  1. Bob, I agree
    The middle east mess was due to 3 things:
    1)The US/west/Israel fuck the arabs/muslim royally to loot their oil wealth and to secure Israel through controlling the monarchies there
    2)The arab/muslims fuck themselves up, like try to justify their tribal backwardness and all manners of sectarian wars with their religion
    3)They invite the west/US to fuck themselves. Best example is wahabis allied with kufir limeys and froggies to rebel against the ottoman kaliphah during WW1.

    Another excellent example of arab/muslims hypocrisy is inspite of severe Islamic law against homosexuality, a sizable % of arab/muslims are closet fags. I personally predict ‘World Jihad 1’ one or two decades from now, triggered by a uranium dust(non fissional) bomb exploded in a major non-muslim capital as an act of vengeance against depleted uranium shell used in arab areas.Street civil wars break out in major euro countries between fascists and islamists. The disorganized jihad armies will be defeated within days and the kufir nations will divide the arab oil field loots among themselves. 100s of 1000s of euro-muslims will be deported back to their lands of ancestry

    1. The US doesn’t need mideast oil now, as so much fracking is going on. However, it was a mistake to try to get middle east oil to begin with. It involved the US way too much in the middle east, and fostered too much hate against the US which may come back as revenge.

  2. I doubt if Communism would have ever gained a foothold in the Muslim world, even if the US hadn’t encouraged radical Islam.

    So now I wonder what ep-gah and other’s response to the “fascist 3rd world charge” brought up? Did the US really support terrible far right governments, or, are the people to blame because they’re corrupt, lazy, etc.. due to being of vastly inferor genetic stock?

    Probably the answer would lie in between. Yes, many third world people, probably due to incest and other factors in rural society, do have a genetic basis for low IQ. On the other hand, the governments have done “diddly squat” to help the people at all. Unlike in Cuba, where they made a real effort to improve the environment (improved education, healthcare etc..)

    1. Now it’s ep-gah and other WNs turn at the witness stand. OK, did the governments below really make an effort to help the common people? Anything at all? 🙄

      I do not think that is 100% true, but the fact is that the US always whatever rightwingers are around – be they fascists (Operation Gladio and many rightwing dictatorships the world over, mostly in Southeast Asia – the Philippines and Indonesia, Latin America – Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, Africa – Kenya, South Africa, Rhodesia, Zaire, Kenya, Morocco or Europe – Turkey, Portugal, Spain and Greece) Nazis (Operation Condor, Ukraine).

  3. I don’t think you can compare the Muslim world to the rest of the third world. Generally any revolutions in say Latin America are confined to Latin America, and the same in sub-saharan Africa. However, the Jihad is something brought into the west by immigrants.

    All this stuff will only lead to a backlash where the Muslims are thrown out. Hopefully though, the right wing governments which will gain power in Europe won’t be too extreme (like Hitler) and kill the disabled, support weird genetic programs and the like.

    Of course, given the US aversion to fascism, as with Hitler, it’s libel to make war on Europe simply cause they turned Nazi. How could a US government, given the huge liberal bias etc.., have diplomatic relations with any government run by white natonalists?

    Nobody could ever dream of a war with Europe now, but it could happen again.

    1. The question is, “Will this incident in France be forgotten?” If it keeps up, Europe just might go fascist. What would be the probability?

    2. That’s what confuses me. Americans will happily associate with terrorists, wear Che “Commie Terrorist” T-Shirts, but balk with white nationalists.

      Europe would NEED to “go Fascist” as you put it, to kick out THIS MANY terrorists. It’s clear the democratic process is either doing a shit job of it, or letting the shit in on purpose to replace their electorate with people KNOWN to be corrupt and cheaply bought off!

      “Will this incident be forgotten” is not the question.
      “Will We Fight Back” is the question. Or will we pretend it never happened, and France continues jailing people like Bardot for pointing out Moslems are dangerous, because we don’t want to get them mad and make them dangerous?

      1. Europe will go fascist, and the US will elect Trump (and his police state).

        Yeah, true people need to “fight back”. However, maybe the karma of Europeans and Ameicans is so bad, that “fighting back” won’t solve thier problem at this point. They’re fucked.

  4. Note again That 70 percent of Pakistanis marry thier first cousin. Half of all Arabs, in general, come from a highly imbred genetic line.

  5. I was 10 when I saw Rambo III. It never made sense to me back then why would America support Mujahiddens (even back then we knew these were the bad guys, the terrorists) while portraying the Russians as evil.

    Well all history changed when chickens came home to roost on 9/11.

    Washington DC still does not make any sense.

  6. We overthrew Mossadegh because it stole our oilfields. The reaction to theft is linearly related to the value of what is stolen. You break this pen on my desk, I’ll give you a slow-clap and ask if you feel better. You steal something worth BILLIONS from me, I might snap YOU!

    Supporting the Moslems was a mistake, but once Russia stole our nuke, we couldn’t face them directly in an “open and honorable battlefield” or similar cliche, because they said they’d nuke us, and they were just crazy enough to do it! The Moslems were the only ones crazy enough to fight the commies, so we held our noses and did it.

    It didn’t work, Russia overthrew the Shah and installed the Obama-shit insane Ayatollah anyways, didn’t they? That made Iran our enemy, so we armed Iraq to kill them.
    The Ayatollah is a religious figure, so we weren’t the only ones recruiting terrorists to do proxy war.
    Same with the Russia-backed ANC, ZANU, etc. in Africa, and overthrowing Cuba and giving them a nuke to menace us with!

    However, it seems the Third World savages forget who gave them that power. Saddam turning on us was just its version of “You Didn’t Build That, I Did”, right?

  7. Now almost all your gung ho pro-Israel American patriots will support Trump, so will all redecks, and finally all white supremacists will like him. All due to security and immigration being the main hot topic.

    We now have our American Hitler, but we all know what happened to Hitler in the end, and so will also happen to the American people. 🙄 Oh Yes. 😆

    Trump is so fake it’s beyond recognition, but enough people will fall for him, as with Hitler to vote for him. They will put faith in their future, as Trump will provide jobs galore for American citizens, assuming they’re not Mexican, or Islamic.

      1. Well, he’s not Reagan or Eisenhower, but he’s as close as we’re going to get in this squalid era.

        Calling him Hitler, though, is wrong, he’s more like some Leader of the French Resistance.

        As I understood it, NAZIS were the ones who breached sovereign borders, stole resources, and killed everyone in their path!
        That would mean Mexicans and Moslems are the Nazis.

        Or do you just believe “Defending Ourselves Is Wrong”, and you’re even invoking Godwin’s Law about it?

        1. No Mexicans are Mexicans.
          Muslims are Muslims.
          Nazis are German national socialists from World War Two who were involved in a genocide against Jews.
          Two much confused thinking Jason Y. One definition does not mean another definition despite some similarity. Basic logic.

        2. Calling people Nazis is bit like the Nazis calling calling Jews subhuman vermin. Stop disrespecting Muslims and Mexicans by calling them names.

        3. Well, people keep misusing the Hitler/Nazi comparison, I was pointing out that we should let invaders play the invaders’ roles, and defenders play the defenders’ roles, if we want to “match” now to some point in history.

  8. FRIDAY THE 13th

    The reason some of the so-called “religious fanatics” were remembered as party animals who haunted strip clubs and watched porno with their wives is simply…the Jason factor.

    IT’S FUN FOR SOME GUYS TO LOB OFF SOMEONE’S HEAD. Jihadi John who was remembered from high school for his love of Freddy Krueger is such a Muslim.

    Nothing to do with a Caliphate, its fun to lob people’s heads off or stab them 50 times just to see the blood spurt out.

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