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  1. Some women are attracted to wife beaters and psychos, mainly cause the women enjoy submission, and perhaps are psycho themselves. It could be that women prefer psycho guys cause normal guys bore them. In other words, the crazy guys are unpredicatable, and the women have tons of fun trying to understand why the crazy guy is crazy. 🙄

    I say, “Let them have each other.” 🙄

  2. Robert, what do you think about this PUA article? Of course I don’t agree with its deeply misogynistic tone (that’s where Roosh, Tucker Max and a lot of other playas come from) but there seems to be some element of truth that I can agree with. Of course a lot of women are capable of extreme evil and cruelty but I don’t think it’s a white woman thing (the author singles out white American/Western women as the most evil, hateful creatures). I don’t think so, I have had more than a few experiences with Asian women and they can be extremely manipulative, scornful and jealous. Indian women – where do I even begin – most modern day, urban Indian girls are bitches of the highest order and will do everything in their power to make your life miserable.

    All women, in their FREE state, revert to unbridled bitchiness. I do agree with one point the author makes: while black women (and by extension Indian, Asian or Latino women) can be as evil as the white ones, they know their limits and boundaries out of fear of being BITCH-SLAPPED by their men. The author is trying to suggest that white Western women haven’t known this FEAR since a very long time, especially in a post-feminist culture like the United States, and that white men are totally emasculated since the slightest threat of violence will have them thrown in prison because their wives and girlfriends wouldn’t hesitate one sec to call the cops on their abusive behavior.

    The further assertion the author makes is a dangerous one: he tries to project Adam Lanza, the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook massacre, as a victim we ought to sympathize with because his life was ruined by his mother and other evil white women at the elementary school. Definitely he was psychologically damaged as all mass shooters are, but it cannot be ignored that there is a slight possibility the women in his life, brought him to a ssaturation point. towards this, the author offers some compelling evidence like Adams mother and teachers tried to incarcerate him in a mental institution.

    You can read the whole article here


    The mainstream media is playing up the 20 children that were killed in the school but severely downplaying the fact that the other 7 people Adam Lanza killed were EXCLUSIVELY FEMALE. Whenever any female dies, no matter what type of a life she had led up until her death, the mainstream media elevates her to the status of sainthood. She can never have done any wrong in her life (whereas dead men were always “troubled” or had “run-ins with the law”). Therefore, we will never know for certain if any of the 7 females that Adam killed were either saints or CUNTS. My guess is that they were all TOTAL CUNTS.

    Adam Lanza first killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, age 52, then he killed the FEMALE school principal, Dawn Hochsprung, age 47, then he killed the FEMALE school psychologist, Mary Sherlach, age 56, and then he moved onto FEMALE teachers (the order of the killings may not be as above, in that the media reports are conflicting). I believe that by the time he started murdering children, he had either become an automaton, and was no longer in control of his own actions, or he killed them for what he thought was a more altruistic reason, which I will explain further down. So, why do I call what Adam Lanza did “SELF-DEFENCE”? Because a person with borderline autism perceives the world with blinders on. He zeros in on the cause of his pain, and eliminates it without any emotion or often times reason standing in the way. When Adam Lanza realized that eliminating his female tormentors did not eliminate his pain, he had no choice but to kill himself.

    So why did he murder the females above? Look at their photos. They are all over the internet. I have been studying female body language and facial expressions for decades. I am paid exorbitant sums of money to teach other men how to read sluts the way I do, and subsequently how to seduce them. I can safely conclude based on my detailed analysis of those photos that the females Adam Lanza murdered were ALL CUNTS! These females were EVIL–and it took an idiot savant like Adam Lanza to see what the general public either could not see, or did not want to see. These evil, vile, middle-aged females were emotionally abusing the school children in order to feel better about their own pathetic lives. They were conspiring like black witches around a cauldron full of powerful elixers, to load up the children entrusted to them with powerful psychiatric medications. Adam Lanza was once chemically abused like these children. He murdered these children because in his mind he was putting them out of their misery. That is why he did it. He killed 7 females in SELF-DEFENCE and killed 20 children OUT OF SHEER MERCY, to spare them from the sad, lonely life that he was living.

    The mainstream media tried to spin the story by purporting that Adam Lanza was “angry” because his mother worked as a “volunteer aide” with the first grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, so he murdered the kids out of jealousy. However, that sort of malicious reaction is not typical of a man with Adam Lanza’s type of personality disorder. Instead, if you research the tragic events a bit more deeply, you learn that the CUNTS at the school had convinced Adam Lanza’s mother to PUT HIM IN A PSYCHIATRIC HOME. Rumour has it that his dear departed mother was making preparations to dump him there PERMANENTLY. THAT’S what triggered his violent outburst. And THAT’S why he killed them all. He was awkward, but not stupid. Just like the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, he knew that once he entered a facility like that, he was NEVER coming out. A cabal of menopausal witches … his mother, the principal and the psychologist … were conspiring to kill Adam Lanza’s spirit. SO HE KILLED THEM FIRST!

    What possibly could have PREVENTED Adam Lanza from going on his killing spree? The love of a father or the love of a brother; both of which he had not spoken with for two years. Peter Lanza, a very loving father who the Marixst Mainstream Media have tried to indirectly vilify, had joint custody and tried desperately to see his son. But Adam Lanza REFUSED to see his father after his father started dating a new girlfriend. One has to wonder how his aging CUNT of a mother manipulated Adam Lanza’s feelings to make him turn against his father. His mother would have been 50 years old and in full blown menopause when Adam Lanza stopped speaking to his father because of the new girlfriend.

    “50” is a mind-blowingly devastating age for any female to reach. I suspect that Adam’s mother reacted jealously and made snide remarks, which caused Adam to stop seeing his father. After Adam’s mother isolated him from his father as a bitter act of vengeance, she could no longer control him, so she decided to put him in a home. That way she could start her “new life” as a binge-drinking peri-menopausal CUNT. And why wouldn’t she? With $289,000 a year in alimony, and Adam Lanza’s father also volunteering to pay for Adam’s college, car and medical insurance, she could afford it.

    And why did Adam Lanza’s mother volunteer to fuck with the minds of First Grade students at the school? Because she wanted to CONTROL other human beings. Brave Adam would NOT allow her to control him, so she had to find another outlet for her Evil White Female Syndrome. Adam knew it and Adam felt that he had to put a stop to it!

    The FemiNazi-inspired western criminal justice system gives murdering females a pass by affording them the “benefit of the doubt” whenever they kill a male. If a female murders her father, then he was obviously “sexually abusing” her. If she murders her husband, then he was obviously “emotionally and physically abusing” her. If she murders her children, then she was obviously suffering from “post-partum depression”. A murdering female can do no wrong! However, when a male kills a female, he is without exception labelled as “abusive, controlling, obsessive, psychotic, etc.” That is why Adam Lanza is not getting a fair shake by the mainstream media. He was a troubled human with a penis.

    1. Evil White Female Syndrome.

      That kinda sounds catchy….wait till the MGTOW misogynists, Roosh, Tucker Max, Returnofkings bloggers like Matt Forney get a wind of it. It should spread like wildfire.

    2. You see, if a white slut is smacked by a black man, she is more likely to accept it as “part of being a black man’s bitch” and either learn to live with it, or just end the relationship and forget it ever happened. She never takes it personally. But when a white man does it to her, it often drudges up repressed feelings of resent toward her father, brother, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, boss, etc., and she is more likely to passive-aggressively lash out by finding ways to “punish” the white man for the misdeeds of his predecessors, thereby making him angry.

      Actually, I found THIS paragraph to be the worst part of the essay…because it’s more than a little true!

    3. As it turns out, the last Comment overthrew the whole article:
      A bit late – but new evidence was revealed that Adam was beaten by his classmates and that the teachers and school administrators turned a blind eye. His mother, at one point, threatened to sue the school.
      So he was bullied and he struck back…Zero Tolerance — for the guy hitting back, not the original bullies!

      1. Ah..thanks. I didn’t notice that at all.

        Proves my point. Most PUAtards have really become so blind in their hatred of women that they have lost all sense of objectivity and any credibility that goes with it.

        I do see their point though that women are aggravating creatures and it can sometimes be a sheer struggle to keep up with those inflammatory mood swings, constant shit tests and PSYCHOPATHIC behavior.

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