What’s with the Insistence by the West That Assad Must Step Down As Presdient?

The goal of the promoters of the war pitting radical Islamists against Assad is obviously regime change. This is why there are all the fake cries of “stop the killing” and “let’s have a peaceful settlement.” Do we want a peaceful settlement in Colombia, Turkey, Ukraine, Chechnya, Dagestan, the rest of the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Somalia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Lebanon, Yemen, Israel or the Congo? Of course not.  The US could care less about the killing, and we only support peaceful settlements if we think we can achieve some of the goals the US proxy force was fighting for via settlement.

So we are promoting peaceful settlement in order to do regime change and force Assad out of office.

Also, Assad is not allowed to run again.

Why is it so imperative to get rid of Assad? Why is it that “Assad must go?” Obviously this is coming from the Israelis. Why the insistence by the Israelis on Assad’s departure? What do they think they can achieve by getting rid of Assad? How does getting rid of Assad and forcing elections benefit the West and Israel?

And don’t give me this BS about how the US cares that Assad is brutal or killed a lot of people in the course of fighting this war. The US has always supported some of the most brutal regimes on Earth when they were having civil wars. America cares absolutely noting about human rights. Our allies can go ahead and violate human rights all they want and we could care less, but when our enemies start violating human rights, we start jumping up and down screaming how evil they are. It’s all phony hypocritical crap, and it’s nothing but lies. Really all the US government does is lie. I would be shocked if the government ever told the truth about anything.

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  1. Dear Robert

    One of the more preposterous arguments used against the man who once was called a mild ophthalmologist is that he kills his own people. Well, so did Abe Lincoln. To Lincoln, the citizens of the Confederacy were Americans, so the Union Army commanded by Lincoln was shooting at fellow Americans. If the Confederacy was a foreign country, then Lincoln was guilty of aggression. Take your pick.

    Either the Assad regime is legitimate or not. If it is legitimate, then it has the right to quell rebellions. If it is not legitimate, then it can’t lose its legitimacy by repressing rebellions because it doesn’t have legitimacy in the first place.

    This prolonged civil war is very depressing. Without foreign intervention against Assad, it would have been over within a year. At least Russian help for the secular regime of Assad, the best friend of Syria’s religious minorities, will give the forces of religious tolerance some chance to avert collapse at the hands of primitive fanatics who are intent on establishing a bloodthirsty religious tyranny. Incidentally, the butcher of Damascus is married to a Sunni woman.

    Regards. James

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