Tough Guy Thinks He Is Too Tough to Run from Lions


That was a very bad decision.

Remember, in order to not get killed by the lion chasing me, I don’t have to outrun the lion. I just have to outrun you. A good analogy for allo sorts of “arms races” between humans or groups of humans.

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0 thoughts on “Tough Guy Thinks He Is Too Tough to Run from Lions”

  1. I’d have liked to see the next few seconds. The guy who pulled her off seemed to act very like a man pulling his dog off.

    1. It reminds me of the time a lion cub mistook me for a tree. The cub, however, was on a leash so the whole thing was over quickly and harmlessly. I didn’t even have time to get frightened.

      The guy in the video could have faced her and starfished to make himself look big and yelled. A punch to the nose might have been good; what have you got to lose?

      Having his back to her was the bad idea. Predators have to kill what they eat so they prefer not to fight.

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