TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

I plan on posting a number of articles abut this catastrophic TPP agreement that sadly looks like it is going to become law. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrific this trade agreement is. In a nutshell, it does away with all governments and makes it so corporations rule the world. Any government that passes any law that limits current or future profits of a corporation could be sued on the grounds that that law was a “trade barrier.” The corporation can sue in a kangaroo court made up of corporate types for damages,and the corporation will always win and the governments will always lose.

Government have had to pay out many millions of dollars to corporations for passing laws that limited their profits under NAFTA. And yes, all laws dealing global warming can also be challenged by this Frankenstein of a bill.

As you can see, it encourages the murder of labor leaders, union members and organizers because killing union members would not be a violation of the Labor Section of the agreement. The parts of the TPP dealing with labor and the environment are written in boilerplate and are entirely voluntary, while the sections that allow corporations to rule our lives in written in very strict legalese.

It’s worse than a catastrophe. It’s an out and out nightmare, and it’s the end of representative government as we know it. All governments will become irrelevant, and in their places, we will all be ruled by corporations. In other words, multinational corporations will become our de facto governments. It is stunning how crazy that is.

All the Republicans are for it.

Of course the Democratic Party is down with this agreement all the way. Obama is pushing it like crazy. There was a brief uprising a few months ago when it looked like the bill might not get through the Congress because so many Democrats were against it. This was followed by maniacal lobbying on the part of corporate lobbyists and an all-out propaganda blitz by the US media, 10

The “liberal” New York Times came out very strongly in favor of it and said that Obama’s legacy would ride on whether he could get this bill through or not. In other words, according to the “liberal” New York Times, if Obama could not get the bill through, then that would mean that his Presidency was a failure. So the Times threatened Obama with complete humiliation and damage to his mark in history if he could not get the TPP through.

Note that the entire “liberal” media came out in favor of this monstrosity. Note that “liberal” Obama came out in favor of it. I know some Democratic Party stalwarts who seem to support this nightmare bill. They think that people who oppose it are “extremist nuts.”

These people support anything that Obama does. If Obama is for it, then they support it. He can push the most reactionary stuff you could imagine, and these stalwarts will never oppose Obama or any other Democrat for one second. We really need to get away from this insane partisanship, as it is irrational.

To these folks, everything Republicans do its bad and everything Democrats do is good. Unfortunately, once you take that POV, Democrats are free to act as rightwing as they want to, and their moronic stalwarts will support everything they do because it’s treason to oppose a Democrat.

I will be posting more abuo9t this awful and insane trade agreement in the coming days, but this will be good for a starter.

TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

by Eric Zeusse, from Global Research

U.S. President Barack Obama’s capstone to his Presidency, his proposed megalithic international ‘trade’ treaties, are finally coming into their home-stretch, with the Pacific deal finally being made public on Thursday November 5th.

The final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) proposed treaty would leave each signatory nation liable to be sued by any international corporation that objects to any new regulation, or increase in regulation, regarding climate change, otherwise known as global warming. In no terminology is that phenomenon even so much as just mentioned in the “Environment” chapter.

Regarding labor issues, including slavery, the “Labour” chapter of the TPP contains merely platitudes. (Obama allowed Malaysia into the compact despite its notoriously poor record of non-enforcement of its ban on slavery, because he wants the U.S. to control the Strait of Malacca in order to impede China’s economic and military expansion; it’s part of Obama’s anti-China policy. Almost everything that he does has different motives than the ones his rhetoric claims.)

Throughout, the treaty would place international corporations in ever-increasing control over all regulations regarding workers’ rights, the environment, product safety, and consumer protection. But the environmental and labor sections are particularly blatant insults to the public — a craven homage to the top stockholders in international corporations. The World’s Richest 80 people own the same amount of wealth as the world’s bottom 5

The full meaning of the terms that are set forth in the TPP agreement won’t be publicly known for at least four years, but the explicit terms that were made public on November 5th, and that will be presented to the 12 participating nations for signing, are entirely consistent with what had been expected on the basis of Wikileaks and other earlier published information.

The 12 participating nations are: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam. Three countries were excluded by U.S. President Obama, because the U.S. doesn’t yet control them and they are instead viewed as being not allied with the main axis of U.S. international power: U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel. Those three outright-excluded countries are Russia, China, and India. (India, of course, has hostile relations with Pakistan, which is Sunni and therefore part of the Saudi-Qatar-Turkey portion of the U.S. international core, basically the Sunni portion of the core. By contrast, Russia and China have been determinedly independent of the U.S., and are therefore treated by President Obama as being hostile nations: he wants instead to isolate them, to choke off their access to markets, as much as possible. This same motivation also factored largely in his coup to take control of Ukraine, through which Russia’s gas passes on its way into the EU, the world’s largest gas-market.)

6 nations that Obama had invited into the TPP were ultimately unwilling to accept Obama’s terms and so were excluded when the final text was published: Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

The phrases “global warming” and “climate change” don’t appear anywhere in the entire TPP document, nor does “climate” nor “warming” — it’s an area that’s entirely left to international corporations in each one of the separate participating nations to assault as much as they wish in order to gain competitive advantage against all of the other corporations that operate in the given nation: i.e., something for each corporation to sacrifice in order to be able to lower the given company’s costs. That raises its profit-margin. This also means that if any international corporation claims to be subjected in any participating nation, to global-warming regulation or enforcement which poses a barrier or impediment to that corporation’s profits, then that corporation may sue that given nation, and fines might be assessed against that nation (i.e., against its taxpayers) for such regulation or enforcement. National publics are no longer sovereign.

The “Labour” chapter is a string of platitudes, such as, “Article 19.7: Corporate Social Responsibility: Each Party shall endeavor to encourage enterprises to voluntarily adopt corporate social responsibility initiatives on labor issues that have been endorsed or supported by that Party.”

President Obama’s Trade Representative, his longtime personal friend Michael Froman, organized and largely wrote Obama’s proposed trade treaties: TPP for the Pacific, and TTIP and TISA for the Atlantic. Froman told the AFL-CIO and U.S. Senators that when countries such as Colombia systematically murder labor-union organizers, it’s no violation of workers’ rights — nothing that’s of any concern to the U.S. regarding this country’s international trade policies or the enforcement of them. On 22 April 2015, Huffington Post, one of the few U.S. news media to report honestly on these treaties, bannered AFL-CIO’s Trumka: USTR Told Us Murder Isn’t a Violation, and Michael McAuliff reported that, “Defenders of the White House push for sweeping trade deals argue they include tough enforcement of labor standards. But a top union leader scoffed at such claims Tuesday, revealing that [Obama] administration officials have said privately that they don’t consider even the killings of labor organizers to be violations of those pacts.”

In other words: This is, and will be, the low level of the playing-field that U.S. workers will be competing against in TPP etc., just as it is already, in the far-smaller existing NAFTA (which Hillary Clinton had helped to pass in Congress during the early 1990s). (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, all campaigned for the Presidency by attacking Republicans for pushing such ‘trade’ deals. Their actions when they gain power, contradict their words. America and virtually the entire world has become rule of a suckered public, by perhaps as many as a thousand psychopathic aristocrats who own the international corporations and ‘news’ media, and who regularly do business with each other though they wall themselves off from the public.

Typically, at their level, it makes no real difference which country their passport is from.) “Trumka said that even after the Obama administration crafted an agreement to tighten labor protections four years ago, some 105 labor organizers have been killed, and more than 1,300 have been threatened with death.” The Obama Administration is ignoring the tightened regulations that it itself had managed to get nominally implemented on paper. “Pressed for details about Trumka’s assertion that murder doesn’t count as a violation of labor rules, Thea Lee, the AFL-CIO deputy chief of staff, told HuffPost that USTR officials said in at least two meetings where she was present that killing and brutalizing organizers would not be considered interfering with labor rights under the terms of the trade measures.”

Furthermore: “’We documented five or six murders of Guatemalan trade unionists that the government had failed to effectively investigate or prosecute,’ Lee said. ‘The USTR told us that the murders of trade unionists or violence against trade unionists was not a violation of the labor chapter.’”

That U.S. Trade Representative, Michael Froman, is the same person Obama has negotiating with foreign governments, and with international corporations, both Obama’s TPP, and his TTIP & TISA.

The most important chapter in the TPP treaty is “Dispute Settlement,” which sets forth the means by which corporations will sue countries for alleged violations of their stockholders ‘rights’ to extract profits from operations of those corporations in the signatory countries. The underlying assumption here is that the rights of international stockholders take precedence over the rights (even over the sovereignty rights) of the citizens of any participating country.

Instead of these suits being judged according to any nation’s laws, they are allowed to be addressed only by means of private arbitration “Panels.” The Dispute Settlement chapter contains “Article 28.9: Composition of Panels.” Section #1 there is simply: “The panel shall comprise three members.” Each of the two Parties will appoint a member; one for the suing corporation, and the other for the sued nation; and both of those members will then jointly select a third member “from the roster established pursuant to Article 28.10.3”; and this third member will automatically “serve as chair.”

Article 28.10.3 says that anyone who possesses “expertise or experience in law, international trade, other matters covered by this Agreement, or the resolution of disputes arising under international trade agreements” may be selected for the roster, so long as the individual meets vague criteria such as that they “be independent of, and not be affiliated with or take instructions from, any Party.” No penalty is laid out for anyone on the roster who lies about any of that. Basically, anyone may become a person on the roster, even non-lawyers may, and even corrupt individuals may, especially because there are no penalties for anyone on the roster, none at all is stated.

Then, “Article 28.19,” section 8: “If a monetary assessment is to be paid to the complaining Party, then it shall be paid in U.S. currency, or in an equivalent amount of the currency of the responding Party or in another currency agreed to by the disputing Parties.”

There is no appeals-process. If a nation gets fined and yet believes that something was wrong with the panel’s decision, there is no recourse. No matter how much a particular decision might happen to have been arrived at in contradiction of that nation’s laws and courts and legal precedents, the panels’ decisions aren’t appealable in any national legal system. Whatever precedents might become established from these panels’ subsequent record of decisions will constitute no part of any nation’s legal system, but instead create an entirely new forming body of case-law in an evolving international government which consists of international corporations and their panelists, and of whatever other panelists are acceptable to those corporate panelists. Voters have no representation, they’re merely sued. Stockholders have representation, they do the suing, of the various nations’ taxpayers, for ‘violating’ the ‘rights’ of stockholders.

The roster of authorized panelists available to be chosen by any corporation’s panelists in conjunction with by any nation’s panelists, is UN Expert Calls for Abolition of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Arbitrations. That’s the system, otherwise called “ISDS,” which already exists in a few much smaller international-trade treaties, and which is now being introduced on the largest scale ever in TPP and in Obama’s other proposed treaties. The U.N. press release, calling for its “abolition” or explicit outlawing, said:

In his fourth report to the UN General Assembly, Mr. de Zayas focuses on the adverse human rights impacts of free trade and investment agreements and calls for the abolition of Investor-State dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) that accompanies most of these agreements.

“Over the past twenty-five years bilateral international treaties and free trade agreements with investor-state-dispute-settlement have adversely impacted the international order and undermined fundamental principles of the UN, State sovereignty, democracy and the rule of law. It prompts moral vertigo in the unbiased observer,” he noted.

Far from contributing to human rights and development, ISDS has compromised the State’s regulatory functions and resulted in growing inequality among States and within them,” the expert stated.

Earlier, on 5 May 2015, I headlined, “UN Lawyer Calls TTP & TTIP ‘A Dystopian future in Which Corporations and not Democratically Elected Governments Call the Shots’.” I close now by repeating the opening of that report:

The Obama-proposed international-trade deals, if passed into law, will lead to “a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots,” says Alfred De Zayas, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order.

These two mammoth trade-pacts, one (TTIP) for Atlantic nations, and the other (TTP) for Pacific nations excluding China (since Obama is against China), would transfer regulations of corporations to corporations themselves, and away from democratically elected governments. Regulation of working conditions and of the environment, as well as of product-safety including toxic foods and poisonous air and other consumer issues, would be placed into the hands of panels whose members will be appointed by large international corporations. Their decisions will remove the power of democratically elected governments to control these things. “Red tape” that’s imposed by elected national governments would be eliminated — replaced by the international mega-corporate version.

De Zayas was quoted in Britain’s Guardian on May 4th as saying also that, “The bottom line is that these agreements must be revised, modified or terminated,”because they would vastly harm publics everywhere, even though they would enormously benefit the top executives of corporations by giving them control as a sort of corporate-imposed world government, answerable to the people who control those corporations.

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17 thoughts on “TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers”

  1. I must mention two countries very nastily involved in that world-wide agreement you are speaking about, two countries where the agreement has actually been valid under other names for decades : Brazil and India. I know both in a very intimate though involuntary way, having nothing to do with the cultural or mystical pursuits generally suggested by the very naming of either.

    Please first don’t believe anything that pretends to be left-wing, either centre-left or even radical left as the infamous present-day Greek prime minister claims to be. They are even worse than the right-wing Republicans you are rightfully inveighing about. Please give no credit whatever to the fact that Brazil has a supposedly radical left government. Please give no credit neither to the fact that India has now a supposedly radical nationalist government, but for that latter matter, I think you are already convinced. The problem is that thanks among others to the recent trade agreement (TTP) the common law of India as well as of Brazil has just acquired significance of global judicial magnitude.

    You have described at length many pervert uses of multiculturalism at the service of transnational corporative economy, but you have seen nothing. Let me describe real Hinduism as I have been living it from inside, and it is ripe time that people be informed about it like they are or pretend to be when it comes to the ravages of radical Islam. It is even more such a ripe time that Hinduism (or more accurately said Vaishnava Dharma or Sanatana Dharma), contrary to Islamic Sharia, has been gradually considered more and more part and parcel of English Common Law and many other European Law systems without any need for qualification, the judgements pronounced according to it are considered applicable to all “English” subjects and not only to particular believers or cultural communities as is often the case with Shariah in Britain. It is much worse than all you can rightly think about Judaism. With the TTP all Indian-writ jurisprudence referring to Vaishnava Dharma will be applicable to all. So let me describe the Vaishnava dharma system in a nutshell as regards your own dearest subjects of interest.

    For the Vaishnava Dharma system, the only relevant social unit is neither the human individual (as per Ayn Rand, for instance, or the traditional John Stuart Mill liberals) nor the state (however small or world-wide, as per Marx or Sorel), it is the corporation, both in the traditional caste society meaning of a professional guild where employment is obtained by birth, or in the more modern American or British sense of a world-wide profit-making entity. Corporations as per the Indian law are not persons, they are supernatural. They are deities. They are actually the way the deities of common hinduism should be conceived by. Criticizing a single one of them is blasphemy, it is not punishable by death but it is prohibitively sanctioned nevertheless. You criticize a corporation and even though the state doesn’t lecture you about the religious aspect of your demeanour as the Islamic states do when you deny Allah or Mohammed too loudly, even though you are not threatened by a religious sanction applied by the state such as beheading or whipping, you are sanctioned for your insult against a community of one billion belonging as heavily and maybe more as when you start going into antisemitics in America, you can be made into a non-person instantly, to the point your signature has no longer any value at the foot of any document.

    With the TTP all the jurisprudence that applies to Jews as Holocaust victims will also apply to Hindus and all their idols as the claimant party against former colonizers and racists, it is actually beginning to do so. Please make no mistake about it : Hindu gods and goddesses are not kind : they are corporate, and even for the sweetest ones humans in general look like scum. They are but the personification of corporations, of social bodies that think and act in your place as you are part of them, they are egregors as the magicians put it.

    To take an example, if you want to apply for a job at IBM’s (many Indians still do much old-style mainframe programming) you invoke the relevant traditional deity IBM has been assimilated to right from the start to have the good graces of the entity on your side. You can indifferently use the traditional mantras and yantras associated with the entity to achieve various magical results such as winning quality employment over a competitor much more competent than you (being too competent is considered as ego inflation and you are just guilty if you don’t pounce on the heretic by any means available to transform his ruin into your advantage, like in the games of checkers), or use the more modern logos and slogans associated with the said company.

    The more I am about to describe you Hinduism, the more you will long for the glorious days of Macaulay and Dufferin when some naive English missionaries seriously considered uprooting the who thing to make way for Christianity (not the East India Company, though, to whom Britain was but a servant of a rank just a little higher than India proper), the more you will regret that France hadn’t won over England in that region of the world, since their much less hypocritical intention was to destroy Hinduism and make way for a Roman-style administration the same way they were destroying heresies and superstitions among their own peasants. The hippies who made the India trip are to my sense very guilty of something even worse than the marxist believers that made the pilgrimage to Moscow or to That Chai during the Chinese cultural revolution. Those hippies were so eager to see spirituality and romanticism of the kind they were shown by tour guides parading as gurus and insulating then from all surrounding reality where there was only callousness made into religion, they are philosophically responsible for a yet unheard of bomb of enforced misery that is about to befall all humanity unless some natural disasters and unpredictable wars of gratuitous destruction monkey-wrench the clockwork somewhat. Please pray for the climate to grow suddenly much madder that have been threatening the climate pessimists for the alternative is much more horrible. These human demons that have been operating Hinduism in India have been preparing their particular thing of the whole world order to come for centuries.

    I wouldn’t say millennia or geological eras as they themselves say, their thing is much more recent than is generally assumed by all conceited Western Indologists, Vaishnava Hinduism as we know it is actually more recent in India than Persian and Ottoman Islam, even Sanskrit is no so ancient a language, they are master delusion makers of the grandest kind, they believe in deception as in the noblest of all human endeavours, as participation in divine work at the highest degree : to put the matter in a simpler way there remains absolutely nothing of what India used to be before Islam, it was among others Buddhist for a millenium and more and nothing remains of Indian Buddhism, it then grew into Shaivism and Shaivism remains somewhat only in about the 5% considered most backward by the rest, Islam is the oldest urban-like faith extant, even though not the contemporary form of Islam at all we know of, modern Hinduism or better said Vaishnava Dharma appeared only about 1450 quite like the Flemish piety and philosophy that was to flourish into modern Calvinism (together with striking resemblances between both).

    It must be noted that before that date the majority of Indians had never believed in reincarnation and karma as is commonly presented, even the ancient rituals still practiced now by countrymen fear for the soul to go into Hell, not to undergo a bad reincarnation. To put it in another way, India is a country having entered the New Age fraud as we know it in America from the late Middle Ages onwards, and it is from that date on that things in India really went bad on a permanent basis : up to then they had been vey bad only at the time of military conquests by invaders or of revolutions. The capacity for such people to make believe so much other people in so much bunk can make you very despondent about human nature and that is also a calculated effet of theirs.

    Don’t believe in any of their works of high classical erudition as soon as it is positively valued by the Vaishnava dharma mentality, suspect even a supposedly Vedic text to be 30% Vedic at the very most and novel for the rest (especially when you find rather modern names being announced along the verses). Sanskrit is not the oldest language of India : though it bears traces of very old states of language evolution, most of its structure is surprisingly modern (the most used form of past tense is formed with the possessive verb as in colloquial French, and for the rest it eschews all grammar by compounding giant agglutinative words as bureaucratic German or American do) since it started out as a successful Esperanto (the very name Sanskrit means non-natural, elaborated) after the Buddhist period had begun (long before the collapse of literacy made it into a sacred language reserved to a caste), as a more artificial, scientific, easily-translated and versatile alternative to Pali and other languages, even though it supposed to include older Vedic texts as an allowable mode of expression, the nearest equivalent of it would be a kind of very bureaucratic, bookish and unimaginative Italian where Latin phrases would be allowable without being the regular mode of expression (it was actually question with Peano and others to devise such a language for modern Europe before English took over for good), or a compound language formed with 20% biblical hebrew words and 80 German words as Yiddish is. When you study Indian things you must delve into bunk, bunk and yet even more bunk, you have to accept everything as being bunk by default, you must always consider that delving for truth and exposing truth as conceived by traditional Westerners, especially as regards history and politics, are considered the hallmark of an inferior being, of the kind who should have never been taught reading and writing, by any self-respecting Indian scholar. Indian erudition is a world where the philosophy of Derrida had won over the order of the day about everything for eternity : there is no such thing as a truth to be discovered or disclosed, truth is a something to be encased and hidden from the eyes of the do-gooders and also from your own ego to be a truth and for you to deserve survival by the management of it, better to rape girls than secrets.

    Corporations are deities and vice-versa. Money is more than a deity, it is the Supreme Being’s own eternal female consort, Lakshmi. Lakshmi is not there to help you be moral in money matters, she is Money as such, she is the highest feminine being ever, you have to offer graces to Her as you see the tycoons harvesting it from all humanity by all ways and means. You don’t make money as an individual in Hinduism, money uses you as a mere transmission relay when it jumps from one account to another, from one pocket to another, individual will decides nothing about her, you are powerless and non-existant before her like a droplet in an ocean. You are not the author of any of your actions and money is the God-willed force for you to realize it. Attacking the power of money as such in the world is far more than a blasphemy, it is renouncing to your whole status as a human being, you are a Chandâla, less than a dog. The Supreme being, the Godhead can be conceived of as of a banker of karmic points, and Lakshmi is the material enabling force devoted to His service. With the TTP, any unhappy Hindu scholar will be able to require the suppression of any publication merely disbelieving in the divine nature of money and in the divine sanction of economic inequality, that has been gradually more and more the case in India from Mohandas Gandhi up to Modi and with him that is absolutely the case. This is not a recent corruption of Hinduism, Hinduism was like that as it was defined, especially by Caitanya.

    I will take another example. Generally in the West a mystic first renounces to materialism and regrets most painfully, most sobbingly the various misdemeanours he indulged in to make money, and then only becomes a mystic (except for the American Calvinistic exception that is actually far from being exceptional). In India you have to succeed first as a callous merchant or as a con businessman by any means (if that was your station of birth as most urban Indians are supposed to be) and then only as a kind of reward for having deployed all your powers of cunning you enter spirituality. That was the case with one of the most admired guru of the advaita vedanta school of enlightenment by both East and West, Ramesh Balsekar, actually the most renowned one to have lived in contemporary Mumbai. He was first known as a master embezzler at the head of the Bank of India before he got initiated by a guru, escaped all legal sanctions that awaited him in that very way, and immediately started publishing book after book teaching illumination to all lesser sages. He did not turn into a vulgar street guru for the gullible hippies, he turned instantly into an academic reference comparable only maybe to Adi Shankara. Some will say that in the present dark age we all have to accept that more and more of those impostures are to happen. No, Vaishnava Hinduism always worked that very way right from the start.

    Brazil has a similar mentality, that goes on a par with spiritualism as it is called, a kind of New Age thought imported from 19th Paris rather than from Santa Fe, and giving much importance to divination sessions with pendulums and table-turning. The result is exactly the same as with Hinduism : criticizing the social order of the day is negative thinking of the first order and deserves the highest punishment.

    1. The current Kali Yuga concept is but a fraud to get energy and maintain power by making people desperate.

      The Kali Yuga fraud is one the most eloquent proofs of the spurious character of what has been presented as hinduism for quite a few centuries. Originally, the Kali-Yuga, as per the Vedas, was supposed to have lasted five centuries (512 years to be more accurate), after three others, Golden, Silver and Brazen having lasted 2048, 1548, 1024 years (the numbers can vary from 996 to 1036 but those writers who put down the Vedas did not know any word for numbers beyond the thousands, and considered the sacred art of divinatory arithmetic to be unworthy of a mathematician of noble birth beyond about one thousand, so much for Whites priding themselves of mathematical ability in front of Swarthies, who on the other hand in India had been doing merchant accounting with the ten-place system and with billions of coins since long before the foundation of Harappa). The Veda and related epics referred to these four ages as having elapsed for good, quite like the mythical time of the Iliad and of Oedipus in Greece, and the great majority of exegetes concluded more recent history NOT to fall in one or in another of those ages, but to be given the choice between the four depending on the individual’s moral outlook : pleasure-seeking people would live Kali-yuga conditions, knowledge-seeking people Bronze age conditions, austerity-seeking people Golden-Age conditions, and so on… Anyway, Vedic thought considered non-sacred history to be both an impious and impossible pursuit, but Vedic thought had disappeared out of India with the advent of the Buddhist empires.

      The idea that Humanity is now experiencing an age of Kali having begun under Krishna about 5700 years ago and bound to last five hundred other millennia of ongoing degradation hearkens back not before about year 1000 as for the first writers of mass consumption Vaishnava Hindu fiction and went mainstream only with Chaitanya in the 15th century, as the Brahmin caste themselves adopted for the interpretation of scripture the zero and the decimal place system that up to then they had left over as for merchants only : that was at the time the Brahmin caste, for lack of employment as professors of literature and spirituality in a new state of civilization having less and less use for culture, went into utilitarian mathematics and accounting to the point of making them into new sacred sciences so as to secure themselves a privileged situation at any price. For that reason zeroes were added galore to the old symbolic figures stated by the Vedas and the Smriti (e.g. the Ramayana, the Mahabharata) so as to produce the figures we are told of by contemporary gurus and no Western Indologist ever dares to put into question. The new million-long Kali Age concept had the advantage of dispensing the Brahmin caste to achieve any fruit of virtue or mere honesty since the necessary subtle energies to behave in a noble way had been dissipated, since intellectual activities were no longer good for salvation, since know-nothing self-abandonment to God was now the only way to salvation in the Hindu sense (self-annihilation).

      Check for every such detail of all what is supposed to be an inalterable and extraterrestrial science revealed to the Vedic seers of long ago and you will see that the reason for the statement of nearly each single one such as the Kali Yuga is grossly Marxian, i.e. defending class interests that happen to be quite recent.

  2. Walah! That’s why you have immigration in a nutshell, besides the fact the white birthrate is low due to late child rearing. The NWO trade deals are tearing up the third world, making them go to the USA.

    1. Of course, despite the obvious suppression of labor and low wages, White nationalists will keep calling third-worlders “little monkeys” who deserve poverty.

      1. They do deserve poverty, since they keep breeding, which RAISES SUPPLY! Thus, even if a whole litter demands higher wages, they find another litter who will accept the current wages.

        They don’t exactly learn restraint by crossing our border — especially when they cross it ILLEGALLY, the ULTIMATE lack of restraint — so they repeat the impoverishing behavior patterns HERE, and impoverish US along with them!

        1. Does breeding raise supply, or is it irrelevant? They’ve always breeded like that. When did it become a problem? 🙄 Maybe when 1st world companies started making a wreck of the third world, basically forcing the third world poor to emigrate.

        2. It became a problem when they didn’t have the resources to support it, and demanding WE fund their “Better Life”.

          It WOULD BE breeding normally, IF we let the excess die. Once the excess no longer died, we no longer needed to breed spares.
          I promise you, I wouldn’t mind a bit if they bred a fucking LEGION everytime they came into heat, IF I DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!

          We never made a wreck of the Third World. We upgraded it, gave them electricity, sanitation…and FOOD AND MEDICINE, that caused them to HAVE excess population that they needed to dump on us. PLUS it showed the savages that something better was POSSIBLE, so they reasoned if we brought them this much upgrade in THEIR country, how much more could they steal in OURS?

      2. To put it the way you put it in another thread: Their wages are low because they are awash in excess kids. How is that the fault of whites?

        1. It WOULD be “breeding normally” — for the 1700s or an environment where disease and starvation pruned the excess broodlings. In the Civilized World, the only thing that could possibly prune their population is each other’s predatory nature.

    2. What do you mean that’s why we have immigration?
      TPP will destroy our wages, making it even EASIER to outsource to Third World Hells–and if they come here, they will bring the Third World with them!

      Don’t you get it? Even the economists who say they “help” the economy say they do it by “acting as a hedge against increasing wages”

      They brag they keep wages low, and you want that…Why? So we can all be Third World Hells together? In the 70s there was the question of whether we will raise their Standard of Living or lower ours. I guess this is the Answer…”In The Name Of Equality!”

      1. Yeah true, but increased wages of what? There are plenty of blue collar professions with, with a little study, would make straight white males a crap load of money. Also, studying in high school can lead to scholarships for in-demand fields in math and science.

        I know recently that there were thousands of math jobs, but nobody can do them. 🙄 Who’s fault is that?

        1. Of course, I’m not for more immigration. Nonetheless, you can’t deny some people (white straight males) won’t study. 🙄 Just like blacks, or browns or anybody else won’t. Again whose fault is it? 🙄

        2. Also if people hate blacks and browns, especially the mean ones, a high paying blue or white collar job practically means you can move to neighborood where you won’t be harassed at all. You can count on it.

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