An Anti-Russian Lie: Russia Is Not Bombing ISIS in Syria

I believe that Russia did not attack ISIS in the first few days of Russia’s Syria campaign. Instead, the very first day, Russia attacked some of the CIA-backed rebels, in a severe slap in the face to the US. That is why you saw the crazed, frothing at the mouth reaction on the part of the Administration and many Congressmen. Putin pretty much punched America right in the face, and we deserved it.

I believe in the first few days, non-ISIS targets were attacked, but after that, Russia has been hammering away at ISIS like crazy. Every day, Russia lists the targets attacked, and ISIS is typically among them. Nevertheless, the West started in on this lying narrative “Putin is not attacking ISIS” at the start of the campaign, and they have never let up on it.

Every day I read articles in the Western press saying “Russia is attacking everyone but ISIS.” They just won’t quit. Apparently most folks in the West still believe that Russia is attacking everyone but ISIS. It’s just not true. In fact, Russia has hammered ISIS far more in a few weeks than the US Coalition did in a year.They’re making it up as far as I can tell.

However, I will tell you that Russia is lying about some things. Russia is hitting quite a few targets in Western Syria in support of the Syrian Army which has gone n the offensive in the area. But Russia doesn’t want to come right out and say that they are bombing targets in the West, including non-ISIS targets.

Why not? Because Russia has enough problems as it is. Yes, Russia is bombing in the West in support of Assad, but what’s the point of admitting it. It will just make the West even more enraged at Russia. So when they bomb targets in the West, they often say that they bombed targets in the East to take the heat off Russia. The people in the West are all jihadis anyway as far as I can tell, and many are either Al Qaeda or closely associated with the group, so it really doesn’t make any difference if Russia is bombing in the West or in the East because almost all of the rebels are Islamist psychos.

Apparently they started in telling the  truth in the first few days because Russia was indeed not attacking ISIS, and then instead of running articles saying “Russia Is Attacking ISIS Now” which would make Putin look good, they just carried on with the old story about attacking non-ISIS targets as if nothing has changed. Surely most folks in the West must believe that Putin is not attacking ISIS. How pitiful.

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0 thoughts on “An Anti-Russian Lie: Russia Is Not Bombing ISIS in Syria”

  1. I fail to see what’s wrong with the Russians attacking all of the Assad government’s enemies since they are there as that government’s allies.

  2. Some say that Russians play a role of the world pariah today just as did Jews and Blacks in the past. People in the West just need to hate somebody, but hating Jews or Blacks or Asians is not tolerant now, so they hate Russians (another White nation so nobody could be blamed for racism, but it is). No wonder you can barely find a good news about Russia in Western MSM as you could not find a good one about Jews in Nazi Germany.

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