An Anti-Russian Lie: Putin Is an Antisemite, and Russian Jews are Persectuted

This long but good article should put that to rest. It has never been better to be a Jew than under Putin’s regime.

Paul Goble, who is CIA (formally former CIA, but in general there is no such thing) posts several articles a day about how Russia is going to Hell in a handbasket. He posted the “Jews are increasingly afraid in Russia” piece a a while back and it was widely parroted in the Western media. There’s not an ounce of truth to it. Putin is not an anti-Semite, and anti-Semitism in Russia has never been lower.

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0 thoughts on “An Anti-Russian Lie: Putin Is an Antisemite, and Russian Jews are Persectuted”

  1. There was a relatively recent post in Russian media by a Russian-Jewish-American biophysicist Maxim Frank-Kamenetsky (he’s a professor at Boston University) after his visit to Russia.
    He was extremely critical of Russia in general, and personally Putin. However he was very emphatic about the complete lack of antisemitism.

  2. Russia was somewhat anti-Semitic when it was officially a Christian nation (as any European nation has been). Though their anti-Semitism did not go further than not allowing Jews to live in central Russia or becoming a state official. When a Jew become a Christian, all restrictions were lifted, not any type of racism existed in Russia. But since 1917 it is ridiculous to speak about anti-Semitism in Russia. Not only there were a lot of Jews in the Soviet government. But Jews, being just 0.11% of the Russian population, comprise 21% of the top 200 Russian oligarchs and they possess 25% of the wealth. It is just about those who are openly Jewish, nobody really knows how many Jews among the Russian oligarchs or state officials. Could anybody say how many Jewish oligarchs or top state officials are in Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Qatar, the best friends of the USA?

    1. The Murkan Empire is the jewish Empire and for the jews Russia is a roadblock for the world domination plans.

      If Putin goes down he should nuke Shitsrael and the RAT centers of NYC, WASHINGTON, LA, MIAMI, VEGAS,..

      1. Please tell me you’re just trolling with that call for nuking us? Even if they nuked a city that DESERVES it, like Detroit, the radiation will stay there for centuries, and a cloud of dust will spread it all across America.
        Depending how far north or south, that cloud will cross either the Atlantic or Pacific, and either kill China for us, or kill Europe, who are already suffering Third World invasion.

  3. The rich in Russia generally hate Russia and the Russian people. They treat the country like their personal colony, which they can rob freely. Russia is not their homeland, but the source of income. This is why all of them have their bank accounts and real estate in the EU or the US. And this is why many of them give birth in the US, they want their children to be Americans, the blue bloods.

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