The Children Brainwashed to be Jihadis

Quite a frightening documentary about how ISIS is brainwashing your kids, boys and girls, into becoming jihadis. Boys as young as 8 years old have gone on suicide bombing missions.

Most of these camps are located in Syria and the people interviewed are in refugee camps across the border in Turkey but unfortunately, ISIS is also in these refugee camps so people have to be careful about what they say. Some of the footage was shot in Mosul. In the previous video about ISIS in Afghanistan, it showed ISIS in that country utilizing the same brainwashing techniques on boys in the areas it controls.

A truly terrifying video.

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0 thoughts on “The Children Brainwashed to be Jihadis”

  1. Much of the population, say 50 percent, is out of their mind (without medical treatment) due to first cousin marriage, what else would you expect? 🙄

    1. It’s bad ideology, not incest. Otherwise, why aren’t the Appalachian communities blowing themselves up?
      Some of the rescued even say their parents tried to drug them into becoming suicide-bombers!

  2. Last week 60 minutes aired an interview with a US general running the ISIS resistance. When questioned about the constant influx of fighters he said again, “our mission is to clear the battle field, were doing about 1000/mo.”. Excellent answer. Eventually ISIS will run out of easy child recruits and have to reach further and deeper into surrounding communities. Today’s US strategy of slow and continuous assault on them is the right one.

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