“Women Don’t Care about Looks, They Care More about Personality”

How many times have you heard that BS. Let us look at just one image that shows how false that is.

Click to enlarge. Guess what? Looks matter to women. "Creep" usually just means "unattractie guy who shows interest in me."
Click to enlarge. Guess what? Looks matter to women. “Creep” usually just means “unattractive guy who shows interest in me.”
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0 thoughts on ““Women Don’t Care about Looks, They Care More about Personality””

  1. I seriously doubt if looks has anything to do with it. Dating seems to tribal, just as it is in a school or prison. Different cliques form. Girls date guys and visa versa in the tribe. Those thrown out of the circle don’t get any from that circle. Guys who have no friends, not even among outcasts, won’t get any at all.

    1. Iv;e seen nothing special about some church type guys who get married in my rural state of Tennessee. Nothing special about them. They get some cause they’re in the tribe, much the same reason the Amish do.

      Perhaps among non-Christian guys, it might be “bar type guys”, guys who are incredibly social. Those guys, much like John Travolta on Saturcday Night Fever” or Chris Kattan on “Night at the Roxbury”, get some right and left, and there is nothing spectacular about their looks.

      Utlimately, it boils down to being social, and that requres confidence to be social to begin with. Autistic, nerds, overweight, underweight, and other misfits have a hard time developing that confidence.

    2. If you don’t think tribalism is imprortant, look at Jews. Universal hatred of white people, often because they are “exculded from the circle” for one thing for not being Christians.

      Considering how much tribalism plays in, we see looks, at least as far as women are concerned, and maybe with men somewhat (some less attractive (as society would view them) women get some due to being in the tribe.)

    3. Sorry to ramble on, but trust plays a big role with females I think. One who is in the tribe is trusted. Once somebody is trusted, then the likability factor goes up. The woman is more likely to laugh at their jokes etc.. Often girls want someone who makes them laugh, (laugh with, not at, BTW 😆 ), a confident guy can give that.

    4. Myself, as you might expect by reading what I write, hate tribalism. I don’t like schools, gyms, prisons (well who does anyways?), certain workplaces etc.. because they’re heavliy based on belonging to a group. The group thinks it’s superior more than not

      It all seems very fake to me, but then again perhaps people by nature are pack animals, as are many animals we see in nature.

      1. Note though that tribalism can massively backfire, when wanting to “keep in the group” leads to incest, and the resulting birth defects, lowering of IQ etc.. 🙄

  2. I’ll give you a funny example of the pack animal tendency. On Facebook, certain people can say the stupidist things, the most uninteresting thing, like say “I just fixed dinner. 😆 ” and 100 people will like what they say. 🙄

    Why? Because that person belongs to a pack and is likeable becuse he’s in the circle.

    On the other hand, I could say the same things and nobody would like it. All you’d hear is crickets. Maybe a “you suck” comment. 🙄 Nah, probably not that cruel.

    1. I guess this would boil down to the idea of the loveable moron 🙄 However, often these dimwits get women, get married and everything, all cause they’re in the circle.

    1. Why are all these WNs spending so much time on a blog? Shouldn’t they be cleaning their trailers and campers.? You know those things, especially the older models WNs like, are a major fire hazard. 😆

      1. Being uppity is great, especially when you can sell racist white trash into slavery. 🙄 That’s the ultimate rush. And there won’t be any car title loan places to save you 🙄

        1. Oh wait, all the things I speak of are done in prison. No wonder WNs are in uproar. Too much black dick up thier ass. 😆 and mouth 🙄 No wonder the WNs recruit so much behind bars.

  3. This doesn’t illustrate the point too well. I used to lurk on that forum and I recognise the profile they used for the “average” guy. Type up “jsanza” on google images LOL. He’s a mentally handicapped and retarded looking guy. That most likely explains the brutal reaction.

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