It’s All About Israel

Found on the Net:

Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign military financing.

Wow. Sit back and let that sink in for a while. Israel gets more US military aid (and quite a bit of outrageous economic aid too) than any other country on Earth. When it comes to US military aid, the top priority of the US is Israel. Is this the way the American people want it? All of our weaponry going to some shitty little country that’s among the most hated nations on Earth? Do Americans know this fact? Do they approve? Do they disapprove? Do they even care?

I’ve known this fact for decades, but the sheer thump of the brutal reality of it just sank in now.

From US Defense Secretary Carter’s recent visit to Israel:

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday that Washington is interested in tightening its defense ties with Israel in light of the security challenges in the Middle East, adding that “the defense relationship with Israel is stronger than ever.” During an appearance with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon in Washington, he also said “Israel is a cornerstone of our strategy in the Middle East, and its security is a top priority for America, for our military, and President Obama and me personally.”

Wow, let’s look at that quote again.

“Israel is a cornerstone of our strategy in the Middle East, and its security is a top priority for America…”

Wow, “Israel is the cornerstone of US strategy in the Middle East.”

In other words, no matter what we are doing over there, Israel is involved in some way or other. If we are fighting a war, bombing someone, slamming sanctions on some nation of militia, funding a war or supporting a dictator, as a general rule, one of the reasons we are doing that is to help Israel.

In other words, to radically simplify a bit, US foreign policy in the Middle East is pretty much all about Israel.

I have always suspected this. Most of our sworn enemies over there have no beef against us at all. The enemies we have over there are Israel’s enemies. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of America. Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis, even Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein, really posed no threat whatsoever to the US. None of them were or are threatening the US in any way, shape or form. They are or were not bad for America. Who are they bad for? Well, most of them are or were bad for the Jews. They’re bad for Israel.

So really the only reason we have all these enemies over there is because we have decided that the enemies of Israel are the enemies of America. I wonder how many people know that?

So no matter what we are doing over there, in some way, it’s all about Israel. There you have it. The Defense Secretary himself even said so.

Thing is, guys like me say that and we get called every name in the book – antisemite, Nazi, racist, hater, bigot, bla bla. If I say it, I’m a racist, fascist, Nazi nut, but if the Defense Secretary of the US says it, it’s golden gospel.

“Israel’s security is a top priority for America, for our military, and President Obama and me personally.”

He appears to be saying that of all the countries on Earth, Israel’s security is more important than that of any other country! Breathtaking! Israel’s number 1! Forget about all those countries. When it comes to foreign policy, they all take a back seat to Israel.

Once again, it’s all about Israel.

US military aid: it’s all about Israel US Middle East policy: it’s all about Israel. US foreign policy in general: it’s all about Israel.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

I can’t believe he came right out and said that, but I suppose it’s been an open secret for a long time now, right?

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        1. Me too, Duke beat Jones, and ever since then, Jones has been calling Duke a “Shapeshifting lizard”. Namecalling aside, can anyone show ANYWHERE that Jones will admit/has admitted Jewish influence as a sociopolitical problem for the Civilized World?

          Who’s pushing for us to give up our countries in the Name of “Social Justice”? And why aren’t Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, under similar pressures? Or especially Africa, since the current owners are MASSIVELY mismanaging it?

        2. Alex Jones is a big fat loud mouthed libertarian scumbag, I’d trust David Duke way before any libertarian, Jones has his own agenda going on.

        3. Don’t blame Jones on the Libertarians, we have enough problems of our own, without having others attributed to us!

  1. That’s right! That’s why Israel can have a big wall keeping out the Third World Scum that hate THEM, but from Germany to Minnesota, the rest of us are told if we don’t like it, we should leave our OWN countries! (Except they’re not really our countries, if we’re not in control at best, and overrun by Third World Shit at worst, are they?)

    1. European peasants of medevil times were scum. At least they would be if there were a “superior” race to compare them to at the time. The only ones I could think of my be isolated groups. Probably the groups making all the money at the time. Jews would be one, and probably certain white families, not the inbred royals though. 🙄

  2. I think what Jones was saying that humanity doesn’t always divide on race. Race isn’t everything. It’s overemphasized by nationalist groups. For instance, if you take two people with a lot in common, but a different race, they will get along better than two people of the same race but little in common, say two computer programmers, one black and one white.

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