On Alain Soral


You can read his Wikipedia entry and see what he is up to. I just did, and although I don’t agree with him on everything, I would rather have guys like this running the media than our present elites which push a combination of Cultural Left + radical, pro-rich, pro-corporate, anti-people neoliberal capitalism.

That’s pretty much the worst of the Left combined with the worst of the Right. The worst of both worlds.

And the people who push this represent the elites of the entire West. Pushing back against this are people like Soral (who is still quite a Leftist despite whatever lies you hear about him), Putin and Alexander Dugin’s Eurasianism. According to the Left, all of these people are part of something called the Red-Brown Movement which is some weird mixture of Far Right and Far Left, or Socialism/Communism + Fascism, the former being the red and the latter being the brown.

It’s mostly Trotskyite idiots (the poison of the Western Left) like this guy who push the line that Putin, Dugin and Soral are fascists. I do not see a lot of evidence for it, or if they are, then I suppose I must be a fascist myself! Soral still talks like the Marxist he has always been. He was even a Marxist when he “turned far right” and joined the National Front. Reading  through his Wikipedia entry, he still seems awfully Leftist, or if he’s a Rightist, than that is the sort of Right that I could easily support.

He talks and complains about Jews too much, which I think is unnecessary, but he makes some valid points:

In France, all forms of growing communitarianism (gay, Islamic, etc.) form and strengthen through imitation of, hostility towards and opposition to Judeo-Zionist communitarianism, whose privileged status constitutes the communitarian jurisprudence by which their claims against the Republic are supported.

Here communitarianism apparently means Identity Politics as best I can tell. He says that Identity Politics blows (and it does), but all of the IP crowd really got their IP from the biggest IP’ers of them all…ta dum..the Jews!

Well, maybe. At any rate, it’s an interesting comparison. Have you ever noticed that the Jews are the only people on Earth who get to be nationalists, nay, even worse, ethnic nationalists? So the Jews get their National Socialist state over in Palestine, an ethnic nationalist state if there ever was one, but nobody else gets to have one, and if anyone tries, they are fascists and Nazis!

Well that means ethnic nationalism is fascism and Nazism, right? Ok, I will not object. But let’s follow this through here. That also means that the Jews’ sleazy ethnic nationalist project in Palestine is also…wa-la! Fascist and National Socialist, right?

Nope. Everyone else’s ethnic nationalism is fascist and Nazi, except for that of the Jews, because their ethnic nationalism somehow isn’t fascist and National Socialist like the rest! Or whatever. One reason people tire of Jews is because they are always being hypocritical and pushing blatantly unfair and contradictory lines like the above about just about everything, which is what we should expect from an ultranationalist tribe like the Jews because that’s how ultranationalists everywhere act.

As part of the debate on laïcité in French schools, Soral claimed to prefer the Muslim veil to thong underwear.

I don’t agree, but that’s pretty funny anyway.

Alain Soral has denounced communitarianism as a “poison.”

Assuming that communitarianism means IP, he is indeed correct.

To him, feminism was invented by women tiring of their role as mothers. Soral distinguishes two types of feminism: that of the “flippées” (“freaked-outs”) such as Simone de Beauvoir, and that of the “pétasses” (“bitches”) like Élisabeth Badinter. Soral claims that the most problematic inequality is not between men and women, but between rich and poor, and that feminists, who generally come from the upper classes of society, attempt to distract attention from this struggle.

Well no kidding. The Female IP project known as feminism blows, just like all IP. And he divides feminists up into the lunatics and the bitches, although I would argue that most of them are a combination of the two.

When you’re talking with a Frenchman who is a Zionist Jew, and you start to say, well maybe there are problems coming from your side, maybe you might have made a few mistakes, it’s not always the fault of other people if no-one can stand you wherever you go… because that’s basically their general history, you see… for 2,500 years, every time they settled somewhere, after about fifty years or so, they get their arses kicked. Surely something strange here ! It’s as though everyone is wrong except them. And the guy will start barking, yelling, going mad… you can’t be able to carry on with the conversation.

Oh poor Jews! They pissed people off everywhere they went, but it was never their fault! That’s right Jews, keep on blaming other people!

Jews are like the guy who gets tossed out of every bar in the city yet insists that he is doing nothing wrong, and it’s all the establishments’ fault for tossing him. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. I would wager that the Jews have not spent the last two millennia not exactly trying to win friends and influence people, right?

Soral believes that communitarianism in France could have a similar effect, if the French Republic fails to apply its prestigious 1905 Law of Separation of Church and State, which is enshrined in the French constitution. According to a recent TV interview (Direct 8 / 88 minutes), Alain Soral stated: “Today, no one was surprised to see French presidents, prime ministers and other high French political figures meet elusively with the Jewish representing body every year in Paris, meetings that go against the laws of France and send mixed signals to the Republic.”

Well no kidding. The French state France is based on strict separation of church and state known as laïcité. And then the leaders of France go off every year and meet with the heads of the French Jewish community! But that’s not a violation of laïcité now, is it? More Jewish hypocrisy. You wonder why others tire of these people.

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0 thoughts on “On Alain Soral”

  1. Alain Soral also thinks that France will be targeted for a Yugoslavia like Military Operation made by the US/NATO, the Zionists are capable of anything.

    Jacques Chirac was the last great French President, both mainstream political parties in France are jewish controlled.

    Jews win because they control the key parts of the Left and Right, we need a alliance between Far Left And Far Right to figh jewish domination, Trostkytes are all neocons.

    1. I am surprised Hungary hasn’t been targeted for an “operation” to break down their wall to keep out the scum of the Earth, while the rest of us have to drown in the deluge of Third World Shit.

      America’s been the subject of SEVERAL “operations” to prevent us from ever building one! From not providing the funding in their “Amnesty For Wall” deal with Reagan, on up to SEVERE resistance — including name-calling, which should be ineffective, but has become the MOST effective tool — against Trump!

  2. I don’t think the media writ large really gives a shit about social issues other than their use as a shiny bauble to divide and distract from neo-liberal economics.
    The Richie Riches know they have the money to do whatever they want as relates to sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, no matter what bullshit the plebes have to deal with. Look no further than the Saudi royal family as example number 1 of that.

  3. Oh poor Jews! They pissed people off everywhere they went, but it was never their fault! That’s right Jews, keep on blaming other people!

    Jews are like the guy who gets tossed out of every bar in the city yet insists that he is doing nothing wrong, and it’s all the establishments’ fault for tossing him. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. I would wager that the Jews have not spent the last two millennia not exactly trying to win friends and influence people, right?

    My man, you are talking to a tight anti-Zionist here, to be sure.
    The Jews are a tribe, and the tribe operates like every ethnicity/race in the world that is not going to disappear and succumb in the struggle of life, which means in accordance with evolutionary laws for groups.

    This implies a lot of attitudes termed by words ending in “-ism” that a respectable socialist as you are must despise.
    I too despise all those isms, you know?
    But they are necessary on every human group’s part as long as they define the behaviour of (all!) other human groups.
    Granted, this would be solved if the symbols and emblems (includes myths, and DNA specimens) making people believe some other people are their kins while the rest of people are outsiders were wiped off human minds.
    Granted, that’s the what socialists work at, is that not?

    But what if Jewish supremacist Disraeli were right?

    “The difference of race is one of the reasons why I fear war may always exist; because race implies difference, difference implies superiority, and superiority leads to predominance.”

    “Progress and reaction are but words to mystify the millions. They mean nothing, they are nothing, they are phrases and not facts. All is race. In the structure, the decay, and the development of the various families of man, the vicissitudes of history find their main solution.”

    And right he was.

    What do socialists do, when reality is wrong, and they and their hopes are right, which has been the case the whole time?
    What do they do, what don’t they do.

    Back to your blog post.
    What makes Jews so unbelievably annoying as they is the concurrency of:

    1) Huge tendency to psychological… lack of balance, by their very DNA (inbreeding and social isolation effects combined, trickling down for countless generations, go think of it)
    2) Preterhuman intelligence. More of an “have many ideas” kind of, than a “engineering” Mongolian kind of. Which has been, in our humanistic centuries and prior to the onsetting technological age, the key to “influence and affluence”
    3) All what stems from 2: including a huge sense of superiority.
    4) All what stems from the feeling of being disliked, alienated, rejected by the other people (“White Europeans”, in their comfortable view), as it turns out once it’s mixed with 2) and 3): paranoid pride, paranoid hatred for the others projected as hatred of the others for them, with the still deeper paranoia that must ensue from that.
    5) Most heavy drive for power.
    Yes, they have dominated Chess world championships, and they are very highly represented in every line of intellectual endeavor — and, let’s say it, whenever one of them doesn’t suffer from superiority complexes and the Zionist syndrome, they are the best godsend you can get on your side, whatever intellectual activity you are into.
    And yes, so many Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Jews.
    Then you compare their prominence in poetry (close to nihil), literature, other humanities and liberal arts, STEM and physic, and… Law and Economy/Finance, and you realize they are much more promiment in the power-granting fields.


    I think you have noticed how frequently they say they are “proud.”
    Now, to “be proud,” and to cry it loud, is a fundamental way for individual and collective egoes to give themselves solace from complexes of inferiority.
    A look at social media posts shows how those saying they “are proud” are individuals, or individuals belonging to groups/ethnicities/nations with low IQ (IQ is the ultimate myth of our age. Since it widely determines the power an individual, an ethnicity and a nation will have — and it determines it more and more as technology takes stage centre,— and Power is humanity’s God, IQ has become God).

    A super-intelligent Indian gets hired for a top position at Google?
    There you get a million or so Indians spending a week posting they “are proud”. #Indianpride, everyone!
    India’s average IQ is 85, no wonder.
    This is a pattern that applies all the times.

    But what about Jews then? Well, in their case it’s a result of 4).
    If you feel you are great, amazing, and superior, and posses to a higher degree the very qualities every other group values and is after, and after all this you are avoided/disliked… it hurts you profoundly, and you have to react.

    Of course the reaction achieves nothing but to complicate the matter.

    And there we are.
    The complete disappearance of the WASP elite (that I expect any wholesome socialists to despise) leaves a vacuum in the power ladder, Jews fill it.
    The USA becomes a colony of Israel (much earlier than even the aware believe), ruled by a ethnically-defined cabal nursing hatred for (at least, and at first) another ethnic group making up 40% of the population.
    The 40%’s intellectual guides, for reasons pendulating between selfish servilism to masochism, works against the 40% and serves the cabal.

    Alea iacta est.

    Anybody who notices a shadow of the ongoings is a neo-Nazi, paleofascist, enemy of humankind troglodyte.
    The wholesome socialists agree. “Yes, yes. they are simian troglodytes, and troglodytic simians.”

    Boisterous round of applause.

    Let’s take a picture of 2016 USA, shall we?
    Here goes:

    “If we broke up the big banks tomorrow,” Mrs. Clinton asked the audience of black, white and Hispanic union members, “would that end racism? Would that end sexism? Would that end discrimination against the L.G.B.T. community?,” she said, using an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. “Would that make people feel more welcoming to immigrants overnight?”

    At each question, the crowd called back with a resounding no.

  4. You are one demented person who has allowed his mind to run in channels resulting in a diseased imagination based on pride of pseudo-knowledge…

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