Why Americans Blindly Support US Foreign Policy

Whenever the government or the media announces another “designated enemy” of the US, the vast majority of the US population just goes right along with the program and starts hating the new designated enemy. Polls usually show ~70-7

Granted peer pressure is involved in a lot of this. If you support the designated enemies of the US like I do, there are very serious repercussions including ostracism at the very least.

If there is a war going on, no matter how retarded, insane or evil the US is in fighting the war, you have to be a good German and “support the troops” which means support the stupid war effort. To not do so not only leads to social ostracism but also to serious anger and threats of violence.

Most people just want to go along. If the price of opposing US foreign policy means social ostracism or opposing a war means threats or getting punched, most people are not going to do it. Who wants to be a social reject or get hit? Only people like me who are socially ostracized by default and don’t care if they get ostracized even further are going to go out on a limb like that. When it comes to supporting US foreign policy, Americans are surely a nation of sheep. Ignorant sheep.

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0 thoughts on “Why Americans Blindly Support US Foreign Policy”

  1. It could be tied into the alpha male thing. If you don’t support the troops, then your probably some wussy who doesn’t like guns, American fooball, or God. 🙄

    Dissent isn’t cool, especially in the red states. However, the amount of racism varies. In some red states, as long as you support America, you can also somewhat have compassion for other races, and not be such a racist dick.

    1. I don’t know why do people support their local high school, college, or professional sports team? What in the hell do they have to gain from it? Especially since it only feeds elitist thinking and Nazi like confomity, stuff which ultimately leads to bullying and school shootings. 🙄 (Cops reading this. Don’t worry I’m not plotting an attack :roll)

      Of course though, sports are fun, watching and playing. For me only playing, watching is boring is crap, though in person it can be quite fun. Nonetheless, the same idea goes with patriotism. You don’t want to seem like an oversensitive wuss. You know like Jason Y 🙄 , so you better support the team or America.

    2. Could also be the fact people by nature hate and fear stuff that’s different. So they enjoy blowing up ragheads or gooks, 😆 they even enjoying watching Nazis die, even though they’re white, but not as much (unless your a liberal). 🙄

    3. You don’t need have what you call ”compassion” for other races and no have any compassion for its own race, 🙂

      Is not a system where one need supress the other.

      But zelites play exactly with these essential weakness, be or not and pseudo-causalities… for… risk from the map the whitey.


      Is not just the ”sauron eyes”, is duality. When you are blind with one of your eyes. Divide and conquer, put the reds against the blues, because the blues can’t see what reds see and the otherwise is true.

      Zelites just play what humans have as naturally weak.

      1. And what do terrorists play on? Don’t they play on our mercy, telling us they’re going to conquer us, but whimpering about “genocide” if we hit back?

      2. Why can’t you have compassion for other races? Why be an asshole? 🙄 Yes, liberals have compassion for their own race. Saying they don’t is a WN lie. On the other hand, WNs feel a need to bash other races, as a requirement to love thier own race.

        1. No, stop to lies.

          Liberals have any microscopic compassion for white people, any, they are, on average, just a zombie, a pet of idiotic barbaric ”elites”.

          Nope, wn, on average, just look for injustice where they and your people are living, i mean, common, ordinary, simple people, specially, middle and working classes.

          Someone who say ”liberals have compassion for own races, whites include”, seems dangerously desilusional, you believe in fairy tales**


  2. I think it may be a guilt trip. So many Americans are cowards, and they feel ashamed, so they’re reluctant to criticize brave men (at least for the cause they think is right or brainwashed to believe is right) who risk their lives.

    So what if Vietnam was wrong, are you some pussy that’s going to criticize those men and women over there, especially since you were some faggot who spent all the time partying, listening to the Beatles. 🙄 ?

    1. The same psychology is used in bootcamp. Like on Full Metal Jacket the drill instructor calls the recuits queers and worms etc.. Since a lot of the men have insecurity, deep down doubting whether or not they, themselves, are really men, the insults bother them. So they try harder, conform even more, and become the killing machines that the USA wants them to be.

        1. Apathy and tolerance are the last virtues of a dying civilization — Aristotle

          Do we really want to be apathetic and tolerate our own destruction by savages we should’ve been ABLE to beat, if we had but tried?

  3. Note: I don’t really like US policy in the middle east, but given the fact so many Muslim are inbred, a conflict between the high IQ west and the Muslim world is inevitable. It might even lead to genocide of the Muslim world via nuclear weapons.

    1. It’s kind of like Noah’s flood or the extermination of the Canannites kind of thing. Not really genocide, but an act of mercy.

        1. Note: That IQ in the Muslim world cannot go up, because Islam won’t allow it. In other places, IQ can gradually go up with nutrition, breeding with higher IQ people etc..

    2. Actually White Europeans are the inbred ones, their whole appearance is due to inbreeding from light eyes and fair hair. All those traits are the result of cousin marriage and incest. Even in the bible, blonde hair is seen as a sign of leprosy and a disease.

      1. Wow, what a racist! Leprosy is a DISEASE, our pale skin is not. Indeed, HBD says that light skin is linked to 15% higher IQ.
        SO how do you explain nonwhite retardation and tendency toward violence and crime?

      2. Actually White Europeans are the inbred ones, their whole appearance is due to inbreeding from light eyes and fair hair. All those traits are the result of cousin marriage and incest. Even in the bible, blonde hair is seen as a sign of leprosy and a disease.

        But the point is, that at some point they stopped inbreeding. Otherwise, they’d be just like 50 percent of Muslims.

    3. I hope so, I REALLY hope so, ironically finishing off the Moslem Cult, or at least reduction to a number low enough to never cause any problems ever again is our only chance to have a peaceful world.

      HOWEVER, who is invading/trampling/conquering (Their words!) whose countries right now?

      I’ll give you a hint: Civilized World is NOT forcing Christian laws on the terrorists…

  4. New magic word for libs is ”nutrition”, put people super fat and their ”iqs” will be equalized, 😉

    1. You can possibly equalize IQs via nutrition etc.., but the first step is to stop inbreeding. Inbreeding is so powerful it trumps everything else.

    2. Well, actually, to answer your sarcasm, making people fat, as Americans are fat is a silly idea. It doesn’t relate to the fact that kids in Africa etc.. don’t get iodine etc.. 🙄

  5. Isn’t it odd WNs keep bringing up evolution and Charles Darwin, when the real culprit in low Muslim IQ is religion (Muhammad’s lack of permission of first cousin marriages), not some reaction to the natural environment?

    1. Sorry, mean to say “Muhammad’s permission of first cousin marriages”, not some reaction to the natural environment.”

  6. This brings up another deep thought. Ever wonder why high IQ Jews and Palestinians can’t get along? Could it be because the Arab IQ is so inbred and low? How much can one blame on the Jews? Are they responsible for the fact Muslims choose to believe in religion which encourages first cousin marriages? 🙄

    Sure Israelis stole their land, but the US white settlers also took land from Amerindians, who like Muslims, were hateful angry motherfuckers. South Africans took land Africans whom they deemed as inferior, maybe because they just hadn’t advanced in IQ as fast as them.

    1. Note in the Arab world, the population constantly blames Jews for every problem they have. Egyptian soap operas and news is soaked with anti-semitism. But again, the genetic problem was self created by Islam.

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