Frontline Runs Anti-Assad Propaganda


They have been running pieces forever now and every single one of them bashes the Syrian government and promotes the US-supported Islamist jihadis.  What is PBS anyway? Sounds like it is run by either the CIA or the US government. I thought it was supposed to be independent.

We have a free press, right? Fine show me one single major US newspaper or newsmagazine or TV or radio news station that is not taking either the US government line on Syria or worse? Show me one, one, one, one. I want to see one! Show me one single mass media outlet that is supporting Russia’s efforts in Syria and not taking the 100% phony lying US government line?

Americans are absolutely hopeless. They believe everything the media and the government tells them. They must be some of the most brainwashed people on Earth. I bet we are more brainwashed than North Koreans.

There is no free press in the US.

There is no free press in the UK either. Show me one single British mass media outlet that does not support the foreign policy of the British state. In fact, show me one single mass media outlet anywhere in Europe that does not blindly follow the foreign policy of the state. I can’t even think of one. Can you show me one single Western mass media outlet that supported Russia on the Ukraine? Can you show me one that is supporting Russia in Syria.

The West is dead and gone. There’s no free press and instead there is nothing but government and mass media propaganda and nonstop lying. What’s worse is that pitiful Westerners think that they live in free countries with a free press and freedom of speech. Hell they may as well be living in the USSR. Westerners are all brainwashed and hopeless. They believe every lie their governments and controlled media tells them!

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