ISIS Are Nazis


Interesting accents. His Arabic sounds like a Tunisian Arabic accent, but when he speaks Hebrew, he speaks it with a French accent. But if he is Tunisian, he may well have learned French. Or perhaps he is a Tunisian Arab from France who s0peaks both Arabic and French fluently. What is odd is that his Hebrew is also quite good; good, fluent Hebrew.

It appeared on an ISIS website.

If we define Nazis as genocidal antisemites, then ok, ISIS are Nazis all right. Looks like they are trying to finish the job that Hitler started. How many White nationalists will support them in this effort, I wonder. Alex Linder, where are you?

I would say that the Jews are correct when they label some of these radical Islamists as Nazis. Jews are not always wrong in their paranoid screeches you know, and ISIS is, like William Pierce was, definitely not good for the Jews, that’s for sure.

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0 thoughts on “ISIS Are Nazis”

  1. No ISIS are not national socialists.

    They are Islamic people who define themselves as Muslims. I think a little respect with regards to how Muslims define themselves is needed.

    They call themselves IS, their preferred designation, and they are keen to stress that they are running an Islamic state that adheres piously to sharia law as exemplified by the saying and words of the prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, as codified in sharia law in the voluminous collection of hadiths that allow us to access this information.

    Please show respect to Muslims and listen to what they say. They are adults just like you and are perfectly capable of defining themselves and articulating accurately why they do what they do.

    1. Oh I got your point, its sounds similar to your beloved Hindutvadis who are trying hard to establish an Hindu chauvinist state that clearly adheres to rigid caste system, Brutal patriarchy, adhering to the Gangsters handbook ie Vedas(peace be upon it) and attain nirvana by bathing in the holy ganges amidst floating dead corpses and littering garbage everywhere, Wonderful isn’t it?

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