“Scientific” Looks Theory Is Apparently Completely Wrong

Godslayer wrote:

That’s a myth, beauty for both males and females have clearly been defined and there is a clear scientific method.

People don’t randomly cast males for chick flicks. It’s always a white guy, over 6 foot tall, with low body fat, symmetrical face, chiseled facial features.

So-called Scientific Looks Theory is apparently total nonsense.
Click to enlarge. So-called Scientific Looks Theory is apparently total nonsense.

Ok how am I doing it then?

Ok, so how do I get hot women, even hot young women? I even get models in their mid-20’s. How the Hell do I do that if I am only a 5? According to the theory, there’s no way I could do that.

Either 4 or 5 guys can get hot chicks, or their whole “scientific” Looks Theory is shot to shit.

Bottom line is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no “scientific” way to determine if a male or female is attractive or not. Anyone who thinks there is is out of their heads.

For instance, those guys on that site and also the people on Lookism said that I am a 5 at best. That’s just fine. They both also said I have been a 5 all of my life. If I have been a 5 my whole life, why did I get 4-5 offers from modeling companies to be a male model. They simply approached me on the street, said, ” You look like a male model. Want to come work for us?” Do modeling companies hire male 5’s to be models?

They said my nose and my mouth both look very bad. That makes two bad features and that makes me a 5 right there. And the yellow teeth may make me a 4.

Ok so do I do it, or how have I been doing it my whole life? Also how do you explain that there are women nowadays who insist that I am a 9 or a 10? Are they delusional? And even if they are crazy, does it matter? If a woman thinks you are a 9 or a 10 and treats you like one even if she’s being antiscientific about it, what difference does it make?

Also how can you explain that quite a few women and girls since I was 17 would strongly disagree that I was a scientific 5. If humans strongly disagree with the “science” then what good is the science? It’s worthless. How do you know if you are attractive? Because people say you are? How about that?

Also on those sites they say to never go by what people tell you, instead go by the “science.” They insist that ugly men get told all the time that they are handsome? Really? I’ve never seen this in my life. Does this really happen? I have apparently been goodlooking most of my life, so I don’t know what life is like for an unattractive man. But before age 16, I was not known to be goodlooking. I do not think anyone, female or male, ever told me I was handsome or attractive. Something changed at age 16 and I started hearing girls say I was cute.

I would say that if you are a man and females and even gay men are constantly going on about how great you look, then there’s your factual evidence right there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the only determination of attractiveness is the opinions of others. Your own opinion is crap because it’s biased and apparently the “science” is completely wrong.

One more thing: for decades, women have been insisting that Mick Jagger is the sexiest man alive. According to this chart, Jagger is only a 6 in looks because he has “big lips.” Big lips are supposedly ugly and only thin lips are attractive. Yet many of the females who are hot for Jagger love this great big fat sexy lips. So these females are being completely anti-scientific then.

I would say that anyone believing this Scientific Looks Theory BS is overthinking this whole thing. If you’re goodlooking, you’ll know soon enough because if you look good enough, people won’t stop gushing about how good you look. If people are not going on and on about your looks or if they are telling you you look average, then you may just be average. If you look in the mirror, you should see an average looking guy. I have no idea what homely men get told. Do they get told they are homely? I’ve never lived that life, so I am not sure what they get told about their looks. But if you are a male and you look in the mirror and see a homely man, you may just be onto something.

Bottom line is they need to take this Looks “science” and put it in the trash where it belongs.

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0 thoughts on ““Scientific” Looks Theory Is Apparently Completely Wrong”

  1. Ultimately what is more important than look is charisma. Ugly looking gurus, cult masters, politicians, senior managers, hard core prisoners are able to fuck hundreds and thousands females due to exulting aura that cannot be capture by camera.

    Basically do not believe in what women say in their ranking as women are completely illogical people. They are out to deceive even in survey.

    Below Chia Mantak, sex guru probably fuck hundreds of women, probably including white.



  2. Beauty definitely is in the eye of the beholder for a lot of women, I know it is a feel good cliche , one that I used to think was total bs BUT it is true to an extent. Look at Kim K and Kanye. Or Sean Penn and Charlize Theron or Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler with a lot of women or Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman.

    You could say these women were all seeking fame and fortune but these women were all famous and wealthy before they met these guys.

    Some of those guys in your number 8 aren’t 8s , in my humble opinion.

  3. No way is it entirely in the eye of the beholder.

    Some women would get a average rating of 9, others 3. Almost everyone is rating the 9 high or very high. There are some objective reasons too.

    1. Really? How come there are tribes in Africa who think the most beautiful women have huge plates in the lips giving them lips that stick way out? Why are there tribes in Thailand who put rings around women’s necks to make them look like giraffes to be more beautiful. How come Mick Jagger is a 6 on their “science” scale due to his fat lips (which the “science” says are ugly), yet many women think he’s the sexiest man on Earth and especially like his big fat lips?

      How come I have been a 5 my whole life due to ugly mouth and nose according to the “science” and yet I have gotten hot women all my adult life? How come the “science” says I am a 5 or even 4 now (yellow teeth) yet women my age say I am a 10? Are those women antiscientific? They are going against the “science.”

      Have you seen Vincent Gallo? That “science” would say he is technically ugly for a number of reasons, yet he has a bad boy look and many women say he is a sexy as hell and he screws all sorts of chicks.

      It’s either in the eye of the beholder or there’s a “science” behind this stuff. Make up your mind. It’s one or the other.

      1. I never said looks are the sole or even main determinant of male attractiveness or mating success. Attitude, personality, behaviour, status, money, job, sense of humour, fame etc etc

      2. If a man wants to attract women, he should not be ugly, smelly, dirty, or obese. Beyond that, only movie star handsomeness really tips the scales beyond the point of diminishing returns. If, like probably 99.99999999 percent of males you are not movie star handsome, take a shower, wash your hair, brush your teeth, clip your nails, eat vegetables, and go to the gym. After that, make some money, read a book occasionally, carry yourself confidently, try not to be an angry, hostile jerk, and you’ll be fine.

  4. Either 4 or 5 guys can get hot chicks, or their whole “scientific” Looks Theory is shot to shit.

    I had once registered on a dating site called beautifulpeople.com which basically acts as a filteration system where females rate males for their attractiveness on a scale of 10 and vice versa. Obviously, the site became VANITY CENTRAL and I started to hate the obsession with looks. That site is very popular in Sweden, Czech Republic,California, Brazil, India –

    I was rated by at least 14 female profiles…5.7 on average which isn’t bad but I wasn’t deemed attractive enough to continue with my registration on that dating channel.

    Sure looks + game is a real killer but in real life (e.g. Tom Cruise), what we really see on ground is ATTRACTIVE GUYS sulking in the nightclub corner with their drinks like wallflowers while the seemingly ugly guys are all over the hot chicks. Many women would agree with me – Daniel Craig is an ugly guy – he looks like a grave digger – but his body language, confidence and still eyes are a KILLER.

    Tom Hanks isn’t a very attractive person either but he carries himself extraordinarily well, has a brilliant, erudite personality. He’s a real chick magnet.

    If you’re a really attractive guy, you WILL get female attention but that does not always translate into results especially if you’re weak as a mouse.

    IMHO, “Confidence” ranks way above even “game” when it comes to getting the girls you want. A confident guy does not even need game – he can be what he wants and chicks will still flock to him.

    There are days when I wake up in a very cheerful mood and feel like the world is at my feet. The chutzpah, self-confidence and feel-good factor has always attracted girls to me. Well there are days when I feel gloomy and depressed – that’s not really the best time to be courting women.

    Women love a WINNER, a CONQUEROR – someone who will stop at nothing to gain access to her.

  5. I have to mention this while men are mostly obsessed with looks when it comes to women (that’s because most of us are dickheads – women are FAR BETTER HUMAN BEINGS than us in this regard), there are times when even a seemingly ugly girl can blow your mind.

    As long as she is not FAT, I’ve met women who had magnetic personalities….yes, there are women that can attract men with their INTELLIGENCE and CONFIDENCE alone just like it happens all the time the other way around….but that’s a disappointingly small number….maybe 0.2% of women would fit into that category.

    If you’re a FAT woman, however, there is absolutely NO HOPE for you. Better buy a pet dog because no man would want to stay with you for very long.

  6. I don’t think that people would tell an unattractive person that he/she is good looking unless the person straight out asks, and then they might lie. Even then, they would probably comment on one or two decent or not horrible features. Only someone in search of sadistic jollies would go up to an uggo and tell them how attractive they were.

  7. Beauty, scientifically speaking, indeed is not just the most symmetric but someone who express by their faces positive or positively (long term) strong emotions and feelings, because human interactions is based on facial recognition. So, the men with manly symmetrical faces OR with cute faces will tend to be the most beautiful.

    But, based on personal perspective, the most beautiful will be someone who make you happy (”beauty” is relative)

    In my case, when i think excessively to do people look to me in the streets, NO one look. But when my head is free of obsessive-anxious egocentric thoughts many people look to me. What a strange experience!!

    Facial expressions may can have a role here too.

  8. Midface validation from a cute girl is the best feeling ever. I’d rather look like Lachowski and work at McDonald’s for the rest of my life than be born rich but only average looking.

  9. Look i don’t intend to argue this since I have a fleeting interest in game crap.

    I see nothing that supports game other than anecdotes and outlandish claims about romantic partners.

    Game has been thoroughly disproven by science.

    I recall there was a scientific speed dating experiment with random guys and pick up artists and on average the pickup artist’s did worse than the average person and the results were everything pretty much correlated with physical attractiveness. The good looking pa’s did just as well as the good looking average guys.



    Beautiful people marry beautiful people and less beautiful people marry less beautiful people,” said Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at MIT’s Program in Media Arts and Sciences and Sloan School of Management.


    One of the team’s findings, which was consistent with just about every other study done on attractiveness in couples, showed that both partners tended to be similar to each other, Karney said. In other words, attractive people tended to be married to other attractive people.

    If you try to refute my post with anecdotes do not expect a reply.

    But the topic has been studied to death and the same correlation is there 95% of the time.

    Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but these exceptions occur because of socio economic differences, mental issues, proximity issus, lucky, availability issues, fetishes, racism etc….

    On the topic of other countries and cultures where standards of beauty vary from extreme piercings, gauges, neck collars for neck stretching. The evidence seems to suggest that the media definitely plays a role on what people find attractive. But the same rules of assortative matching still applies. The long necked women dubbed most attractive and thus a 9 in their culture are mating with the wealthiest abd whatever they dub as handsome in their society.

  10. Gay men have different tastes than women. They are really into gingers, ask me how I know :-/.

    Actually you don’t have to. Do an image search for “hot ginger” and “hot blonde”. In the former you’ll get a lot of dudes mixed in.

  11. I’m not sure what to make of your experiences, Robert. You were always decent looking, but you never looked like the kind of guy American women would just throw themselves at.

    Perhaps it’s an issue of demographics…? I recall you saying you lived in a highly Latino area. If so, then it kind of makes sense – your whiteness would give you automatic status in the eyes of a lot of women. I’ve experienced this myself with fob Filipinas.

    1. I have been living around Whites my whole life. These Mexican chicks are so hard to fuck. I do not do well here at all.

      Maybe it because I act sexy. Guys say I act like a faggot, but women say I act sexy. The behaviors that guys say are gay, women say they are sexy. Women say I have a sexy voice, sexy walk, sexy way of sitting and standing, sexy way of holding my coffee cup, you name it. They also say I am “too sexy to be straight.”

      I remember when I was 24 years old and working as a magazine editor, one of the women in the office said, “Bob looks like a male model.” From ages 23-25, 3 modeling companies asked me to work with them, and I dated a woman who said she used to run a modeling agency and she said I looked like a male model. Some women my age think I am a 10. Women and fags have been gushing about my good looks most of my life, especially when I was younger. I still turn heads to this day, even 16 year old girls! And I still goodlooking women in their 20’s, 23, 26, 29…some of them are even models!

      I don’t know what it is.Women and girls just love me and it’s been this way since I was 17 or so. I have an ego the size of a small planet and I walk around like I am King of the World. The Looks Theory idiots say that does not matter, but it is all part of your Game, and Game is extremely important, especially on a base of some decent good looks. Do not overlook Game! Some guys almost have Magic. I have seen them in action. Incredible.

  12. Actually, Iv’e seen “dark as night” black women who are hot. Yet, mulatto women are convinced they’re more beautiful than darker women.

  13. A year or so ago a dating site did a research study using their members…they chose all females in the entire range but focused on specifically females who received, on average, FORTY OR MORE request daily from males.

    Some of the women they claimed got hundreds even thousands of request per day for dates. Clearly, “hot,” and every woman, poor, ugly, rich or hot gave their response to the, “ideal,” candidate for a date;

    In perfect athletic shape or near-to
    Earns a minimum of 200 thousand a year

    Basically they only want to date the top 5% of males born. That’s given the choice they will only want wealthy AND attractive men. That’s your T.V.-culture for you. The Social Security Administration just this week released the figures for income brackets and percentages and 71% off ALL AMERICANS, man or woman, earn less than FIFTY THOUSAND A YEAR.

    So, basically, there are no dateable males in America according to modern American females.

    1. Women are more horny then you think. Unless they’re using a dildo, they’re going to have to get thier fix somehow.

    1. Yep, and 74% of Americans never attend college, never have a career, never retire rich or wealthy and 62% of the nation has no retirement other than social security.

      75% of all new jobs are retail, no career, no future, no benefits and no retirement jobs. Half the nation lives in or near poverty.

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