The Buzzing Beehive of Young Female Sexual Gossiping

…As I walked away from my former jailbait lover and her friends at the fair, her friends on both sides her collapsed around her, and all three were buzzing away at each others’ ears as you have seen young women do so many times.

I have never heard these conversations, but I believe they go something like, “Wow you fucked that guy! Really! That’s incredible!” or “What was he like?” Sometimes they will do it even if you haven’t had sex them or if one makes a serious come-on to you. I guess in this case they are saying, “Wow! Do you see that guy? Is he hot or what? Do you like him? He’s cute! What do you think?”

They are buzzing into each other’s ears like bees in a wildly excited manner, chirping away like chattering birds. The female who screwed the guy they are talking about is the center of attention, and she is looking fat and happy, like a prideful little strutting queen who just nabbed herself a prince, if only for a fleeting bit.

If you have ever seen young females acting this way while pointing to some guy, it’s quite an interesting phenomenon. I’m not sure what they are saying, but I can guess. And the whole scene is intensely sexual. I’ve seen females age 17-23 do this, but not much older.

It’s also one of the best things that can ever happen to a man because the buzzing young hottie bees are pointing to you and acting like you like a cherished prize of some sort. It’s extremely flattering. I think it’s happened to me maybe three times in my whole life, twice at age 20 and again maybe five years ago believe it or not, but it sure feels good. It’s one of those once in a lifetime things, and once you experience it, it seems life is complete now, and it doesn’t matter what you do from then on as you’ve already done enough or it all, and now you can die happy no matter what. I wish every male could experience this; it is such a rush.

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  1. That would happen in South Korea or Japan if your a white guy, maybe an African American too. However, these same guys would be ignored back home, that is, a lot of them. Now if you go further, down to Thailand or the Phillippines, you’d also be hunted down for as a husband.

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