The 16 Year Old Girl: Advantages and Drawbacks

Yes, 16 year old girls are for sure the cream of the crop in terms of 13-16 year old girls, as at this age, at least around here, they are fully developed, and I do mean fully developed. They have a woman’s body, pure and simple, and no ifs, ands or butts about it. And their minds are very interesting because a 16 year old girl is often unbelievably mature mentally. If you study them, you would be amazed at how mature that little mind of theirs is. They are smarter than you would ever think.

But at the same time, they can also be frighteningly immature (see below). So you have this very odd and almost stunning maturity going along with this ridiculous immaturity, and they are often both going at the same time. I know it seems crazy, but welcome to the world of the 16 year old girl, a crazy and dissonant world if there ever was one.

That said, some of them around here still look like junior high girls. One was checking me out at the store a couple years ago. I mean seriously head-swinging, rubbernecking checking me out. She came to the counter, and I asked her if she was in junior high. She got offended and said she was 16 and a junior in high school.

I met this delightful little beauty again at the doctor’s, and I must say that the teenage girl is one of God’s most very special and wonderful creations in spite of all of its drawbacks.

Drawbacks such as…immaturity.

I remember from dating them back in the day that even at age 20, I thought some 16 year old girls were insanely immature. I recall I was in the midst of some sexual stuff one when I was 20. Sure it was illegal, but this was the 1970’s, and men aged 18-21 dating jailbaits down to even age 14 was as common as dirt, and no one cared.

In the midst of the fooling around, she blurted out, “I have an Alice Cooper poster on my wall!” in the most insipid, idiotic and girlish voice you ever heard. I almost lost my hard-on right there, and I was overcome with disgust and an urge to throw her out of the room. It was hard to continue with the sex because I was so turned off, but I decided to think of the flag and do it for the country, and I somehow soldiered through.

She fell nuts in love with me almost immediately, but she made me so uncomfortable due to her immaturity that I had to end it because every time I was with her, I had this overwhelming anxiety and feeling of discomfort because she turned me off so much. It was also starting to affect my sexual performance, as your dick unfortunately has a mini-limbic system inside of it.

And I was starting to feel guilty because when I told my friends I was screwing a girl I didn’t even like, and they would bluepill-blast me, “You’re going out with a girl you don’t even like?! What an asshole!

I put up with this extreme emotional dissonance for a while until I could not cope with the guilt and bad vibes anymore, and I paid a visit to her. I made up a lie that I already had a girlfriend, and I had to break up with her. I said it in front of her house while she was outside my car’s passenger window looking in.

She instantly collapsed like a building, exploded into a MOAB of tears, and turned around all at once as if all three acts were part of one Oscar-winning single fluid motion. She ran very fast towards her front door like a little girl, dress billowing, arms flailing, bawling her pitiful head off. She ran inside and slammed the door. It was over almost before it even started, but it was so painful to watch that it seemed to go into slow motion and play into a five minute movie, tears echoing in the Southern California winter night.

I sat there feeling like the lowest piece of shit on Earth. I seriously hated myself.

To make matters worse, I was friends with a lot of her little friends, and they all came up to me afterwards and told me in no uncertain words what a loathsome, disgusting piece of crap I was. Then they all ended their friendships with me, and I felt so abandoned and alone in the universe that I had a hole in my stomach halfway to China.

I saw her again at a fair a year later, and she was at a booth staring at me with a Jailbait friend on either side. She’d seen me first and had a funny look on her face, not hostile in the slightest. She might have been 17, but she seemed incredibly more mature. Teenage girls are funny like that. Maturity in girls doesn’t seem to proceed at an even pace but instead looks more like the Punctuated Equilibrium they talk about in Evolutionary Theory. One day you think she’s 12. You see her again a year later, and she’s 25-30 BAM just like that.

I walked up to her booth, bought something and acted like everything was ok, smiling and a bit apologetic. She did the same, smiling and seemingly accepting my apology. All the old feelings were still there, at least on her end.

As I walked away, her friends on both sides collapsed around her and all three were buzzing away at each others’ ears as you have seen girls and young women do so many times.

It was actually a pretty picture to end the show with just before the credits scrolled across the screen, a nice ending to a crazy movie that had taken a steep bad turn.

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0 thoughts on “The 16 Year Old Girl: Advantages and Drawbacks”

  1. 16 is the perfect female age. The fully developed curves of a woman combined with the taut skin of an early adolescent. Sexy as fuck.

    1. Oh Hell yeah. 16 year old girls look FANTASTIC. Have you seen Malika Obama? Look for the pics of her when she was 16 (she’s 17 now). At 16, she was SO INCREDIBLY HOT OH MY GOD.

  2. The age of consent, at the very least, should be lowered to 15. I don’t know if going down to 13 would be wise though. However, despite that fact, teen girls of 15 or 16 might not be the best to marry. They’re way too immature. Given the modern society, they might also dump you once they become more mature.

    1. Of course though, in the past the culture was different, a farming culture, and it was just the norm of girls to marry at a young age.

      1. Note however though, teen girls back then, most of them, still didn’t want to marry old guys, even if they had money. Has anyone seen the movie “Fiddler on the Roof”? One of the girls is forcibly engaged to a rich meatcutter around 60 years of age, and she sure as hell doesn’t want to marry him.

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