Male and Female Attractiveness by Age

What men are most attracted to - females age 20-23, and it never changes.
What men are most attracted to – females age 20-24, and it never changes. Until age 43, men only like them from 20-22! Incredible.

Two different dating charts from OK Cupid. The one above is for men and the one below is for women.

Women's chart looks a lot different. Women like men the same age or a little bit older until age 32. After age 32, they prefer them just a bit younger, maybe a year younger. From 40-50, they prefer them a bit younger still, maybe 2-4 years younger.
Women’s chart looks a lot different. Women like men the same age or a little bit older until age 32. After age 32, they prefer them just a bit younger, maybe a year younger. From 40-50, they prefer them a bit younger still, maybe 2-4 years younger.
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0 thoughts on “Male and Female Attractiveness by Age”

  1. For men, it really depends. If everyone is the same in terms of wealth and social standing, the chart holds.

    But men’s attractiveness can be bolstered by wealth, power, wisdom,status and looks. Often, the old age man while having attenuated in looks are more than compensated by the wealth, power, wisdom and status.

    When a women tasted a man who bring them to dine in high class restaurant, who is able to see through her move, whose trouble is to choose whether to buy a BMW or a Lexus, and stays in palatial house.

    Compare it to the guy she love who is macho but go in and out of prison.

    1. Yes, I still turn young females’ heads. Even 16 year old girls’ heads. WTF.

      And I had a date with two hotties in their 20’s a couple weeks ago. One was 23, and the other was 29. I went out with both of them at once. WTF.

      What’s going on? I don’t get it. I don’t have the faintest idea how I do this. How do I get these young women? I don’t have wealth, power, status. My looks are headed out. Wisdom? I guess.

      Is it possible that age alone could amount to status and power in an older man? This is what I am wondering.

    2. These are completely different forms of attractiveness you’re are talking about. A woman would find a young man late teens to early 20s the most asthetically pleasing but of course a man that age couldn’t support or provide for her. A woman has the ability to sacrifice the feeling of being physically attractive for money, social status etc.
      Haven’t you heard of the archetype of a woman marrying a older or ugly rich guy but cheats on him with the young hot gardener when he leaves for work?

  2. I would say the selection of wealth and wisdom over anything else in mating is what characterize East Asian society, and it is a mix bag of good and bad.

    On the positive side, the scumbag gene will be more likely to get breed out and Chinese women are far less likely to go for tattoo neck. (no doubt serial prisoner still get a lot of sex)

    On the negative side, there is too much stressing on monies that true love seems lacking. Our women will go divorce once their husband get out of job. Also you see lots of dynastic lucky sperm get a lot of fucking opportunity, not by merit but by mere fact that these people inherits a fortune.

    Right now, white man has a lot of advantage in mating East Asian women due to the supremacy of wealth, technology and hollywood culture. Individually white man is stronger than East Asian.

    But once China become richer and far more powerful than USA on per capita basis, East Asian women will dump white man, and this is happening in Manchuria, where Russian women are open to marriage to Chinese man as their men busy in getting themselve drunk.

    Imagine a future where white man land become a land of pot, drunk, incest, rape and murder.

  3. Oriental women look pretty hot, even in old age. They literally have to be 80 or something before the old factor kicks in.

  4. I don’t agree with these dating site surveys. They simply do not take into account individual preferences which grossly vary across genders and demographics. There’s really no one-size-fits-all formula that can uniformly apply across all age groups. But yes, some general observations may be true, and you don’t have to really bother with samples from dating sites.

    Yea, men across all age groups are attracted to girls in their late teens or early 20s. No shit, sherlock. Those girls are young, nubile, so much pleasant and far less bitchy than their older counterparts. As a man that has just turned 33, I enjoy the RESPECT I receive nowadays from 18-19 year old girls. I remember even a few years back they used to be more condescending to me because I looked boyish and cherubic (I resembled a teenager even a few years ago). Men should avoid trying to look “cute” even if you look younger for your age – it’s a total attraction killer. That shit may fly till you’re say 25 but no longer. Maturity is a big plus with any age group of men. All that “WHITE KNIGHT” bullshit should die out at a certain age.
    Most women continue to feel a strong attraction to men older than them no matter how old they find themselves. Women are forever trapped in a time capsule, a bubble of their own imagination where they continue to view themselves as that 18 year old girl that everyone would give an arm and a leg to score a date with. As they age, they become sadder that it’s no longer the case. While they find attention from a high school jock very uplifting, they really need the stability of a mature, older man who can put up with those bitchy games. The younger 20-something males are only looking for a casual fling anyway. They have a wide variety of choice and will eventually hook up with a female of their age group.
    For older men, even when they can attract the early 20s girls, they’re likely to feel insecure in such relationships. Plenty of 20 something men – younger, fitter and more virile – will be eyeing her as a prize and she wouldn’t stop them from paying attention to her just because she’s married to you.
    However, for men in their 40s and 50s, women in their 30s can be a safe draw. By now, her BITCHY TANTRUMS are at the worst and younger boys are simply incapable of dealing with those nightmares.
    There are a select few females who I’d call “divas”…they remain sexy, voluptuous and attractive well until their 30s and 40s but usually not 50s. Think of Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz…they carry themselves extraordinarily well. One reason could be because they were smart enough to avoid pregnancy. They are still young at heart, beautiful and men across all age groups will be drawn towards them.

    Your average female when she ages, is no longer what she was in her teens and 20s. If she was very popular in high school or a supermodel something, chances are by now She’s become a COMPLETE PSYCHOPATHIC, DEPRESSIVE, MANIACAL bitch. Enter at your own risk.

    Like women, there are plenty of men that do not really carry themselves well as they age. That’s why they sport beer-bellies, snore louder than vacuum cleaners and become dim-witted, monotonous and boring with age. It’s not a rule but most of these men also happen to be successful husbands and fathers. They continue to attract women despite their obnoxious behavior because girls have a major obsession for “TAKEN” men. Sadly, the reverse is not true. There are a LOT OF MARRIED WOMEN that are basically begging for attention but single men really don’t want someone else’s hag.

    1. Lol no, the fertility peak is in their teens a women at the age of 20 will have a 86% fertility rate same for men, men past the age of 30-35 sperm will lose quality thus increasing the chances of the baby being born with mental illnesses, disabilities and physical deformations. Men don’t rape because they find a women physically attractive, men rape for power. Women are most likely to be raped by someone they know or a mutual friend.
      Young women are most likely to get raped (despite their appearance) because they are most likely to have terrible friends and peers who will leave them alone at a bar, it is more common for women that age to go out etc
      In Egypt there was a story of a 90 year old who got gang raped by a group of young men :-/

      1. When I was a toddler my parents lived at an apartment complex inside the city-proper, east and north, of Charlotte named Hawaiian Village.

        It is still there.

        My father was the maintenance manager, basically a jack-of-all-trades in exchange for free rent so my mother had to work as well.

        My father got called on a smell complaint and had to go to a unit to check it out. There, he found a grandmother who’s head had been severed by a knife, clothes torn off, blood everywhere.

        The police caught the culprits because they had pawned the woman’s jewelry…they were a group of teenage African-American males whom, according to the police report, had gangraped her, beat her and cut her head off before burglarizing her apartment. It was considered one of the worst crimes in Charlotte history.

        I’m not sure how you explain that, was it because they were, “horny,” or just pure evil?

  5. And I think those are averages, yes? so the distribution for most attractive girls according to men is probably mainly between 16 and 24, well women of age 30 like men between 25 and 35 or something like that. Also there are outliers for males, but not for females. I would say males of 60 can sometimes be so attractive for females, that females would chooser them over much younger men. The opposite (an attractive 60 year old women) seems to be almost impossible.
    The differences becomes even more extreme when personality, status, power, wealth etc. is included.
    I wonder what the consequences for a man should be: never marry?

    1. I would say males of 60 can sometimes be so attractive for females, that females would chooser them over much younger men.

      I think you are right. I am 58 years old, and I date women from 23-29 still. And they look fantastic if you ask me. And I turn heads, even 16 year old girls turn their heads to look at me.

      I don’t get it honestly. Is there something special about a certain older man? Gravitas. A certain status with age alone?

  6. I was expecting it to be younger for males (for men to be attracted to teens) I personally think people (both genders) peak in the late teens and early 20s. When we’re young for both genders, we are at our most fertile and barren. Men/ boys would usually have very fresh and vigorous sperm. By the time they reach 35 they’re testosterone levels will decrease causing sperm to loose quality, this heightens the chances of a child being born with mental illnesses, disabilities and physical deformation despite what age his female partner is. Men/boys that age usually have a perfect balance of hormone levels which will cause his body to function physically and mentally at it’s best. They have the strongest erections which allows them to do a greater variety of sex positions which aids the garmate to be pushed to the egg.

    A woman or girl being in their teens has a 100-90% fertility rate due from the woman being born with her reproductive cells.

    So yeah we’re both f**ked as we reach older ages x-D

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