13-15 Year Old Girls: A Rundown

Reminder: Please look and don’t touch when it comes to these girls unless it’s legal to do otherwise where you live, which it probably isn’t. Now if you are a 13-17 year old boy, hey, knock yourself out. I loved them too at that age. But even if you are only 18, messing with a 15 year old girl still carries a risk of jail time. America has gone seriously nuts. I can’t recommend that any adult male in the US mess with 13-15 year old girls in any way, shape for form. They’re called jailbait for a reason.

Looking back at this old post here, my what a difference a few years make! It’s only been three years since I wrote that, and already I feel a lot different.

13 year old girls are ridiculous. However, they are smart as Hell. I finally figured that out. A 13 year old girl is smarter than you will ever know. Just keep that in mind next time you talk to one, and you will see what I mean. And around here, a number of them are overtly and obviously interested in men at that age. I mean even guys my age. What the consequences of that are, I have no idea.

13 year old girls seem so absurdly young that I find it disturbing that a human this young even has a sex drive and wants to engage in sex. A 13 year old girl seems way too young to be engaging in something as serious as sex. But one thing’s for sure. 13 year old girls are horny as Hell. You have no idea how damn horny they are. Trust me on that one. The female sex drive comes on like gangbusters, at least in our modern era.

I don’t even try not to look at 14 year old girls anymore. Nowadays I see them, and I think they are 12 year olds in junior high because that’s what they seem like. And some of them still play with young kids, which is absurd. I was talking to this 14 year old girl a while back who I was certain was 12, and I was wondering how the Hell I ever found a creature like this attractive back in the day. I’m dumbfounded.

But speaking of smart, 14 year old girls are way smarter than you think, and they are light years ahead of even 13 year old girls. The way girls mature is unbelievable.

15 year old girls definitely do not look that great. Once you observe them a lot, there is something wrong with them. Their bodies seem out of whack and funny looking. The female body does not develop in a rational manner, and different parts of the body mature at different rates, with the result being a funny looking human.

In addition to the odd looking bodies, girls around that age are also awkward socially and in general seem out of sorts with the universe. There is a reason that we use terms like “gawky” to describe girls around that age. And nowadays I see them and think they are junior high girls. Their bodies are not fully developed, and developmentally, they look strange.

In terms of maturity, a lot of 15 year old girls are frighteningly mature. They are almost adults, and a lot of them associate with adults, especially young men aged 18-21, in more ways than one. 15 year old girls have a serious taste for men, especially young men aged in their teens and 20’s, mostly 18-21 but sometimes all the say up to age 29.

And they definitely seduce men in that age bracket, so be careful!

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9 thoughts on “13-15 Year Old Girls: A Rundown”

  1. Even assuming you wanted to chase that. girls that age backstab like crazy. Given the feminist society and,in general, pedo-hating society, nobody would take your side. You’d be crucified worse than Spartacus himself.

  2. Too bad we all couldn’t have gotten girls that age (13 – 16) and for some (17-30), but we were such dorks and losers at that age. 🙄

  3. People this depraved need to be exterminated or enslaved. What a bunch of monkeys 😆 Have to side with Stromfront on this one, or maybe I would have to go even further to the right. 🙄

    As much as I want to believe liberal ideas of equality some people, in various places around the world, have just shown themselves, even as a race, to be total scum or animals. 🙄

    1. I could be going to far here. I mean, for instance, can we say all South African blacks deserve aparthied, considering only some of them now rape children to cure aids, or because only some of them rape and murder adults?

      1. Also contrary to white nationalist thinking, how can we be sure whites aren’t just as depraved? I mean the white race produced Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer.

  4. “Once you observe them a lot, there is something wrong with them. It seems like their bodies are out of whack and funny looking. Sometimes I think the female body does not develop in a rational manner, and different parts of the body mature at different rates with the result being a funny looking human.”

    Do you think that’s true with all races? I’ve noticed that that’s true with Caucasian girls, especially Nordic and Middle Eastern girls, but non-white adolescents seem to age pretty gracefully.

  5. My sister has just had a baby girl. I told her about this and her opinion was the perpetrators should be tortured. I told her we might not want to live in a society where you can be sentenced to torture by the legal system, but she maintained that for that offence, they ought to be tortured. With no ready riposte, I thought, feebly, there needs to be absolute proof at least.

  6. You mean when they grab our cocks and start rubbing them out of nowhere or come right up to us and ask us to have sex with them they do not know what they are doing?

    Forget that.

    There is no sexual abuse of teenage girls by adult men. You cannot sexually abuse a teenage girl any more than you can sexually abuse an adult woman. Teenage girls are not harmed at all by having sex with adult men and they have been doing so for 99% of human history with no bad consequences at all.

    But I would advise men to avoid them where it is against the law to have sex with them. I do not agree that they have the mind of a child. They have the mind of something in between a child and an adult. They are not children and they are not really adults yet either.

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