The Problem is Not Feminism or Women, It’s That the Women Are All Feminists

A previous post argued that the problem was not feminism, it was women period. I would like to amend that. In societies where most of the women are not feminists, women should not be much of a problem other than that they can be challenging and difficult to deal with and can cause a lot of annoyance and heartache.

But they can also be a lot of fun if you are smart, know what you are doing and know how to handle them and deal with them. If you’re not smart and don’t know how to deal with women or handle them, you might just experience an endless nightmare in dealing with women. Bottom line is women, especially women in a feminist society, need to be “gamed.” That’s how Game came into play in the first place.

I like to say that women are like chess. They are like a difficult board game where you have to think about every move.

I think about everything I say and do around women because they are so sensitive that one sentence can blow up a whole relationship. You really have to be careful to not say things to hurt their feelings because honestly women are always getting their feelings hurt.

I never understood how the “treat em like crap” guys deal with women because the women I have known were all hypersensitive and often took comments to be subtle digs and insults. In fact, they seemed to look around for hidden digs and insults.

I spent a lot of my time apologizing for poor choices of words. The “treat em like crap” guys say never apologize to a woman, but that would never have worked in my case because there were regular mini-crises over things I said, and it seemed if I did not apologize, that just made everything worse and the entire relationship was threatened.

Try to get along with them, and not piss them off or insult them (because they can sniff out hidden insults under 10 feet of snow) and try not to hurt their feelings, and you should be able to get along with them pretty well. And you need to stand up to them and not tolerate any of their crap. You also need to know how to respond to their shit tests, etc. which is easier said than done.

It also helps if you are goodlooking, because women like goodlooking men, and they treat them a lot better than homely men. I feel sorry for homely men.

Women have been telling me that I am goodlooking most of my life, so it is possible that the relative amount of fun, good times and sex I had with a boatload of women may have been more related to that than to me my charming personality which I always chalked it up to.

I regularly meet men who have been treated like dirt by women their entire lives. Some of these men are 40-50 years old. I feel sorry for them, and had I been born with different looks or personality, perhaps I would have had a similarly nightmarish life history with women.

Many women do not want to go to war with us. Some goodhearted women really object to the idea that the feminist projects they support hurt men. They really doesn’t want to hurt men at all. But these women are not really feminists because feminists want revenge, and they either don’t care if they hurt men or not or else they gloat about it. These women are more anti-feminist, and their hearts are in the right place.

So in the West, the problem is that the women are all feminists. The problem isn’t feminism or women, it’s both because in the West, woman = feminist, pretty much.

I would add that a lot of women do not like the puritanical anti-sex garbage that feminism pushes. A lot of women hate sexual harassment crap, and they do not want to remove sex, flirting and asking women out from public spaces because they think that’s what makes public spaces fun – lots of horny men out there!

Anyway, women who like men can deal with horny men after them – they just laugh them off and don’t blame the men for going after them. A lot of women love male attention and the feminist project seems designed to end all male sexual attention towards women in public. Many women who love men and male attention are not going to be happy about that.

Of course, I date older women around 50, so they are not worried about unwanted male attention – rather they like it. But even some young women I know are not too upset by male attention. Some of the young women I have met in the last ten years worked in the sex industry. I met a few who worked in the porn industry. I assure you that these women were not up in arms about men looking at them, coming onto them or asking them out in public, although some said that prolonged stares made them uncomfortable.

A common complaint of women who identify as non-feminists is that feminists are all a bunch of man-hating dykes. Of course there is a lot of truth to that. Feminism is swarming with lesbians, and it’s also shot through and through with man-hatred. It is this aspect that turns many sane women off from it because bottom line is most women do not hate men. In fact they like us or love us.

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  1. Maybe ”most western woman, specially educated and secular ones, become phenotypically or memeticaly feminist” while many lesbians, ”ugly”, opportunistic and other types of woman (more men-like, not exactly homossexual) are genotypically feminist, as well there are phenotypical nonconformists (religious conservative today or ”secular” liberals in the 50’s) and genotypical nonconformists or with complete radical transcendental agenda (nonexistent social context ”or’ ”utopic’).

    Most women think feminism is a agenda FOR women but feminism is a agenda for certain types of women. Unfortunately many, maybe most of leftoids are dumb enough, no have neurons enough to be wise and use its agenda without try to destroy society where live.

    Most women are not SPECIFICALLY (or intelectually) clever enough to understand it,

    Reaction of men against feminism tend to be excessive/ignorant/unfair in some important aspects, for example, when ”they” argue that old conservative model were good than proto-equalized social model today.

    A commenter in UNZ site, is a elucidative example, because he say that ”western women NEVER was treated badly by western/white men”

    A above-intelligent women will look for it as a joke and they will be right.

    Learning with mistakes on the past… what white men never do.

    Indeed behavioural and independent creativity/adaptability seems rare among us. If state or system change things people become nutty.

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