CNN Deletes Poll and Comments Showing Sanders Winning Debate with Hillary


I keep telling you folks that the media lies like rugs, that almost all of it is propaganda and that you really need to be careful believing anything they say, and so many of you are obviously brainwashed by whatever the media is pushing as the Lies Du Jour anyway. I really don’t know how much more evidence you need.

Not to mention that the people who run the media are plutocrats, the ruling class, the 1%, the big corporations. Those are your enemies folks. They are not on your side. As a matter of fact, those are your class enemies and they are objectively working against you. Now why on Earth would you swallow whole every single thing your worst enemy is telling you? I don’t understand Americans. As long as they keep believing the media’s crap, this country will continue sliding down the hole.

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0 thoughts on “CNN Deletes Poll and Comments Showing Sanders Winning Debate with Hillary”

  1. You must be talking to the people who just came across your site, The ones who comment, at least, share a decided skepticism about the MSM.

  2. So did Hillary prevent help from reaching those US soldiers in Libya? Those guys eventually were burned to death at the hand of an angry mob.

    1. There’s no way to figure out what to do in cases like that. Ultimately it is a military decision and should be left to military leaders to decide what to do. The idea that the Secretary of State or even the President should have any knowledge whatsoever of military strategy is frankly pitiful.

      1. Nobody cares about Benghazi. Only wingnuts give a fuck. Everyone else thinks it is a stupid topic of discussion and there is nothing to talk about. The only people who care about it are wingnut Republicans who already hate her anyway. It’s not going to do anything to her.

        1. If Benghazi matters then George W. Bush should stand trial as a War Criminal for being handed a memo in July of 2001 entitled; “Bin Laden determined to strike U.S.” AND an F.B.I. report saying Arab’s on visas were attending flight schools and paying cash AND a military intelligence brief detailing operation ABLE DANGER describing ongoing intelligence operations tracking KNOWN TERRORISTS from Florida training at an aviation school run by a drug dealer followed by an F.B.I. sting which uncovered an Israeli Mossad operation tracking known Arab terrorists in Florida….

          Then he invaded a sovereign nation with NO TIES TO ANY OF THE ATTACKS or weapons of mass destruction.

          Tony Blair and George Bush should both be hanged for treason against their respective nations. Convict Hillary then arrest and try Bush and Blair.

        2. I do hope Hillary does not win the presidency because she is a war hawk who wants to bomb Assad . Hillary pushed Obama to bomb Libya. Hillary also supported the Iraq war. She like McCain has been calling for bombing Assad.

        3. One of the greatest strengths of the Clintons is that their enemies are so ridiculously unhinged and incompetent.

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