Apparently I Am in Grotesque Violation of Red Pill “Looks Theory”

According to the clowns at Sluthate, only men who are 8-10 can do great with females. Everyone else will do ok, but they will not clean up.

They saw some of my photos, and most of them said I was a 5 or a 6 in looks at best even in my youth, no more than average. A number of them said that my nose and mouth were terribly ugly. I’ve never looked at my nose and my mouth that way in my life. Based on that, they completely reject my life history and insist that I am lying.

I don’t particularly care where I am on the looks scale and nothing those guys say bothers me. My opinion opinion of my looks is irrelevant and that applies to the rest of you. Your opinion of your looks is worthless. My looks and yours are judged not by ourselves but by others. How do you know you are handsome/beautiful? Because if you are, people are going to tell you! How do you know you are not? Well, if you’re not, you’re probably not going to hear people gushing about how goodlooking you are all the time.

If lots of people think you’re attractive, you’re attractive, period.

So, either I am a 5, and guys who are 5 in looks can massively clean up with women like super slayers. Either looks don’t matter at all and something else does, or 5’s can do great regardless. I would say that the violation might be that a 5 in looks could do great with women if he had fantastic Game, charisma, a sexy mode of interaction, perhaps some power or fame. Anyway, Looks Theory says only looks matter and Game, power, fame, money, status, etc. are worthless, especially Game.


I am a lot better looking than those guys say I am.

Either way, they’re theory is fucked. If I’m a 5, their Looks Theory goes in the trash because I’m not lying about my life.

If I look a lot better than a 5 as so many females have told me my whole life, their theory goes in the trash again because they are massively downgrading men’s looks to where they rate an 8-10 as a 5-6.

Either way, they’re theory’s dead in the water.

Personally I doubt if a 5 man could clean up merely by the addition of great Game. But if you take a man who is already handsome and then you add:

  • Game
  • Power
  • Status
  • Money
  • Fame

Then you might truly have a killer combination. In that case, Game, power, fame, money, status, etc. would act as “force multipliers” enhancing the base which might be a certain level of good looks.

I am really dubious of Looks Theory because I have known some very goodlooking men who could not get laid with God’s help. In one town I lived in recently, I made friends with the guy I immediately dubbed “the best looking man in town” for his age, anyway (he was 40-45). He was either the best looking man in that age bracket in town or something close. I become close friends with him and he confided to me that he had not had sex in 23 years!

Granted, he was very shy and introverted and he also seemed somewhat neurotic or even strange. I don’t think he was actually weird. There seemed to be some anxiety disorder going on, maybe even Social Phobia.

Anyway, being the best looking man in town hadn’t helped him for at least 20 years. It was as if his looks were not even there.

I think in a way even very good looks can be “destroyed” if you have enough shyness, introversion, minor mental illness, social awkwardness, strangeness or oddness, etc. That pathology is just going to zero out your looks at women won’t even see you. It’s as if you were invisible.

Looks Theory implies that this man should have done great even with having Social Phobia, shyness, introversion, anxiety stuff, etc. But that was all it took to nuke his chances to Hell.

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0 thoughts on “Apparently I Am in Grotesque Violation of Red Pill “Looks Theory””

  1. If you are better looking than they think, they’re theory isn’t dead. it just means they are bad judges of looks. In any case, they are wrong and guys who are like a 6 can do well with the right personality. That’s not really in question.

    I think something that nobody talks about is dick size. I have a friend with a huge dick and he has done very well with women, constantly having a girlfriend or fuck buddy throughout his whole adult life. His huge dick obviously gave him a huge confidence boost and his reputation probably even spread where he lives..

    I think men derive a lot of confidence from this. if your dick is average, its okay but you would be more confident with a big dick and with the constant reinforcement of women’s reaction to it. Are there any serious players with really small dicks? I bet guys with big dicks are overrepresented amongst players for this reason.

  2. Looks can be improved with some haircut or hairstyle. A guy could also go to a gym and at least mildly workout. A lot of people on here disagree with me about this, but I really think a lot of loser-ness is due to laziness.

    1. Hey, look at it this way. Put the shoe on the other foot. These men-creeps are demanding women be the best, supermodels etc.., but they don’t apply the same standards to themselves. 🙄 And yes, the same thing applies, and is a major factor why the men are rejected.

  3. What were you expecting? They may be right on a few things, but basically I think their motivation is to make everyone as miserable as they are. I’ve seen them trashing the looks of guys who seem just fine to me. You’re better off submitting your picture to Hot or Not, if it still exists.

    1. Yes I noticed that. A lot of those guys are not getting laid, sure, and that’s making them unhappy, but still they are mean as snakes. I can’t help but think if they go out into the world with that vicious mindset, it’s going to be a big turnoff. Women don’t like men who seem angry all the time.

      I also noticed them trashing the looks of both men and women who I thought looked great. Their Looks Theory is nuts.

      For one thing, they insist that unattractive men get told constantly how goodlooking they are. Bullshit. Unattractive people do not get told how goodlooking they are. I’ve never been unattractive so I can’t be sure, but I don’t see how it’s possible.

      So if you can’t judge others’ opinions, what can you judge? Well apparently all those women gushing about how handsome you are were all just lying. To find out if you are truly handsome or ugly, you need to go to their website and figure out all their sciency theories about bone structure, and the structure of your nose, mouth, eyes, bla bla bla. Only by using these guaranteed sciency metrics can you determine if you are truly goodlooking or ugly!

      They are overthinking this whole thing.

      If people are openly and without prompt gushing about how handsome you are on a regular basis, you must be goodlooking. There’s no other explanation.

      Other good rule of thumb is if gay men like you. Gay men are notorious fickle about men and they like them very goodlooking. If you are a straight man who has gay men lusting after you all the time, gay men say that’s actually a compliment as it means you are handsome as gay men have very good taste in men and can be quite picky.


        That’s a myth, beauty for both males and females have clearly been defined and there is a clear scientific method.

        People don’t randomly cast males for chick flicks. It’s always a white guy, over 6 foot tall, with low body fat, symmetrical face, chiseled facial features

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